My Christmas Present To Me

Anyone who knows me, knows I felt Hugh Jackman should have won the Oscar for Les Miserables.  The man’s range as an actor, singer, and dancer never ceases to stun me.  He is way overdue for a certain gold man.  Now we finally get to see him in an upbeat musical with a message and I get a great Christmas Present.

Hugh has won two Tonys and the composers the Greatest Showman just won an Oscar for La La Land and a Tony for Dear Evan Hansen which included the lovely song Waving Through A Window about being an outsider.

Now we get a movie dedicated to all the outsiders who find greatness by being themselves, because we are all different in our own way.

It’s a little wobbly (rip off videos are like that), but I have been in love with the Benj Pasek and Justin Paul song “This Is Me” since Hugh introduced it in his Broadway to Oz tour.

Now we find it in what will be its forever home with the musical “The Greatest Showman”

So Merry Christmas to me.  I may start camping out by the theater tomorrow because it is going to be a very long six months.


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Shakespeare Tried By Twitter

Spent large part of a day fighting on Twitter with people who somehow missed the message of Julius Caesar and were up in arms over the lead character being cast with a look-alike Donald Trump.   Most didn’t know that it had been produced five years ago with an Obama like character thus providing more proof that Literature & Art must stay in schools if democracy is to survive.  Good article on the protest.

The Daily Beast has an excellent article on the fallout from the production.

Democracy—Not Donald Trump—Dies Brutally in ‘Julius Caesar,’ Just as Shakespeare Intended

Shame on Delta Air Lines and Bank of America for caving in to ignorance.  

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Bob Dylan 2016 Nobel Prize Speech

I first heard Dylan in 1961. From the beginning he was different, unforgettable.  All these years later, that incredible literary content to his music has been recognized  with the Nobel Prize for Literature.  Many howled about how could a “mere musician” be honored for one of the greatest prizes for the written word?  Obviously they weren’t listening to the lyrics.

In his acceptance speech, Dylan talks about all of his influences, and makes it obvious that the greatness of his songs comes from the depth of his knowledge and love for the written word and how he brought that love to fruition by adding music.

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Anniversaries Worth Their Weight In Gold

Fifty years ago, I was a suburban dwelling wife with two children under five when the pot smoking, macrobiotic eating brother-in-law dropped by on his way to San Francisco.  The sounds of Sergeant Pepper entered the house with him.

A great deal has changed in the past 50 years, but to this day some things remain the same:  Uncle Gary and the Beatles.


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Black Eyed Susans At Pimlico

P P           Horse                   Jockey                Trailmix                Odds

1             Multiplier           Joel Rosario                                     30/1

2 Cloud Computing Javier Castellano 12/1

3 Hence Florent Geroux 20/1

4 Always Dreaming John Velazquez Blue Bronc 4/5

5 Classic Empire Julien Leparoux Renee/Pogo 3/1

6 Gunnevera Mike Smith Patd 15/1

7 Term of Art Doug O’Neil Jamie 30/1

8 Senior Investment Ken McPeek 30/1

9 Lookin at Lee Corey Lanerie Jamie 10/1

10 Conquest Mo Money Jorge Carreno 15/1

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