Merry, Merry from NH



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22 Responses to Merry, Merry from NH

  1. patd says:

    climate change snowman… love it.


  2. Flatus says:

    Who needs divining rods if Santa’s nose is pointing towards the well?


  3. Jamie says:

    Love the Non-snowman


  4. blueINdallas says:

    Unseasonably warm here for the next few days; a 20-degree drop is on the way.

    Happy Festivus! How is tonight like any other night when we air grievances with regularity? 🙂

    Cruz trotted out his kiddos for a nasty political ad & now he says “hands off.” Well, I agreed with him until I saw that ad. Me-thinks he got exactly what he wanted by using his children. He isn’t even good enough to be classified as pond scum.


    • Jamie says:

      And now he is sending out emails pleading for money to fight the people abusing his children. Sociopath has his picture as a definition and the Evangelicals are lapping up the falsehoods.


  5. jacew2003 says:


    Cruz is an insult to pond scum everywhere.
    Trump is ridiculous, but Cruz is as slimy as anyone I have seen in my lifetime.
    he gives me the creeps every time I see him.


    • patd says:

      jace, a creepy ghost of the past


      • patd says:

        earlier this year from
        On multiple occasions, I’ve sat down to drinks with politically aware friends, and the same question has come up: “What does Ted Cruz look like?” A hand goes up and makes a faint pointing gesture, and you can tell a grand pronouncement is supposed to follow, but then. . .nothing. Ted Cruz looks so tantalizingly like something we all know — some Jungian archetype or the star from an Eighties sitcom —
        …Ted Cruz’s face is a work of remarkable economy for a caricaturist. There are his thick lashes and slightly angled-upward eyes beneath perpetually arched concerned brows and above a mouth usually fixed in a rueful frown or up in a smile as wide and short as the U shape of an industrial sink. You can draw Ted Cruz’s face with four thick ink strokes, and looking at him is actually more like looking at the New Yorker cartoon of a person than the person himself.


  6. patd says:

    I agree with ruth. as a prez (god forbid) ted would be more dangerous than donald

    Who would be a more dangerous president: Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? This ghastly parlor game lacks a satisfying answer; either would be toxic for America. That the question is not fanciful makes it all the more terrifying.
    Trump’s deficiencies are evident, increasingly so. He is a demagogue and a bully. He lacks both preparation for the office and ideological convictions.
    Cruz is a different and in many ways more dangerous character. Where Trump is emotional and impulsive, the first-term Texas senator is contained and methodical.
    These comparisons might tip the scale in Cruz’s favor if one were forced to choose. Between Trump and Cruz, the finger-on-the-nuclear-button contest goes to Cruz. Of the two, he is the more emotionally stable.
    Yet, in a post-Cold War setting, that cannot be the end of the discussion, which brings me back to the ways in which Cruz is more dangerous than Trump.
    First, although neither man is particularly constrained by truth or facts, Cruz is even more ruthless and cutthroat. Cruz is best known for his self-interested willingness to shut down the government over his pique du jour.
    Second, while Trump’s efforts are in the service of self-promotion, Cruz’s are all that plus the implementation of an extreme right ideology. The fact that senators of both parties despise him has tended to obscure the substantive threat he poses to the country.


  7. rebelliousrenee says:


  8. blueINdallas says:

    That’s where the media gets it wrong on Trump. They try to write it off to self-promotion, but it comes off as a sense of populism; of somebody who understands how the middle class has been undermined and who is beholden to nobody in his desire to fix it.

    Cruz was smarmy during his campaign down here; I was horrified when he won. If he gains too much steam, Trump will go after Cruz on his ties to China (via his lawyering for a Chinese company, against American interests).

    Now Cruz is trying to get $1 million for the cartoon depicting his kiddos. He used his kids, and now he is trying to play voters. The less attention he gets, the better it is for America. He’s ugly on the inside and the outside.


  9. blueINdallas says:

    I’ve started in on presents already; you get to do that when you live alone. Jo Malone Mimosa Cardamom perfume & bath gel. I smell so dang good right now! Ha! (But not in they over-powering way I’m dreading on Monday, when everyone in the office doses themselves with their new scent & you can smell them out in the parking lot.)


  10. Flatus says:

    Fantasia on Christmas Carols is a 1912 work for baritone, chorus, and orchestra by the English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.


  11. Flatus says:

    I always enjoy the majesty of the Christmas Eve Anglican service from King’s Chapel. It’s not broadcast on our local PBS affiliate, but it will be rebroadcast on BBC (it was live at 1000 EST.)


  12. Jamie says:

    From Craig today: After a years long battle with more ailments than Carters had Little Pills for, my Mom — Tabitha (Toby) Craig Crawford — died on Christmas Eve today at 10:38am ET at Dr. Phillips Hospital in Orlando. Those who knew her remember a woman who couldn’t avoid praising a restaurant server, no matter how awful the service. Who once called the garbage company to tell them what a nice job they were doing. Who served as an official greeter at St. Lukes Methodist in Orlando wearing her trademark broad brim hats — and never forgot a name. Who effortlessly put a smile on any frown she encountered. And who leaves a son privileged to have learned what unconditional love is all about.


  13. From: Press Credentials

    Good afternoon,

    If you are receiving this email we were unable to grant you a credential to cover the debate in Milwaukee on Tuesday, November 10th.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you.


    Your candidates are all mental incompetents, and the world would be a safer place if they were to fall down a cobalt mine and cannibalize one another.

    Also, the race you’re conducting this cycle to choose a party nominee is a train wreck unparalleled in the annals of modern democracy. There will be people laughing at your debate tonight in places like Belarus.

    However, thank you for processing my request for a credential.

    Matt Taibbi
    Rolling Stone Magazine

    Read more:
    Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook


  14. patd says:

    in tribute to toby


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