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Still thinking & writing.  If anyone wants to toss in a new article have at it.  In the meantime chit-chat or just listen to some Sunday music.



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32 Responses to Songs For A Sunday

  1. Tony says:

    Nice choices in music..


  2. Tony says:

    Trump has lit a fire. Can it be contained?
    by Karen Tumulty
    “The racially tinged anger that has both fueled Trump’s political rise and stoked the opposition to it has turned into a force unto itself. It has also brought a reckoning from his three remaining rivals for the Republican nomination, who are shedding their fear of provoking Trump and of alienating the raging slice of their party’s base that has claimed him as its leader.

    But Trump should not be viewed in isolation or as the product of a single election, President Obama said Saturday at a fundraiser in Dallas.”


  3. Tony says:

    The Bernie Sanders voters who would vote for Trump over Clinton
    Composite of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
    Ed Pilkington and Mona Chalabi
    Here’s one for Blue.. Do i think its fucked up, yes! Just dumb this purity test started by Bernie and it has some of his supporters going to vote Trump should he not prevail..


  4. Tony says:

    The Bernie Sanders Revolution
    The Editorial Board
    “Mr. Sanders’s supporters say his election will inspire more such candidacies, giving him the congressional backup he needs. But given Democrats’ problems on the state and local level, that could take years — and that’s evolution, not revolution.”


  5. Tony says:

    The Party Still Decides
    Ross Douthat
    In other words, take him down in Cleveland.


  6. Tony says:

    Donald Trump Digs In After Weekend Violence, Threatens Bernie Sanders Rallies
    “Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!”


  7. Tony says:

    Donald Trump Says He Might Pay Legal Fees For Man Who Sucker-Punched A Protester
    “He obviously loves his country.”
    Scott Conroy
    Trump following through on his promise.. Yes, this is the guy who said he may have to kill one of them next time! America 2016.. All driven by mostly angry white men.. I could give a shit their losing their white straight privilege.. Suck it boys..


  8. Jamie says:

    And yet the only Sunday show that wasn’t almost wall to wall Trump was Reliable Sources. At least they brought in some foreign correspondents to let us know the rest of the world thinks the US has lost its collective mind.


  9. Tony says:

    How Trump Happened
    It’s not just anger over jobs and immigration. White voters hope Trump will restore the racial hierarchy upended by Barack Obama.
    By Jamelle Bouie
    Long read but explains much about the rise of Trump..


  10. whskyjack says:

    Well, It is starting to look like HRC is the only sane choice both Trump and Sanders have lost control of the troops.
    Oh and don’t F*ck with the KCPD.
    But then we knew that, now the world does.



  11. Tony says:

    Reckless driving: The Hillary, Bernie blowup over autos
    David Axelrod
    “Presidents are often faced with galling, imperfect choices, particularly in these times of deep polarization and divided government.

    Hillary was on the right side of history with her vote, even if she crossed the line in her retelling of it. Bernie was wronged in the debate, but his vote raises questions about how a political “revolutionary” would deal with the realities of governing.

    I should have made this point, as well.

    The character of some arguments simply can’t be captured in 140 characters.”
    Lol, the Big Dawg has been pissed with Axelrod and he cleaned it up, good for him. I respect that..


  12. Tony says:

    Donald Trump Poses an Unprecedented Threat to American Democracy
    By Jonathan Chait
    “A huge majority of the public finds Trump repellent. Some of his current unpopularity is the soft opposition of Republican voters who are currently listening to anti-Trump messaging from party sources and would return to the fold if he wins the nomination. But there is simply no evidence that the country that elected Barack Obama twice, and which is growing steadily more diverse, stands any likelihood of electing Trump. He can and must be defeated through democratic means. He is spreading poisons throughout the system that could linger beyond his defeat. Anybody who cares about the health of American democracy should hope for its end as swiftly as possible.”


  13. rebelliousrenee says:

    Sorry about not being around this weekend. I had friends that lost their house and all their belongings in a fire… it’s kinda put me in a bummer mood.


  14. Jamie says:

    Sorry to hear about your friends. Did you see the note I put up about the Fugelsang tweet? Might cheer you up a bit.


  15. Jamie says:

    Echoes of ’68 Only Worse

    With Trump and Sanders calling for a revolution, Hillary Clinton sounds like a school principal calling for order.


  16. Jamie says:

    Bernie is promising more stuff that the President can’t do. I guess it goes with decades long history of talking and never accomplishing anything.


  17. Oldseahag says:

    2broken computers here and 1 funeral So sorry anout your friends renee


    • Oldseahag says:

      Becoming too painful to listen to him Why does he wear the same tie always? To make it appear as if he isnt in the top 1%


    • whskyjack says:

      Jamie , I love the spot on description of Trump and Cruz. But must disagree with the description of Bernie. I’ve hung around rough bars in my younger days and been in tight situations where my only back up was a hippy. I’m alive but only because I was a good talker not because I had any backup. Not as bad as having Trump but you will feel real lonely for a bit.
      Would rate Rubio a lot higher too. true he is a light weight and can’t throw a punch but he knows his friends and would be swinging hard creating a lot of wind



      • Jamie says:

        I enjoyed the Carly description. That woman is meaner than a bag of snakes. Only problem is she might turn on you right in the middle of the fight if it looked like she could get a better deal from the other side.


  18. Tony says:

    Sorry about your friends, that is tragic..


  19. Tony says:

    How the Republican Party Became a Failed State
    The GOP let its extremist insurgency in through the front door.
    “I was asked to offer some commentary one of these debates recently, and before I left for the studio, I started scrolling through the news to make sure that I was up to date on Donald Trump’s latest reaction to Donald Trump’s latest performance. But when I arrived at the studio, the guest before me was a man named Brent Brown, a lifelong Republican who had voted against Obama twice, and was particularly vocal in his opposition to Obamacare. Brown also had a serious autoimmune disease that nearly killed him because he couldn’t afford treatment. And the Affordable Care Act saved his life. And he wrote this beautiful letter to Obama that ends with, “Thank you for serving me when I didn’t vote you. Thank you for being my President.”


  20. Tony says:

    Sarah Palin, Stumping for Trump, Still Pretending She Matters
    She showed up kinda-sorta without warning at a Florida strawberry festival. She said jerky stuff. And not very many people cared.
    Tim Mak


  21. Tony says:

    Grassley’s Risky Supreme Court Gamble
    For decades Sen. Chuck Grassley has been a reliable reflection of Iowa values. But his decision to block a qualified Supreme Court nominee from receiving a hearing in his committee is rubbing his constituents the wrong way.
    Senator Chuck Grassley is feeling the heat from back home.
    Eleanor Clift


  22. Tony says:

    The Math That Shows Why Bernie Sanders Has Virtually No Path to the Nomination
    by weatherdude


  23. rebelliousrenee says:

    Wow… even daily kos realizes it’s pretty much over for Bernie.
    I did watch the town house last night. Bernie basically just did his tired and oft repeated stump speeches. OTOH… Clinton gave full and nuanced answers. Yes, she dodged a few too… but still came out sounding lights years ahead of Bernie, IMO.


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