Damn It She Didn’t (Intentionally/Maybe) Lie


What those of us who regularly handled classified materials have been trying to explain to others (not helped by media muddying the terms) is that there is a difference among all types of classified documents and how they are handled

Classified top and bottom and indicated as such at the time it is in your hands, must receive special handling.

Classified by another department after it has left your hands, and entirely different can of worms and often the result of over classifying, but in the future, it must receive special handling and sometimes retroactive correction of actions.

Marked in some way as containing material extracted from classified materials but not classified in its own right (can be a book extract, and photograph, something pertinent to the email but not the material from which it is extracted.) These are referred to as “Portion Markings” They are NOT classified, but they probably should get some sort of special handling.

As it stands now from Comey’s statement there were slightly over a hundred (out of about 30,000) that someone elsewhere on review has determined SHOULD HAVE BEEN CLASSIFIED, but were not at the time Hillary had them with 3 that definitely were in error in the handling.  Since then, state has said that two of those were incorrectly marked and retracted the classification.

I think Hillary has been as totally honest as she can be under the circumstances and as a result of her being such a wonk about such things sounds dishonest from over explaining everything simply because the few items in question cannot be released in detail to the public.  Being hounded by committee after committee with the sole purpose of trying to get a gotcha question twisted and answered didn’t help.

Careless even grossly careless by the people at State, and probably other departments is certainly accurate, particularly when you consider staffers taking home their private computers not only at State but other departments as well because it was the way to get work done.  It was habitual before Hillary and during Hillary, not to mention the one up man ship by other departments classifying everything that wiggled or walked (pain the in ass for anyone having to actually get a job done).

Apparently there is a crack down now with more strictly enforced guidelines.  Let us hope those come with better guarded and working computers or there will be a lot more of this type of thing in the future.

People want to believe Hillary is guilty so therefor they ask her to admit her guilt and stop lying because vicious circle they know she is guilty.  It really is impossible.  If she admits guilt to something she didn’t do, you get an “AH HAH we knew it”.  If she insists that she never intentionally did anything wrong, you get more hounding.  Enough Already!!!

So if I were Hillary, what would I say?  Probably something along the lines of the following:

In the day to day processing of thousands of documents sent and received from a variety of sources, I may have unintentionally mishandled a tiny number of those emails.  To my mind none of those emails placed the US at risk in any way.  As far as is known my server ( the use of which I have already said was a mistake) was never hacked and none of the documents on it were accessed by anyone who would have threatened the US.

If any of the emails are now perceived to have been classified, I apologize for their mishandling and that my tendency to be protective of my reputation has made it appear that I lied about those events.  For that I sincerely apologize.

No one but no one who has ever sought the office of the Presidency has done so with an absolutely pristine conscience and squeaky clean hands.  To demand that Hillary Clinton be so far above all of those hundreds who have preceded her is insane.  She is running for President not canonization.  We all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Donald Trump should not be inflicted on the country.  Don’t let her off the hook in demands for as much honesty as possible, but give the woman the job.  Love or hate Hillary Clinton, she is who we have right now and we know she will do her best to do a good job which is a whole lot more than you can say about her opponent.


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One Response to Damn It She Didn’t (Intentionally/Maybe) Lie

  1. Terry says:

    So what did the “c” signify?


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