Competent With A Twist

Great new commercial featuring some of the stronger women of “reel life” supporting a strong woman in “real life”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign unveiled a new commercial spot featuring Shonda Rhimes and the stars of three of her series: Ellen Pompeo (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Kerry Washington (“Scandal”) and Viola Davis (“How to Get Away With Murder”).



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9 Responses to Competent With A Twist

  1. Jamie says:

    Tony post from previous thread: “She’s a f**king liar”: Trump-supporter Caitlyn Jenner unloads on Hillary Clinton
    Jenner blames “everything happening in the Middle East” on Clinton and says Trump would be “very good” for women VIDEO

    OMG, if you watch the video you will just want to explode.. What a hateful person.. Perfect Republican, definitely nasty.. Trans people need a better spokesperson..


    • Jamie says:

      In a way it is heartening to know that trans people are perfectly normal. They can be just as mean, stupid, or ignorant as anyone else. 🙂


      • tonyb39 says:

        Yes, true. I didn’t think of it that way.. Ah there’s usually something positive to off set the mean :0)


  2. rebelliousrenee says:

    Wonderful ad for a wonderful woman!


  3. tonyb39 says:

    Nice post and the ad is terrific..


  4. Flatus says:

    They are having county precinct organizational meetings tomorrow at 1000. I will go in case no one else from my precinct shows up, which is highly, highly unlikely. I am tired.


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