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The Ugliest Presidency

Many years ago I wrote a blog article about a time when elephants could be bought and sold for zoos for live exposition. It was a story of one very well loved elephant. Buying The Elephant. Times change, and this … Continue reading

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Crowded, Angry, and Dangerous.

7.5bn people today; 9.8bn in 2050 ; 11.2bn in 2100. Time for governments to have a Population Policy because Population Matters. Anyone who doesn’t think this is at the heart of poverty, crime, revolution, terrorism and war is not paying … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Tried By Twitter

Spent large part of a day fighting on Twitter with people who somehow missed the message of Julius Caesar and were up in arms over the lead character being cast with a look-alike Donald Trump.   Most didn’t know that … Continue reading

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Today is the Day

With any luck within a few months:

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We did this to ourselves and many of our friends to the North are worried about us. Kevin Sinclair, concerned Canadian…. “I’ve been watching everything unfold from up here in Canada and it’s like a bad dream. I cannot believe … Continue reading

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