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Given all the upheaval of recent days and the approach of that ultimate family and food holiday, Thanksgiving, it’s time to kickback and relax. For that reason I’m bringing back and old game: Take This Tune. The rules are simple. I post a video with a tale of why I picked it. Your job is then to tell me a story that the video inspires. You can be serious or funny. You can post another video of your choice as a response. The pleasure is in the conversation.

With Thanksgiving coming up, I’ll be spending the weekend helping out some distant Australian cousins to research the family name in Scotland. Apparently the arrival of this branch down under involved theft, bawdy houses, a long ocean voyage courtesy of the crown and not to much good behavior once the young boy arrived and grew. These days the family is distinctly well behaved and successful, but take a rather great interest in their lively past. So I’ve chosen Peter Allen’s “I Still Call Australia Home” in honor of all those who wander but are not lost. The question: Where are you from? Where did you go? Where do you want to be?


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7 Responses to Welcome to The Weekend

  1. I finally decided on a video in honor of my French ancestors and the family story that there’s royalty in there somewhere.


  2. Oregon Democrat says:

    Peter Allen was a great entertainer. I am glad we can continue to enjoy his work…

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    • Jamie says:

      Loved Peter. Only had the opportunity of seeing him live once. It was quite an experience. He’s the only person I know who could have written a song that makes you homesick for somewhere you have never been.


  3. rebelliousrenee says:

    GrannyM… you and I hail from the same descent. My people are from New Brunswick… very close to the Nova Scotia border.

    Here’s a toe tapper from whence I hail….


    • Jamie says:

      A good chunk of those Canadians came way south to settle in Louisiana and the South Coast of Texas. The blend of English, French, Texicans and a good crowd from Mexico created a special way of life captured by Guy Clark.

      And even Bruce Springsteen couldn’t resist taking the Cajun National Anthem all the way down under to Melbourne, Australia – Jole Blon


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