Farewell Toby


From Craig today: After a years long battle with more ailments than Carters had Little Pills for, my Mom — Tabitha (Toby) Craig Crawford — died on Christmas Eve today at 10:38am ET at Dr. Phillips Hospital in Orlando. Those who knew her remember a woman who couldn’t avoid praising a restaurant server, no matter how awful the service. Who once called the garbage company to tell them what a nice job they were doing. Who served as an official greeter at St. Lukes Methodist in Orlando wearing her trademark broad brim hats — and never forgot a name. Who effortlessly put a smile on any frown she encountered. And who leaves a son privileged to have learned what unconditional love is all about.

It is time to say Goodbye

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  1. rebelliousrenee says:

    It’s tough to lose your mother no matter the time of year… but especially so at Christmas time. Craig… my heart and all my love go out to you and David. Rick sends his deepest condolences. You are special, my friend… and it’s obvious that your mother played a role in the person you are today.
    R.I.P Toby.


  2. blueINdallas says:

    Oh, my heart is breaking. I had the privilege of meeting Toby twice. The first time was in Las Vegas. She introduced herself as Craig’s mother, gently moved my extended hand aside and said, “I’m a hugger,” as she gave me a genuinely, warm squeeze.

    I can still picture her crawling into the cargo hold of the SUV, as we tried to squeeze in so many people.

    The second meeting was in DC, and she was just as warm and joyful. A lovely person, a wonderful story-teller, and one of the kindest and most interesting people I’ve ever met. You just wanted to spend more time with her.

    I can not imagine the loss Craig and his family must feel. She will be missed by everyone who was ever lucky enough to even meet her once.

    God bless you, Toby Crawford. God bless you.


  3. jojovanb27 says:

    My sincere condolences to Craig, David and the entire family. Like Blue, I had the pleasure of meeting Toby in DC, a lovely, caring lady, and a very proud Mom. God bless her and your memories of her.


  4. patd says:

    in tribute to toby
    and, hopefully, some comfort to our friend craig


  5. Tony says:

    How sad for Craig and his family. I understand very well.. My condolences…


  6. Tony says:

    With Schlonged, Donald Trump Tries to Harness the Dark Energy of Conservative Misogyny
    By Michelle Goldberg


  7. patd says:

    good memories like this one… especially at 2:29 minutes in

    Craig talks with Don Imus about his book-signing whiplash (http://bit.ly/Fsl4b), his mom’s war against WalMart, Obama’s split political personality, Pelosi’s dog whistle and the dangerous effects of pain pills. (3/1/2010)


  8. patd says:

    renee, looks like rick will get a belated christmas gift
    A storm system forecast to bring severe weather, ice and blizzard conditions across the south-central United States this weekend will track toward the Northeast late on Monday into Tuesday.


  9. patd says:

    tony, this one’s for you… can you believe it?
    from http://dailycaller.com/2015/12/23/gq-ranks-hillary-its-5th-worst-person-of-2015-just-ahead-of-bill-cosby-and-jared-fogle/
    Bill Cosby and Jared Fogle are terrible people, but not quite as bad as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to GQ magazine.
    The men’s publication ranked the former secretary of state fifth on its list of “Worst People of 2015.”
    Clinton’s offense, according to the storied publication, is her “pander-bot” persona and her “bought-and-paid-for leadership.”


  10. jacew2003 says:

    So sorry to read of this.

    Craig and family, my deepest sympathy to all of you on the loss of your mom.

    My prayers are with you.



  11. Tony says:

    Biology Doesn’t Write Laws: Hillary Clinton’s Bathroom Break Wasn’t As Trivial As Some Might Like to Think
    Soraya Chemaly
    “When Clinton said, “That’s all I can say,” she knows what she’s talking about. Pointing out subtle, implicit and structural sexism doesn’t make you any friends. After Megyn Kelly asked Trump about his history of derogatory and demeaning comments towards women, references to her as a “cunt,” “whore,” “bitch,” and “slut,” skyrocketed in social media.

    I write and talk about controversial subjects all the time – violence, rape, race – but I have never received as vitriolic a response as last summer, when I wrote about the disparity in public facilities for men and women, The Everyday Sexism of Women Waiting in Bathroom Lines; it was a piece about norms and knowledge. Angry people mostly men, by the hundreds, wrote to tell me I was vulgar, stupid, ignorant and should learn to stand in order to pee, because it’s superior. It continued for weeks, until I wrote a follow-up piece on the ten most sexist responses.”


  12. Very nice to see those imus clips…….that was great fun……….so happy to have been somewhat on board for all that……..One More Cow


  13. Flatus says:

    Speaking of Toby and Walmart…


    Judge Ray Long in municipal court Friday morning. Andrew Dys adys@heraldonline.com

    By Andrew Dys


    Christmas Day broke outside the Rock Hill Law Center Friday morning and shortly afterward the holiday began with bond court. Santa Claus sat on the bench.

    Longtime Municipal Judge Ray Long, a Baptist preacher, held court Christmas Day wearing a red sweater. He has white hair and a white beard and is stout. Yes – Judge Long looks like Santa Claus.

    Friday, Christmas Day in Rock Hill even for those who had been in jail, the judge who looks like Santa did more than look the part.

    People accused of crimes from drunken driving to domestic violence to being drunk in public to shoplifting appeared in the tiny courtroom via video monitoring from the jail in the building. Rock Hill Police Department officer Michael Long – no relation to the judge – was there and court clerk Nadine Agurs was there, and a lady worked in the jail with the accused.

    Long used the word “mercy” several times. He accepted a guilty plea from the first guy who had been in jail for four days for shoplifting.

    “Go home and be with your family for Christmas,” Judge Long said.

    The next guy had four kids and claimed that he stole from Walmart on Christmas Eve for presents for the kids. The man was on probation for other crimes. Long told him, and others, that there is no reason to shoplift. That charities will help anyone get Christmas toys for children.

    The next man accused of public intoxication was sent home by the judge who admonished the man, saying “drinking – alcohol – caused this.”

    Long grew up a stone’s throw from the police station literally on the other side of the railroad tracks, the son of an alcoholic father. One Christmas as a child, the judge said his father choked him during a drunken rage.

    Long said he has never taken a drink and has counseled thousands who have taken armloads of drinks and ended up in jail.

    The judge cried as a woman shook in court as she tried to sign court forms, admitting she was an alcoholic and that’s why she was in jail.

    Judge Long cried for her.

    Another woman came in, crying, saying she stole toys from the Newport Walmart so her two kids would have gifts. Long told her as he told others about not having to steal.

    Long told her to go hug that family that had made sure the kids had toys and he gave the woman a personal recognizance bond. The woman cried and thanked Judge Long. She wore a Clemson shirt because “They are number one,” the woman said.

    “Go home and be number one to your kids,” Long told her.

    Another woman came in after being arrested late on Christmas Eve for shoplifting – again from Walmart. The woman told Judge Long that she had enough money to buy one toy for her son.

    “I tried to not pay for the second toy,” she said in court.

    Long again spoke about help available for the poor from so many places.

    “If you had come to this police department and told somebody you needed Christmas for your children, somebody would have gotten your children Christmas,” Long said.

    The judge asked how many toys the child was set to receive on Friday, Christmas, with his mother in jail.

    “One toy,” the woman said.

    Long asked how old the child was.

    “He’s 7,” the woman said.

    The woman spoke of her father watching the son while she was jailed, and how the father has liver cancer. The woman then said words that caused the quiet little courtroom to be even more quiet.

    “My son is disabled – special needs – and he can’t talk,” the woman said. “He likes things that spin. Things with wheels.”

    The judge wiped his eyes and wiped his nose. The cop, also named Long, sat in silence and tried not to cry. The clerk was silent. She tried not to cry.

    Long counseled the woman and told her she would get a personal recognizance bond and be out soon.

    Then he pulled out his wallet.

    Judge Long, a father and grandfather, a husband, the son of an alcoholic father, pulled out his own money and gave it to the police officer. It was a big bill.

    “Run by Walgreen’s – they are open today,” Long said. “I saw it on my way in.”

    Judge Long cried as he sat there.

    The police officer had already pulled out his wallet to make the toy run and others including the lady working the jail who heard this in this tiny law center on Christmas Day had reached for money, too.

    The officer, who works in a job where so many in America say cops and courts are heartless, left to go get toys for a silent child who cannot speak whose mother was jailed on Christmas.

    Andrew Dys: 803-329-4065, adys@heraldonline.com

    Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/news/nation-world/national/article51666655.html#storylink=cpy


    • patd says:

      jack, even tho’ the bloomberg article uses an october quote from craig, perhaps (and whole-heartedly I hope so) this move is not on his advice and counsel but the work of the candidate himself on an egomaniacal party-destructive trip. it did say “…Webb, who often manages his own social media accounts and has also used them recently to promote a petition in favor of his run…”

      btw, did webb ever complain in 2008 about the dnc’s bias toward obama and anti-clinton?


      • patd says:

        and where is the man’s compassion? terrible insensitive timing on that Saturday tweet during a time of grieving by his faithful spokesman.


      • jacew2003 says:

        Seriously?! When you are 15, or 18 percent in the polls and going nowhere, you can make threats about a third party run. when you are not even a blip on the radar and suggest an independent bid all you manage to do is look petty, foolish or both.
        Where would Webb get any votes? The crazies are all with Trump and Cruz. The democrats who voted for Reagan are fast disappearing, he has no appeal to women or ethnic voters, and not nearly progressive enough to peel off any votes from Bernie Sanders.
        Hopefully Mr. Webb’s cup of Christmas cheer was running slightly over when he tweeted this and he has since had time to rethink this folly.
        The only thing worse than a bad idea, is a bad idea floated with bad timing. This is a case of both.


  14. Tony says:

    Jim Webb is sour grapes! I can’t help but see this as a protest run should he decide to do it.. Clearly he’s not seeing things straight.. Jim running as a Democrat today was a joke.. While he’s clearly not a Republican of today either..


  15. Tony says:

    Clinton, Trump, And How The Pundit Class Misread 2015
    Eric Boehlert
    “Let’s agree that Clinton and Trump were the two biggest political stories of 2015. And these were the two tales the Beltway press wanted to tell for large chunks of the year:

    1. Hillary Clinton is stumbling badly because she’s inauthentic, calculating and cannot connect with voters.
    2. Donald Trump isn’t a serious candidate because his bluster and extreme rhetoric don’t accurately reflect today’s Republican Party.

    Wrong and wrong.

    Clinton’s campaign was never in the dire state that the press claimed it was. And Trump, it turns out, appears to be a perfect messenger for today’s increasingly radical and intolerant Republican Party. He’s the Fox News id, which is why he’s winning over the demagoguery wing of the GOP.”


  16. rebelliousrenee says:

    Jim Webb… I don’t know you. And, I don’t know Ralph Nader. But one thing I do know… Jim Webb you are no Ralph Nader.

    I’m sure you are a decent human being… otherwise our fearless leader, Craig, would not believe in you as much as he does. But no one I know is clamoring for you to be the president. I will not vote for you and I haven’t seen anyone here saying they would either. An independent run does make you look egomaniacal… just sayin’.


    • Tony says:

      Def you’re right regarding Craig. Still the whole Jim running was a joke from his ill timed announcement to his wacky performance in the Democratic debate.. Trying to get the nomination of the Democratic party at the same time saying the party left him, delusional..


  17. patd says:

    jim, now that you’ve run the figures, talked to the troops and looked at the bank roll… you said you’d decide by new years, sooo….


  18. Tony says:

    Trump slams Bill Clinton’s ‘sexism’ in attack on Hillary Clinton
    By Karl de Vries
    “The “penchant for sexism” line refers to an interview Hillary Clinton gave earlier in the week to the Des Moines Register, when she used those words to describe the real estate mogul after he said she got “schlonged” in her 2008 primary loss to then-Sen. Barack Obama, a remark widely seen as sexist.

    Trump then appeared to threaten Clinton over the remark in a tweet the next day.

    “Hillary, when you complain about ‘a penchant for sexism,’ who are you referring to. I have great respect for women. BE CAREFUL!” he said Wednesday night.”


    • Jamie says:

      This from the man who has to buy a new Barbie doll update every 15 years or so while commenting that he would schlong his daughter if incest weren’t against the law.


  19. jacew2003 says:

    Sunday Serendipity.

    A marvelous work written specifically for the First Sunday after Christmas. Enjoy the music and enjoy the day. Merry Christmas!



  20. Tony says:

    On MSNBC, Media Matters’ David Brock Calls Out Support For Donald Trump As “Deeply Troubling”
    David Brock: “It’s Really Deeply Troubling That The Base Of The Party Likes What They’re Seeing In Trump”
    Video ››› December 22, 2015 9:43 PM EST ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF


  21. blueINdallas says:

    Definitely more poor timing on Webb’s part. While I don’t disagree with his assessment of Hillary’s incompetent and short-sighted foreign policy performance as SOS, does he realize that only helps the GOP? Most particularly, it helps Trump.

    However, if Craig says Webb would only take it on seriously, and not as a protest vote, I believe Craig.

    My biggest problem with Webb (and I have a few) is that he is not green enough for me. He’s not green at all.


    • Tony says:

      You know, i’m sure Craig believes that but Webb never even really campaigned.. Then it was the whole, he’s going to run and then he’s delaying his announcement.. Ha, then i’m supposed to take seriously a Democrat who brags on Reagan in his opening statement at the debate, just nuts..
      Oh and def, not green at all.. On that Webb fits in with today’s current GOP.. As far as Hillary running failed Libya policy, well we do have President Obama and it’s his policy like it or not.. Fault Hillary’s advice maybe but leadership, i don’t.. Oh and spot on, Webb’s criticism of Hillary regarding Libya def helps the likes of Trump and that just sucks..


    • Jamie says:

      The environment is becoming my number one issue. All the evils of the world come from lack of food, land, and the competition for those resources. The human race cannot continue the destruction or it will face endless war and terror.


  22. Tony says:

    More Than Likable Enough
    I like Hillary Clinton. And I’m convinced that saying so can be a subversive act.
    By Sady Doyle
    “Hillary Clinton is the impossible woman. The pressures she lives under, every moment of her life, are all-encompassing. She doesn’t have an inch of leeway, a single safe option; there is no version of Hillary Clinton that won’t be attacked. So the version of Hillary Clinton we get—this conflicted, conflict-inspiring candidate, the woman who has a genius-level recall of global politics but has to assure the world she’ll spend her presidency picking out flowers and china, the lady who books a guest spot on Broad City but can’t pronounce “Beyoncé,” the woman who was decades ahead of the curve on women’s rights but somehow thinks it’s a good idea to throw in a Bush-esque 9/11 reference at a debate—is the inevitable product of these pressures.”


    • Jamie says:

      Virtually everything we know of Hillary except from her closest family, friends, and associates is third and fourth hand inventions and slant. At some point we simply either have to reject because those inventions and slants sound reasonable or trust because of the testimony of those in her inner circle which may just be more slant. Those are the options, take your pick.


  23. Flatus says:

    Fischer-Dieskau when a young man. Note the conductor’s left hand holding the orchestra in check. Made me think of Gerald Moore, “Am I playing too loud?”


  24. Flatus says:

    So far as I can tell, the only place that Webb has felt comfortable sharing his message is in VFW and American Legion halls. I don’t begrudge him that cohort; but, its not inclusive enough to support a successful candidacy for national office.


  25. Flatus says:

    Should Webb go off on his own, he will build his campaign around the nation’s war veterans. I haven’t checked the books, but I don’t think there are that many of us. We know that the Republicans have done nothing for us except jabber; Clinton passed a significant reform towards the end of his terms when the Dems had full control. I think, as a group, that we realize that Webb has ‘a snowball’s chance in hell’ to be elected and that we will make a pragmatic choice when casting our votes. Hillary had better carve out her veterans’ planks.


  26. patd says:

    it’s always been my theory on the anti-hrc men that she reminds them of that little girl in 5th grade who always knew the answers and played kickball better than they did. sort of the hermione granger (a muggle-born witch) of their formative years….. or their nagging mom and mother-in-law. much easier for them to like sarah the half-gov

    here’s an interesting run down of hillary’s character in
    http://www.politico.com/story/2015/12/hillary-clinton-what-we-learned-217141 titled
    What we learned about Hillary Clinton in 2015
    She’s stubborn and too cool for Brooklyn, but also kinda boring.


  27. Tony says:

    Trump Warns Hillary About ‘Playing That Woman’s Card’
    Taylor Marsh
    “WARNING Hillary Clinton to “be careful,” Donald Trump turned his attention to showing Republicans how he’d take on Clinton, and that no subject is out of bounds, especially if his Democratic opponent is ‘playing that woman’s card.’

    On “Fox & Friends” over the weekend, Ed Henry asked, “…Do you really think Bill Clinton is fair game in this race?

    “…Yeah, I think he is fair game because his presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly…” Donald Trump replied.

    He might want to have a conversation with Karl Rove or Grover Nordquist about what happened in the late 90s when Republicans tried to make Bill Clinton’s personal proclivities the main thrust of the off-year election. Last time didn’t end well and this one won’t either, should Trump prevail.

    Actually, I absolutely agree that WJC is “fair game,” and hope Mr. Trump chooses this path. The theater of it all would be epic.

    The message Trump’s sending to Republicans is very clear: He’ll say anything to win, with no subject too distasteful. It’s no different than any other topic into which he’s waded without care of consequence.

    There are exactly no Democrats who want to hear The Donald dissect Bill Clinton’s personal past as an answer to Hillary’s “penchant for sexism” observation about him. But when Andrea Mitchell asked Debbie Wasserman Schultz about the confrontation on “Meet the Press” on Sunday it was classic.

    I think that Donald Trump or any candidate on the other side of the aisle would raise Bill Clinton as somehow a negative to their peril. I think every poll I’ve ever seen shows that if President Clinton were a candidate tomorrow he’d be reelected. He presided at that time over the longest period of sustained prosperity up to that point. Finished his term very popular and continues to be one of the most admired elected officials, and former elected officials, and men in the world. – Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz [Meet the Press transcript]
    Now, I’m not so sure Donald Trump would be a picnic in the general election. I also think dredging up President Clinton’s worst hits will be a rousing battle cry for the right-wing base. Rush Limbaugh will wet his pants applauding.

    This leads me to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton is the luckiest woman in politics this year, and I’m hardly alone. From “Meet the Press,” Matt Bai, who wrote a must read post on the media and Trump last week.

    ANDREA MITCHELL: At the same time, Matt Bai, she has had difficulty energizing younger women. Millennials. Is this attack by Donald Trump going to help her energize the women’s support that she really needs?

    MATT BAI: It could. I mean Hillary Clinton might be having the luckiest year of any nominee in recent memory. She’s had Bernie Sanders, who is going to wage a real fight in those early states, but I think if you had told her early on he was going to be her only serious opponent at this time in the race she’d have been pretty happy about that.

    And then theoretically she could draw Donald Trump or even Ted Cruz, who I think do give her a great platform. So look, she’s up against a very difficult historical win, trying to get a third term for her party. She would be the oldest nominee, the oldest president taking office we’ve seen. But all of that won’t matter very much if she’s just very lucky in who she draws. And to this point she’s looking very lucky.
    Hillary’s game sharpened after Labor Day, with Joe’s gift coming at a moment when Clinton was at a low ebb. She got another break when House Republican lawmakers played true to form during the Benghazi hearing. And now Donald Trump is entering the final selling pitch phase of his nomination fight telegraphing that since Hillary Clinton is poised for the White House Republicans need Trump’s muscle and message to keep her out.

    Hillary’s played scold so far with Donald Trump. That won’t work as a long-haul strategy, but it was a perfect tactic to bait Trump into widening his target to her famous husband though it wasn’t required.

    It was fairly obvious that Trump’s been waiting for his “woman’s card” opening with Clinton, which he knew would come. It’s just turning the heat on Bill Clinton won’t work because very, very few women today will vote for Hillary because of Bill, or not for her because of him, and that’s just for starters.”


  28. Tony says:

    Doubling Down on W
    Paul Krugman
    “2015 was, of course, the year of Donald Trump, whose rise has inspired horror among establishment Republicans and, let’s face it, glee — call it Trumpenfreude — among many Democrats. But Trumpism has in one way worked to the G.O.P. establishment’s advantage: it has distracted pundits and the press from the hard right turn even conventional Republican candidates have taken, a turn whose radicalism would have seemed implausible not long ago”


  29. rebelliousrenee says:



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