Happy Thanksgiving



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57 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving

  1. rebelliousrenee says:

    To all my good friends here… have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving. Eat lots…. drink… well maybe not so much… and enjoy your friends and family.

    and oh yeah… are you ready for some football… 🙂


  2. Jamie says:

    Hope you all have a wondrous Thanksgiving. Please come back safe and ready to face another year.


  3. Tony says:

    New York Times slams Trump’s mocking of reporter as ‘outrageous’
    By Ben Schreckinger

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/donald-trump-mocks-new-york-times-reporter-serge-kovaleski-216219#ixzz3sbegPf6a


  4. Flatus says:

    Since Renee started this thread, it’s only appropriate that along with Thanksgiving best wishes to her and Rick and all the wonderful people here and Patsi, too, I offer a composition especially for Renee by none other than, the Weavers:


  5. patd says:

    “Please, please — can’t Thanksgiving be the one day of the year when we don’t try and see everything through the lens of politics? Don’t get me wrong, there are some things we should see through the lens of politics — for instance, politicians. But (on Thanksgiving), let’s not talk about politics. In the spirit of the first Thanksgiving, hosts just share your food and try not to worry that your guests seem like they’re never going to leave.”


  6. patd says:

    “Mass of Thanksgiving” à 4 voci (1631) by Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)


  7. jacew2003 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Especially thankful for Jamie who has given us this place to hang out.

    Enjoy your day!


  8. blueINdallas says:

    Thankful to have a place to congregate with some truly, lovely people.


  9. Tony says:

    Rubio: ‘God’s rules’ trump Supreme Court decisions
    By Bradford Richardson
    “Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says religious believers are called to “ignore” laws that violate their faith.

    “In essence, if we are ever ordered by a government authority to personally violate and sin — violate God’s law and sin — if we’re ordered to stop preaching the Gospel, if we’re ordered to perform a same-sex marriage as someone presiding over it, we are called to ignore that,” Rubio said in an interview with CBN on Tuesday.

    “So when those two come into conflict, God’s rules always win,” he added.”
    More loony bullshit from the party of crazy..


  10. Jamie says:

    Hope you all had a great turkey day. Now for something beautiful.


  11. Tony says:

    The Unprecedented Nightmare of Donald Trump: He’s Actually a Fascist
    The bizarre spectacle of Trump’s candidacy has one word on everyone’s mind: ‘Fascism.’
    By Heather Digby Parton


  12. Tony says:

    Donald Trump’s Police State
    Timothy Egan
    ““We’re going to have to do things that we never did before,” he said in the demagogic spiral following the Paris attacks. “And some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule.”

    What’s he talking about? In his words, he wants to implement “the unthinkable.”

    Let’s start with his most far-reaching crush of cruelty, the Trump promise to create a huge “deportation force” to storm into homes, churches, schools and businesses and round up all 11 million undocumented immigrants. In doing so, he would need an army of agents to go door-to-door, breaking up families, and snagging many citizens caught up the in the mass sweeps.”


  13. patd says:

    tony, that hill article you linked above said “Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says religious believers are called to “ignore” laws that violate their faith.” wonder if he extends that philosophy and legal advice to those who follow god’s rule which they call sharia law?


  14. rebelliousrenee says:

    Flatus…. thanks for the Weavers song.

    I think that Trump is playing mind games… I don’t think he is seriously running for president.
    At this point… it feels as if he’s trying to see how far he can go with bringing up our ugliest and basest fears before the public and/or media turn on him. Unfortunately, there are some stupid people in this country who will continue to support him no matter what he says.


    • Jamie says:

      I keep expecting him to jump up and scream, “April Fools. I imploded the GOP & got Hillary elected.” Unfortunately, it is getting way too ugly to take even that positive view.


  15. Jamie says:

    Alice’s Restaurant: Thanksgiving 2015 Marks 50 Years Since Event That Inspired Arlo Guthrie’s Song. The song, which appeared on Guthrie’s 1967 album of the same name, was inspired by a citation he received on Thanksgiving 1965 for littering. The ticket later prevented Guthrie from being drafted.


  16. rebelliousrenee says:

    Anybody do some shopping this weekend? I bought a quilt for our bed online from JC Penney. The quilt I presently have has been shredded by my cat, Peanut. She’ll shred the new one too…. but at least it will look nice for a little while. It’s a good thing she’s cute!


  17. Flatus says:

    I purchased a very well rated Sony a3000 camera complete with emount zoom lens. It was the display model from a couple of years ago. Original price was 499, it was marked down to 399, I saw another cheapo Nikon that had been dropped 75%, so when I pointed that out, they did that on the Sony as well. Stiil not enough, says I. Managed to get it for $59. It was as new in the box when I bought it on Wednesday. It worked splendidly on Thursday. That was at our ‘neighborhood’ Post Exchange.


    • patd says:

      way to go, flatus. since you are very “cents”a-tive to good bargains and a tech expert to boot, perhaps you (or any other techie tmr) can give me advice on the cheapest way to convert a very large analogue outdoor tv antenna to a digital one. this is for reception on a new digital hd tv that’s located 90 miles from the nearest transmission stations. have tried indoor antennas that promise up to 60 mile range but to no avail. no reception except for a podunk local (30 miles away) channel. since it’s not at my primary residence, i’m not predisposed to putting out big bucks like dish/cable. do I have to junk the old antenna and install a new one? any ideas?


      • Flatus says:

        My initial reaction is that you’re doomed to failure unless:
        –The antenna is line-of-sight to the transmitting tower. At 90-miles range, curvature of the Earth and intervening structures coupled with normal signal attenuation will put you out of business very quickly.
        –The cable attaching to the antenna is of the coaxial type (72-ohm)
        –Your neighbors are achieving success with near identical equipment in like condition

        Is there a breakfast diner in the vicinity where you can learn how others are coping?


  18. Tony says:

    Good shopping all.. I did online at Best Buy. I got Ashley a Samsung 4 k ultra 60 inch Smart TV for $799, just excellent price.. Also managed to get her a new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in gold for her birthday in Feb. Ebay is amazing… The girl just loves bling and the gold color on the phone is beautiful..


  19. Tony says:

    Another White Male with a Gun Goes Berserk in Colorado, Escalation Edition
    By Taylor Marsh
    “DOMESTIC TERRORISM perpetrated by a white male, episode one million. Targeting Planned Parenthood after the highly controversial and edited videos, this latest violence isn’t a shock.

    Note to cranky Republicans and pantywaist Democrats, there wasn’t a Syrian refugee in sight.

    “We don’t yet know the full circumstances and motives behind this criminal action, and we don’t yet know if Planned Parenthood was in fact the target of this attack,” Vicki Cowart, president and chief executive of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, said in a written statement. “We share the concerns of many Americans that extremists are creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism in this country. We will never back away from providing care in a safe, supportive environment that millions of people rely on and trust.” [The Washington Post]
    On CNN, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger decided it was a good moment to demand an apology from Planned Parenthood if it turned out they were not the target of the latest white man with a gun to go berserk. Typical insanity from the anti-women flank of the crazy congressional right. Kinsinger’s target was Vicki Cowart, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains.

    “When I heard that statement, I thought that was very premature. We may find out this person was targeting Planned Parenthood. If we find out he was not targeting Planned Parenthood, I would fully expect an apology from the Planned Parenthood director for saying that.”
    If you think the escalation in rhetoric has led to a rise in threats you’d be correct. From Mother Jones

    “Since the series of highly-edited, misleading anti-abortion videos was released in July, we have seen an unprecedented increase in hate speech and threats against abortion providers” says Vicki Saporta, the president and CEO of the National Abortion Federation, which has been tracking violence against providers since the 1970s.

    “We have been quite worried that this increase in threats would lead to a violent attack like we saw” on Friday, she added.

    The Federation is suing Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress for allegedly setting up a sham biomedical organization and misrepresenting their identities in order to gain access to and record a federation meeting.
    So-called “pro-life” fundamentalists have blood on their hands.”


  20. Jamie says:

    One of the people interviewed about the Colorado shooter said he had on met him once to actually speak to and the man gave him some anti-Obama literature. This probably explains why a place women go for necessary medical services needs a safe room just in case.


    • patd says:

      interesting picture painted by various neighbors and acquaintances. seem to be summed up in comments like
      “He was the kind of person you had to watch out for,” one neighbor said. “He was a very weird individual. It’s hard to explain, but he had a weird look in his eye most of the time.” and
      Dear would leave two dogs abandoned and roaming through the area for days at a time, a neighbor said, and fellow neighbors complained that they had no food or water. “He would leave the dogs, and they would get aggressive,” and people were worried about their children, one neighbor said. “He was really tightly wound. You could see that from the stress on his face, from the way he acted.”

      cruelty to animals is always a tip-off something’s not quite right


  21. patd says:

    flatus, thank you for the above counsel. it really irks me that reception of multiple channels on the old analog tv thru the old analog monster antenna was functional (not always perfect but okay); but once the new digital era came to be, all except one of the channels disappeared even tho’ a converter was plugged to the old tv. seems if they came up with a tv converter they would have likewise done one for an existing antenna. aaarghh. was this just to make extra $$ for the industry or was this really really necessary?


    • Flatus says:

      With analog, it doesn’t need to be perfect; not so with digital. The other side of the signal/coin is, analog is terribly wasteful of scarce bandwidth while digital is exceedingly frugal. Hence the push to reallocate teevee to the digital realm. It was such an imperative that the government sent out a couple of free (upon request) converter boxes to each household to ease the pain of the transition.

      Unless your antenna is a unidirectional VHF/UHF (most of the channels will be in the UHF band) type with numerous elements of varying length all fastened crosswise to a _long_ supporting beam, it will be insufficient. This antenna should then be mounted to a mast onto which an antenna rotater has been installed. That will give you your best shot. Used stuff is okay.

      Me, if they have decent Ma Bell lines, I would try a very high-speed modem, something like the old US Robotics 56k v90 and see what I could dial into using an old-fashioned dial-up account. Florida has liberal criteria/phone rates for older folks on limited budgets like most of us.

      And then, gasp, there’s always cable.


  22. Tony says:

    I think you will have to install a new Antenna on your existing tower.. Home Depot has this in a 100 mile range for $99..http://www.homedepot.com/p/Channel-Master-Deep-Fringe-Advantage-100-Mile-Range-Outdoor-Antenna-CM-3020/203763044
    I have a simple $50 Clearstream on my roof that works exceptionally but i’m 50 miles from the towers in Christmas Florida.. Try this link to tell you more information on what you can expect to get for tv stations by entering your zip code.. http://www.channelmaster.com/Antenna-Selection-a/134.htm What shows are you trying to watch? Ever thought about a simple Roku which makes any TV smart.. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, PBS.. Hulu even has The News Hour and Daily show..


  23. patd says:

    3 variations on one of my favorite songs to kick off the season… and so it begins
    by piano

    by cellos

    a Capella

    but where are the bells?


  24. Flatus says:

    I just looked at the antenna Tony found. It looks quite credible. Everything I said about the rotater still applies. By it’s very design, it’s tightly focused on just the point at which its aimed–that’s its strength. It should be mounted as high as possible on something as sturdy as a chimney. The metal mast should be grounded to a rod pounded into the earth (important.)


  25. BlueINdallas says:

    Have you tried a digital antenna attached to your TV set. Not sure where you are, but I get about 2 dozen channels with an amplified, indoor antenna. The weather can cause problems with some channels, but I must be quite close to some of the places where the signals originate. I get all networks, plus their digital sub-channels for 24-hour weather, movies, etc. Maybe you wouldn’t have to put an antenna on the roof if you are in a populated area with a lot of stations.


  26. BlueINdallas says:

    ABC chose to not show police roughing up protestors of the climate change summit, outside of the Place du Republic.

    NBC did show it; clearly, it was organized, government-mandated terrorism of the protestors.


    • patd says:

      blue, aren’t they under martial law for the next 3 months because of the isil attack? am sure the police suspect jihadist lurking behind or inside every gathering of two or more, especially groups that dress all in black and wear masks as some of the protestors were doing. the protestor should have picked green for their solidarity uniform (or been very French and showed up au naturel… befitting the issue protested).


  27. patd says:

    fyi, according tohttp://www.onthisday.com/events/november/30 on this day:
    1487 – The German Beer Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot), is promulgated by Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria stating beer should be brewed from only three ingredients – water, malt and hops
    1523 – Amsterdam bans assembly of heretics
    and in
    1678 – Roman Catholics banned from English parliament

    so seems things haven’t changed much except for the beer making.


  28. Tony says:

    Ted Cruz Calls Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter ‘Transgendered Leftist Activist’
    Cruz took issue with the “vicious rhetoric on the left blaming those who are pro-life.”
    Samantha-Jo Roth


  29. Jamie says:

    Speaking of gender, we now have a definitive study on human beings not being binary … just different on a spectrum https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn28582-scans-prove-theres-no-such-thing-as-a-male-or-female-brain/


  30. Tony says:

    Clinton urged Obama to ‘lead’ on closing Gitmo before leaving the State Department
    By Kerry Eleveld


  31. whskyjack says:

    “Thanksgiving, 1963
    The long weekend that defined LBJ’s presidency”
    After all the whine and idiot politics it was nice to read a piece about LBJ
    politics played the way it is supposed to be played
    Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/11/thanksgiving-1963-lyndon-johnson-213399#ixzz3t2CZ9cSl
    Favorite quote from the article
    “”Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, some of Johnson’s advisers cautioned him that presidents should not spend valuable capital on hopeless causes. “Well,” he purportedly replied, “what the hell’s the presidency for?” “”



  32. patd says:

    from http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/30/politics/hillary-clinton-elizabeth-warren-fundraiser/index.html

    Hillary Clinton was joined by 13 of the 14 Democratic women of the U.S. Senate at a fundraiser that amounted to a Monday night pep rally for the candidate who could become the first female president.
    The Washington event was an attempt by the front-runner’s campaign to flex its establishment muscle as the first caucuses and primaries draw closer, but one Democratic leader was notably missing from the stage that hosted all the women: Sen. Elizabeth Warren
    But on Monday night, Warren stood alone.
    Sens. Tammy Baldwin, Barbara Boxer, Maria Cantwell, Dianne Feinstein, Kirsten Gillibrand, Heidi Heitkamp, Mazie Hirono, Amy Klobuchar, Claire McCaskill, Barbara Mikulski, Patty Murray, Jeanne Shaheen and Debbie Stabenow — every other Democratic woman senator — spoke on Clinton’s behalf, offering praise of the woman many of them once served with.


  33. Tony says:

    Robert Reich: The GOP must answer for its hate-mongering
    Carson, Trump and Fiorina may not be directly responsible, but each holds blame in the rash of recent hate crimes


  34. Flatus says:

    On Sunday I removed the begonias from their station on the porch railing and carried them down to where we return such things to nature in our jungle. Despite our property being sloped with a creek bisecting the two sides, the yard on the side on which our house is erected is as spongy as any non-swamp that I’ve ever traversed. I was shocked and am quite concerned as to what it would take for trees to lose their grip and tumble given even a moderate wind.

    In the last two months we have had over 35-inches of rain


  35. Flatus says:

    Jack, I read your article from Politico. Recalling back to the time, those in my cohort, junior NCOs at Ft Knox, spent many hours in our small club watching teevee while the events following the assassination unfolded. We,as a group, had tremendous admiration for Jackie and her composure throughout the ordeal. We admired Johnson for the space he gave her in sorting things out at the residence. I don’t recall anything about his immediate legislative efforts–surely a reflection of how good he was.


  36. Flatus says:

    I would not want an Elizabeth Warren as a supporter unless that individual came with a volume control and an on/off switch.


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