We did this to ourselves and many of our friends to the North are worried about us.

Kevin Sinclair, concerned Canadian….

“I’ve been watching everything unfold from up here in Canada and it’s like a bad dream. I cannot believe that Donald Trump, an arrogant, ignorant, sexist, racist, uninformed, completely inexperienced in politics, billionaire who said (among many unbelievable statements) that he was going to build a wall on the Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it and ban all Muslims from entering the country, has been elected President of the United States. I cannot believe how many people actually voted for him. I was not surprised that he immediately backed off the wall plan, Muslim banning, Hilary prison talk, among other hollow promises he used to land votes. I’m also not surprised that his ignorant followers are still following him. I see his immature thin skinned tweets and think “this is the new president of the most powerful country in the world?” So I say to you Americans, do whatever you can to protest or fight the fight to help keep him out of office for the good of the world, for the good of your country and for the good of yourselves. He rarely attends 20 minute daily security briefings but has time to take pics with Kanye West (equally as crazy and embarrassing) and have twitter temper tantrums about Alec Baldwin and also NBC and CNN stating facts…..What does this tell you? Good Luck America.”

In the wake of all this the analysis and nit picking over causes is now rampant as those concerned flee for their “not me” hiding holes rather than accept even a bit of the blame while echoing the one thought they can keep in their heads of “Hillary made mistakes” or “The Russians did it”.

Russia was just one piece.  They provided the Blumenthal emails (none of which were written BY Hillary).  Wikileaks provided the distribution.  It didn’t help that Smirk & Jerk on Morning Joe opened every show with the latest bashing of Hillary to the point that people were taking bets on how many minutes it would take them into the A Block to do it.  Every sentence was taken out of context, analyzed and parsed into slogans. There were four families affected by Benghazi, but the only one ever interviewed was the estranged mother.  Even the letter from the Stephens family couldn’t take eyes off that show.  “What does it matter?” became a cold-hearted careless bitch instead of fatigue after hours of interrogation, the mourning of a friend and a plea for how to make sure it didn’t happen again.  Add in the fake site stories (I forget how many people the Clintons have murdered by now), the for sale to true believers books (Clinton Cash), you tube videos, and even a movie.  Breitbart, Drudge, talk radio & Twitter provided the engine to pass it all around.  The damning with faint praise from the egocentric Bernie was no help particularly with the Bernie Bros echoing the “party line” on Twitter.  Then you had the constant “favorability” polls of the lowly informed until “UNTRUSTWORTHY” became the only adjective applied to her and mentioned in every newscast and that was all before with got to the FBI and James Comey interference.

No one denies she has flaws or made mistakes in the campaign, but this was one of the witch hunts of all time in the hunt for ratings & advertising dollars all laid out on a bed of misogyny.  So yes, she should have gone to the rust belt instead of working out a never mentioned policy to put them all back to work.

There were many, many reasons for the loss but the attempted destruction of a good woman is still going on.  I’m amazed she is still standing.  All concerned can take a bow for sticking us with the horror about to be sworn in on January 20.


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Retired Writer Editor - Loves Books, Musical Theater, politics for a good argument, genealogy, Scotland and owls
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2 Responses to Concerned

  1. tony says:

    Good piece, Jamie, thanks..
    Deplorable, yes.. So many reasons, Dems are responsible as well of course for not voting. My client Steve, 73, retired Lawyer, liberal but sexist to the max! Lukewarm support of HRC as he said she really wasn’t qualified, grrrrr.. Steve told me yesterday something he said i haven’t even told anyone, “i didn’t vote, i thought she had it in the bag”.. All i said was , WTF, Steve, this is FLORIDA!!!!!!

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  2. Oregon Democrat says:

    Very good post!!! On Monday I received my Hillary supporter card in the mail. A wave of emotion came over me.
    I am very proud to have supported her. I still wear my “I’m With Her ” button.


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