To Soon Major Tom Too Soon


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17 Responses to To Soon Major Tom Too Soon

  1. Jamie says:

    From PatD on previous thread. David Bowie

    David Bowie, the self-described “tasteful thief” who appropriated from and influenced glam rock, soul, disco, new wave, punk rock and haute couture, and whose edgy, androgynous alter egos invited fans to explore their own dark places, died Sunday. Bowie had turned 69 on Friday, the same day he released his latest album which was entitled “Blackstar.”


  2. Jamie says:

    Amazing artist rendering video in honor of Bowie.


  3. Tony says:

    GOP candidates condemn Trump’s Bill Clinton attacks
    By Nick Gass

    Read more:


  4. patd says:

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told ABC’s “This Week” the Senate would not act to counter Trump’s claim that Cruz’s Canadian birth makes him ineligible to be president. The father of the senator from Texas was born in Cuba.
    In 2008, the Senate passed a resolution declaring Senator John McCain, a Republican presidential candidate, a natural born citizen. McCain was born to American parents on a U.S. military base in the Panama Canal Zone.
    “I just don’t think the Senate ought to get into the middle of this,” McConnell said.

    ted, that’ll teach you to screw around with mitch…. next time follow orders.


  5. blueINdallas says:

    This is ground control to The Thin White Duke: May God’s love be with you. 🎵


  6. Tony says:

    Donald Trump’s despotic fantasies: Here’s what the world would look like if he were president
    Now the GOP frontrunner for six solid months, it behooves us to imagine what Trump’s America would look like


  7. blueINdallas says:

    Cruz’ new sign: trusTED
    Ummm, no I don’t.


  8. patd says:

    just for fun. what would your favorite role to play be? like them, mine would be eliza too.


  9. Tony says:

    No one holds him accountable: The Donald sics his goons on protesters, and the media shrugs
    We take for granted that a Trump rally will get ugly. Just imagine the coverage if Bernie or Hillary urged violence VIDEO


  10. patd says:


    Florida Atlantic University finally canned the despicable James F. Tracy.

    After years of embarrassing nut-ball ravings, the associate communications professor was terminated last week for something else entirely. He’s got a union lawyer, and will probably fight to reclaim his job.

    Despite what he might say, Tracy’s travails have nothing to do with the First Amendment. He can still say or write whatever he chooses.

    This was about a person on a state university payroll who was behaving abominably, tormenting a family that had already suffered the worst imaginable heartbreak. If such a creature worked for you, you would have fired him a long time ago.


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