My Christmas Present To Me

Anyone who knows me, knows I felt Hugh Jackman should have won the Oscar for Les Miserables.  The man’s range as an actor, singer, and dancer never ceases to stun me.  He is way overdue for a certain gold man.  Now we finally get to see him in an upbeat musical with a message and I get a great Christmas Present.

Hugh has won two Tonys and the composers the Greatest Showman just won an Oscar for La La Land and a Tony for Dear Evan Hansen which included the lovely song Waving Through A Window about being an outsider.

Now we get a movie dedicated to all the outsiders who find greatness by being themselves, because we are all different in our own way.

It’s a little wobbly (rip off videos are like that), but I have been in love with the Benj Pasek and Justin Paul song “This Is Me” since Hugh introduced it in his Broadway to Oz tour.

Now we find it in what will be its forever home with the musical “The Greatest Showman”

So Merry Christmas to me.  I may start camping out by the theater tomorrow because it is going to be a very long six months.



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One Response to My Christmas Present To Me

  1. Granny Mumantoog says:

    Fell in love with the trailer yesterday! I was very impressed with the way they put the trailer together. I think it was a good idea to focus on the story, which looks very poignant and not at all what people are probably expecting. Loved that the song was playing in the background most of the way through with the big ending at the end. Looks like a sweet love story for Barnum & his wife too. I especially loved the meeting with Tom Thumb. I can’t wait! Spoke to #1 son last night to let him know that his Christmas present to me will be a trip to the movie theater. He said “Oh no, it’s Les Miz all over again” LOL!


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