The Countdown Begins

We have now ended July.  Ahead we have the summer films such as the Kingsman sequel which will will see as a family viewing.  Then come the the traditional fall contenders for the big awards though a couple have shown up early.

I’ve seen Logan and already have the DVD.  If it weren’t a super hero film, I would put it among the contenders.  This is a heavy hitter year and while other awards are a possibility, Best Picture is unlikely.

Just saw Dunkirk on Sunday.  It is a film of sound and fury with little connecting story line.  If you know the history.  You know what happened.  Even if you don’t, you will feel the war.  Not a traditional film, but a very good one.  As a measure, I genuinely liked Hacksaw Ridge better on the Oscar front.

From here on are the unseen, but definitely worth consideration.

Darkest Hour – November 22nd

Goodbye Christopher Robin – November 10

The Greatest Showman- December 25

Mudbound – Purchased by Netflix planning theatrical & on line release prior to nominations.  Date not set as yet.

The Papers – Stephen Spielberg directed film starring Tom Hanks.  This may or may not be finished in time for nomination.  Word of mouth is great so far.



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