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The Ugliest Presidency

Many years ago I wrote a blog article about a time when elephants could be bought and sold for zoos for live exposition. It was a story of one very well loved elephant. Buying The Elephant. Times change, and this … Continue reading

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Today is the Day

With any luck within a few months:

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We did this to ourselves and many of our friends to the North are worried about us. Kevin Sinclair, concerned Canadian…. “I’ve been watching everything unfold from up here in Canada and it’s like a bad dream. I cannot believe … Continue reading

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The Poem Omitted

Noon of January 20 is a deadline.  It marks the date when the term of one President ends and the term of another begins.  The momentous event takes place courtesy of a simple 35 word statement: The Oath of Office: … Continue reading

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The President Elect has been calling forth a steady stream of acolytes and former enemies to visit the great golden trailer in the sky. So far the floated names have been people whose visage on the TV usually caused muttered … Continue reading

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