Getting A Little Long Little Dogie


Previous thread and all the tangled webs we weave was getting way too lengthy with lots of happenings still to come tonight.  So comment at will about debate, Hillary, or just miscellaneous goings on.



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20 Responses to Getting A Little Long Little Dogie

  1. Jamie says:

    All sorts of good Tony stuff at the bottom of the previous thread while I was posting this so you might want to take a look at there unless Tony wants to do a whole lot of reposting (Sorry)


  2. Tony says:

    Lol, Jamie, it happens. :0)


  3. Tony says:

    Hillary takes the heat better than Bernie: Debate proves that hostile gotcha questions don’t rattle Clinton
    Wednesday’s Democratic debate was tiresome, but it did highlight how Clinton handles negativity better than Sanders
    Amanda Marcotte


  4. Jamie says:

    I dropped a heartfelt note over at Trailmix and then it disappeared into the ether and finally reappeared … this posting stuff can get very weird. It is there now if anyone wants to read it.


  5. Jamie says:

    Here we go with the GOP debate. They will talk about free trade but no one will mention that thanks to technology there simply aren’t enough jobs for the millions of people who want one.


  6. Jamie says:

    Had to duck out of the GOP debate and go to Rachel and Hillary. Let me know if anything interesting happens on CNN


  7. Jamie says:

    What fun. We may have warring blogs. Craig gigging me. Me gigging Craig. Everybody wins


  8. oregondemocrat says:

    Thank you President Johnson and all the others who fought for Medicare!!!


  9. tonyb39 says:

    Hi OD, yes thanks to past Democrats..


  10. Jamie says:

    And Tedious refers to “Killary” .. Heaven forbid he should come up with anything resembling an original thought


  11. whskyjack says:

    Ah, so here is where all the lab rats have gone };-)
    I really was getting bored with the condition of Craigs blog it had become so pro HRC but I’m disappointed in the new improved version. It is like the opposite of HRC supporters is Ping Pong all the time. Intellectual content for me = 0
    Yesterday did make me realize one of this countries major problems. When an accomplished Journalist doesn’t have the accounting knowledge to fill out a 1040 EZ how can he explain the complexities of this modern world? Or for that matter even express a rational opinion



  12. Jamie says:

    Hi there Whiskey
    I’m semi intoxicated as son came back for Colorado Having ordered a whole lot of wine from the Holy Cross Winery. Stick around. I may make sense tomorrow.


  13. Fell asleep near beginning of debate. After seeing your note about msnbc I went over there after waking to find elizabeth warren speaking about the SCOTUS deny, deny, deny and tells GOP to “DO your job!” Waiting to see if Rachel asks about the Primary.


  14. Hey Jack- some of the finest tm moments for me were watching you Jamie and Sturge bantering. What a trio of original thinkers.


  15. patd says:

    craig’s new thread today:
    “Trump’s restraint in last night’s debate is bad news for Democrats, showing he knows how to control himself. Therefore I am ready for Hillary. Trump looks clever enough to win. But his failure to clearly denounce supporters punching out protesters at his events scares me. Hillary supporters beware. This is not a cake walk. Ignore her baggage and Trump’s appeal at your peril.”

    take note: “I am ready for Hillary.”


  16. patd says:

    not a raging endorsement, but at least and at last he’s back to being open minded


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