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What’s Going On

I fear for the nation.  As a result I turn to music which often speaks to what is wrong or echos the past as a warning to the present. And unfortunately where does having a President like Donald Trump lead … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Tried By Twitter

Spent large part of a day fighting on Twitter with people who somehow missed the message of Julius Caesar and were up in arms over the lead character being cast with a look-alike Donald Trump.   Most didn’t know that … Continue reading

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Might Have Been

Unfortunately What We Got

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New Word

Noun:  Kakistocracy – Government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power. Word Origin and History for Kakistocracy 1829, “Government by the worst element of a society” coined on analogy of its opposite, aristocracy, from Greek “kakistos – worst”.  Superlative of kakos “bad” (related to the … Continue reading

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In Mourning for America

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