Ever Green

This is the 75th anniversary of Oklahoma! on Broadway.  In honor of that event a little history:

Green Grow the Lilacs is a folk song of Irish origin that was popular in the United States during the mid 1800s.

Here is one version of the original song:

Green grow the lilacs, all sparkling with dew
I’m lonely, my darling, since parting with you;
But by our next meeting I’ll hope to prove true
And change the green lilacs to the Red, White and Blue.
I once had a sweetheart, but now I have none
She’s gone and she’s left me, I care not for one
Since she’s gone and left me, contented I’ll be,
For she loves another one better than me.

Green Grow The Lilacs is also the title of the 1931 play by Lynn Riggs which became the basis of the libretto for the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma!

The rest is history and time to enjoy the fun and music


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2 Responses to Ever Green

  1. Granny Mumantoog says:

    Always a favorite of mine!!! I’ve had several incarnations of cast albums and, of course, the filmed National Theater performance is my all time favorite of the bunch. Funny story…#1 son’s friend and former partner at his shop is from Oklahoma and full blooded Native American. We really like him and when he said he was moving back to OK last year I gave him my well loved copy of the plays of Lynn Riggs, who was full blooded Cherokee as a going away present. The books includes GGtL and another one he was famous for called Cherokee Nights. He & David still keep in touch regularly & he’s always asking David to move out to OK so they can open a shop together. One day David and I were talking and I mentioned his friend being Cherokee and was then informed the he is actually Seneca!!! Propriety keeps me from asking for my book back LOL!


  2. Granny Mumantoog says:

    Almost forgot. I saw this last night and thought you’d appreciate it too.

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