Time To Remember History

With full intention, I am about to violate Godwin’s Law.  This is not a social media argument and there are times when a comparison is totally valid.

For decades now, one party has preached fear of the “other” and hatred for all those different from oneself as a means to obtain power.  Those fears while having some substance in terrorist attacks and socioeconomic changes  are less likely than being injured while out for a Sunday drive.  In Congress, Republicans have spent the last seven years doing everything possible to destroy the sitting president and creating tax policies that have a nation mired in debt while benefits flow only to the wealthiest among us.  They have sown the wind and now appear to be reaping the whirlwind.

Crowd Nazi

I fear for a nation that can even consider the possibility of a President Trump.  That bloviating, bullying, boorish, egotistical purveyor of fear and hatred is the living example of all that is the dark side of the US.  You watch the thousands cheer and realize just how a Nazi Germany could happen.  A people so demoralized and economically threatened that they will follow someone who tells them they will come into their deserved greatness as he leads them into the ugliest of actions.

hitler trump

This November when it comes time to vote, it is time to remember “E Pluribus Unum”.  We are all in this together.  It is not a time for either fear or hatred.  It certainly is not a time to follow a madman like Trump.  For you Mr. Trump, It is not time to make America great again.  It is and always has been great and you can go to hell where you belong.


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10 Responses to Time To Remember History

  1. Flatus says:

    There you go, preaching to the choir again…a good reason for daily/weekly services


  2. rebelliousrenee says:

    I disagree. IMO, comparing Trump to Hitler is easy and kind of on the lazy side for Democrats. As I stated on TrailMix… the real comparison should be to Julius Caesar. Rome at the time had income inequality. The patrician class was fat and bloated. The Senate didn’t care about the people. In rides Julius… a war hero… but more importantly, a man of the people. He did many reforms of the Senate. He was assassinated by the Senate who were pissed at him for these reforms. The republic never recovered. Trump isn’t trying to bring in fascism… he’s riding on the coattails of people’s anger over an obvious dysfunctional government.

    I honestly believe the more that Democrats try to portray Trump as Hitler… the more votes he will get. You and others are playing right into his hands.


  3. rebelliousrenee says:

    Yes… but what you and others are disregarding is that Trump is brilliant at understanding human nature.


  4. rebelliousrenee says:

    BTW… what we see happening today is why the original framers of our Constitution didn’t want the masses to be voting. They thought that privilege should belong only to the educated. They were well steeped in history… something that sadly, the average American is not.


  5. rebelliousrenee says:

    I’d never heard of that story until today. Thanks for teaching me something. I see it was published in 1951… just a few years after Hitler’s reign. I just hope that the voters will give the WH to another Democrat. The fact that more people need a college education to make it in this country at least bodes well for our future. I don’t see things as bleakly as those voting for Trump (or any other Republican) do.


  6. whskyjack says:

    ya know one always has to remember that history never repeats itself but it sure as hell does rhyme. I agree with Renee in that the late Roman republic better fits than Wiemar Germany which was germany’s first failed attempt at democracy.
    Why is much the same reason I mention the Roman republic on craigs blog. It is the constant back and forth between populist groups and oilgarchs. It was true in rome and I am seeing it here. Do we proceed to a Julius Caesar and Military rule? probably not. But we are in a dangerous time. and the future will be a whole new experience.Not one which will affect me


  7. blueINdallas says:

    Bernie is the one who wants to make sure everyone capable of pursuing higher education has access. It’s a false argument Hillary is making that the public shouldn’t have to pay for Trump’s kid to go to college. Of course his kid will go to a private institution.

    As to similarities to Rome, we have cheesy-bread and political circuses.

    I actually wandered by to see if an Oscsr post was up yet.


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