Why The Service Is So Bad

Things to consider the next time you are considering the Electoral College and why more and more people are being deprived of their vote or why your representative doesn’t represent you at all, you can consider this.

Great Britain has approximately 64 million people.  The House of Commons has 650 members.  The US has approximately 319 million.  The House of Representatives is frozen at 435 never to change unless there is a law passed to change it.

This means that in the UK, the member takes care of about 92,000 people.  In the US each Representative represents an average of about 700,000.

A low population state like Wyoming has 584,000 people but still gets 1 representative and 3 electoral votes.  A major state like California has 39 million and 53 Representatives taking care of 736,000 people and 55 electoral votes.  Due to populations shifts taking more and more people away from the center of the country, and the freeze on the House size since 1911, fewer and fewer people have more impact on Presidential elections than the majority.

This year for the second time in recent history and very extreme this year, the popular vote exceeds the electoral vote in a way to totally divide the nation.  It’s time to reform either the number in the House, the Electoral formula or just go to a direct popular vote.


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10 Responses to Why The Service Is So Bad

  1. Oregon Democrat says:

    Unfortunately, electoral reform is elusive because Republicans don’t mind a system that is rigged in their favor…


  2. tony bassham says:

    Exactly, OD.. I wish we could reform the electoral system but seems impossible now given Republican’s will have the most power since 1928 i think..


  3. tony bassham says:

    Check out The Crown on Netflix, seems really good so far..


  4. kcowley says:

    i agree with all of the above!


  5. rebelliousrenee says:

    Guess this is the only place I can talk to you now Tony…. just want to say Hi!

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  6. Congratulations Jamie on the birth of your new great grandchild!!


  7. rebelliousrenee says:

    I’ll echo those sentiments…. Congrats on the birth of Miranda!


  8. tony says:

    Hey Renee
    Good to see you. Very nice of you to say hello.. Jamie’s is the only blog i’ve come close to visiting.. Love the people at TM but it became rudderless and not the port in the storm it once was to me..
    Hope you and Rick are doing A-OK….


  9. tony says:

    Jamie, congrats! 🌺


  10. rebelliousrenee says:

    Tony… Rick and I are doing fine. I know how you feel about TM. I took the Thanksgiving weekend off from blogging…. and now I’m having a hard time giving a damn. I’ve posted there… but my heart isn’t really into it. FWIW… Craig has said that he will no longer give Frump a chance. You take care!


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