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37 Responses to Resolutions

  1. rebelliousrenee says:

    Yup… it’s that time of year again… when we all make promises to ourselves. And just like last year, most of them will be broken before the weekend ends.

    My resolution… the same one I make every year… I won’t make any more resolutions.
    What’s yours?


  2. Jamie says:

    Mine: Bring it on!!!! Every year is an opportunity to try and get it right. With all of the ups and downs, joys and tears we start with a look back and a look forward with Old Mr. Janus.

     photo 10382448_10154995263445367_6618684488261945149_n.jpg


  3. patd says:

    flatus, about time, huh?
    Japan and South Korea have reached a landmark agreement that both countries’ foreign ministers say resolves the longstanding dispute over Tokyo’s responsibility to “comfort women” who were forced to work as prostitutes in Japanese military brothels in World War II.


    • Flatus says:

      Pat, I think it represents a diplomatic expedient, not social justice. If the Japanese had promised that they would no longer introduce revisionist history into their textbooks, and would make profoundly moving apologies to surviving victims, and to the families of those who didn’t survive, then I would feel better about things. The taking of Kumcho’s sister is seen as a matter of shame within our family by the family’s Korean members.

      Not so by me; I will continue to be outraged until the Emperor Himself drops to His knees, prostates Himself, and begs forgiveness from Korean, Chinese, Philippine and Indo-Chinese families who have been caught up in those tragic events. Until then, official Japan can *unprintable*.


  4. patd says:

    joys of recycling


  5. blueINdallas says:

    For my health, I resolve to stop letting the people I work with live in my head, rent-free, when I’m off the clock. I’m not sure how to do that, but I resolve to find a way. I’m far too stressed and angry most of my waking hours, even when I’m not in the office. That’s no way to live.

    In 2016, I’m gonna work on not giving a crap, I guess. 😂

    patD – Great list.


  6. whskyjack says:

    Not your usual Christmas song but some how works give the attitude of the country.

    Fairy tale of New York by the Pogues



  7. whskyjack says:

    listening to some good music tonight
    Dylan and the Band
    Forever young



  8. rebelliousrenee says:

    I’m up early… bright eyed and bushy tailed. In a bit we are leaving for the hospital so I can have my second eye done. Once again… can’t wait to see what I will see when I can see!

    ps… patd… yup, it’s snowing… barely… then it’s gonna rain… but at least it’s finally turned cold enough for me to wear my fleece socks…


    • patd says:

      ahhh, the sweet comfort of fleece socks.

      hope the eye op goes as well as the first did and that rainbows, sunsets and silk weaving threads are more colorful for you in the new year.


  9. Tony says:

    The GOP Will Be Changed Forever
    By Eugene Robinson
    “WASHINGTON — History will remember 2015 as the year when The Republican Party As We Knew It was destroyed by Donald Trump. An entity called the GOP will survive — but can never be the same.

    Am I overstating Trump’s impact, given that not a single vote has been cast? Hardly. I’m not sure it’s possible to exaggerate how the Trump phenomenon has torn the party apart, revealing a chasm between establishment and base that is far too wide to bridge with stale Reagan-era rhetoric. Can you picture the Trump legions meekly falling in line behind Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio? I can’t either.

    Trump didn’t blow up the party on his own. He had help from a field of presidential contenders that was touted as deep and talented but proved shallow and wanting. Bush raised shock-and-awe money but turns out to lack his father’s and brother’s skill at performing on the national stage; he seems to want to be crowned, not elected. Rubio is like the teacher’s pet who speaks eloquently in class but doesn’t do his homework. Chris Christie was slow off the mark, perhaps having been stuck in traffic on the George Washington Bridge.”


  10. patd says:

    blue, so glad to read you on the trail whether grumpy or not “giving a crap” —
    what with the tornadoes your way
    and the gun toters you’re allowed an angry thought now and then.


  11. Flatus says:

    Pat, please see today’s Journal for an above the fold report on Korea, and an analysis on pg A8. I’m tempted to do a response.


  12. So sorry for the Crawords
    thanks Jaime for posting the obit.


  13. blueINdallas says:

    “…give a stranger a smile today.” That is a perfect way to memorialize that wonderful lady. Boy, that brought tears to my eyes.

    Yes, Patd, plenty going on down here. One co-worker is living in a debris field, but his house was spared except for a window or two. Cleaning out my closet for another co-worker’s friends who have nothing but the clothes they were wearing.

    As for the new open-carry law, it might be a good time to smile at strangers…but maybe not make direct eye contact.

    RR – Good luck with the eye doc.


  14. patd says:

    “And then it happens in your own hometown, just, you know, a block and half from your own family – that’s really close to where my own family lived – and you start looking at the news totally differently,” he continued. “And you don’t really want to learn about it from the news so that’s why I had to go down there to experience it firsthand because I didn’t want to get it abstracted through the news cycle.”

    The shooter was an apparent white supremacist who’s said he was trying to inflame racial hatred, but Colbert said he was “deeply moved” by the unity and love he saw when he visited Charleston in the wake of the shootings.

    “I went down to Charleston after the attack down there, and I was deeply moved by the reaction of my hometown, and horrified that that would happen anywhere, but certainly in a place that I knew well, and very proud of the unity and the love that I saw down there.”

    Colbert said he was particularly affected by the forgiveness the victims’ families expressed to the shooter when they had an opportunity to confront him at a bond hearing.

    “The forgiveness that they showed, or the act of forgiveness that they expressed towards the attacker, was unbelievably humbling,” he explained. “And you know, even in a year that had this kind of sadness, maybe that’s the thing that I would want to take from it, is to know that acceptance and forgiveness is the only way out of tragedy.”


  15. Jamie says:

    Toby, Bill, Craig & David about 20 years ago

     photo Toby Craig amp David_zpsjguidilu.jpg


    • rebelliousrenee says:

      OMG… David looks like a little kid 🙂

      ps… came through my second surgery with flying colors… which of course, I can now see the difference between certain shades of greens and blues with absolute clarity… YES!


  16. patd says:

    way to go, renee!!! warning: tune below is a stealth earwig… it will eat into your brain


  17. patd says:

    SEINFELD: “How many world leaders do you think are just completely out of their mind?”
    OBAMA: “A pretty sizable percentage…. And part of what happens is these guys — I think the longer they stay in office, the more likely that is to happen…. At a certain point, your feet hurt and you’re having trouble peeing.”
    When Seinfeld asks how he blows off steam, Obama says: “I curse. I curse…. Bad stuff, or stupid stuff, is happening constantly, right? Every day. So you have to be able to just make fun of a lot of that. Like ‘that was even dumber and more annoying than usual.’ That’s when cursing is really valuable.”


  18. Tony says:

    In the Year of Trump, the Joke Was On Us

    How the campaign’s biggest laugh turned ugly in 2015

    Read more:


  19. patd says:

    trail mixers, you gotta watch the whole thing. sorry about the teasers above. here’s the link for the entire 19:13 minute vid of jerry and barry


  20. Tony says:

    Republicans come up short in search for diverse voters in 2016 election
    By Maurice Tamman and Emily Stephenson


  21. rebelliousrenee says:

    New Thread!


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