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  1. patd says:

    happily prepping for thanksgiving and happily not thinking about all the turkeys in the goper gaggle.
    oops, turkeys flock together in a rafter not a gaggle…. whoda thunk it? so amend the above to say turkeys in the repug rafter


  2. Flatus says:

    This article makes me think of the headline piece in today’s WaPo on how ISIL’s media teams receive mysterious orders to report to such and such a point where they record carefully choreographed performances of everything ranging from the wonderful reports of the movement members praising their leader to recording sessions of executions set-up with Cecil B. DeMille-like precision.

    That is what must be destroyed, their propaganda enterprise; it rivals anything achieved by past despots.


    • patd says:

      they really know how to play the media by feeding blood and gore, sound bits for news loops, stalwart swashbucklers, etc…. enough to delight any run of the mill lazy “journalist”


  3. Tony says:

    Donald Trump Tweets A Wildly Inaccurate Graphic To Portray Black People As Murderers
    It falsely claimed that 81 percent of murders involving white people were committed by black people, when only 14 percent were in 2014.


  4. Tony says:

    Ben Carson ‘Doesn’t Stand Behind’ His Own Remarks About American Muslims Cheering on 9/11
    “Hours after telling reporters that he saw a video of American Muslims in New Jersey cheering on Sept. 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center’s twin towers fell, Ben Carson’s campaign apologized for the remarks, saying he “doesn’t stand behind” them and that they were “a mistake.”

    When asked by ABC News if American Muslims were cheering on 9/11 — as has been suggested by Donald Trump — Carson said “Yes.”

    “I saw the film of it, yeah,” he said and cited “the newsreels” of 9/11 coverage at the time.

    However, Carson made a 180 a short time later.

    “He doesn’t stand behind his comments to New Jersey and American Muslims,” said campaign spokesman Doug Watts said. “He was rather thinking of the protests going on in the Middle East and some of the demonstrations that we’re going on in celebration of the towers going down.”


  5. Tony says:

    Trump Suggests RNC Violating Loyalty Pledge: ‘That Wasn’t the Deal!’
    by Andrew Desiderio
    ““WSJ reports that GOP getting ready to treat me unfairly — big spending planned against me,” Trump tweeted Monday afternoon, tagging the official RNC Twitter account. “That wasn’t the deal!”

    The business magnate was likely referring to a Wall Street Journal report which outlined Republican strategist Liz Mair‘s plan for a “guerrilla campaign” with the goal of “defeat[ing] and destroy[ing]” Trump’s candidacy. A super PAC supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) began rolling out a series of attack ads targeting the GOP frontrunner, and other groups, including the Club for Growth, are joining the effort, monikered “Trump Card LLC.”


  6. blueINdallas says:

    I have my vegetarian “turkey” for Thursday. Not Tofurkey, but Gardein. Parade, dog show, vegetarian dinner, sleep, sleep, sleep.
    Another 3-4 inches of rain on tap for the holiday. Wettest year on record.

    I read something about ISIL ideology being tied to Islamic, apocalyptic prophecies. They are on the same page with the ultra-conservative Christians who want bad stuff to happen so Jesus will come back. Both sides are absolutely crackers, but only one side is killing people.

    Oh, the article also mentioned some of the verbiage ISIL are printing on their soldiers’ badges and their coins. Coins??? The j-holes are minting their own money???
    Seriously, they have so many rules in place to trace money. One thing went into place after 9/11 (Oxley something-or-other); if it’s over $10k, it’s monitored. It almost seems like we were sleeping in the job to let them have this kind of financial support to build such an infrastructure.


    • patd says:

      sorry for the length of this but it’s fascinating. blue, you are right about us sleeping on the job and not doing enough to cut-off their money trail..
      from http://www.euronews.com/2015/06/24/isil-mints-islamic-coin-inspired-by-divine-law
      First claim the territory then spread the word via a slick PR operation, then launch a currency.
      That is exactly what The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant has done by minting its own ‘Islamic Dinar.’
      Anti-ISIL activist Abu Abu Ibrahim Raqqawi, the founder of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, displayed the gold dinar on social media and said it would come into circulation soon.
      Last November the group expressed a desire to reintroduce the gold dinar and silver dirham as the means of exchange within its self-proclaimed caliphate..
      In a sulphureous statement ISIL said it wanted to free Muslims from the yoke of a “satanic global economic system.’
      The gold coin is reported to be worth €124 and is based on the original tender of the Caliphate of Uthman, a key figure in early Sunni Islam.
      The five dinar coin carries the inscription “The Islamic State-A caliphate based on the doctrine of the prophet,” on its obverse (heads) and a map of the world on its reverse (tails.)
      The one dinar coin is different from the five dinar coin as it pictures seven wheat stalks, a Quranic reference to “the blessing of spending the money in the way of Allah.”
      ISIL says they are inflation-proof and inspired by divine law.
      To mint such coins ISIL will need vast amounts of precious metals and how it will get them is up for debate.
      ISIL is reportedly doing a roaring trade in Iraqi and Syrian antiquities, they control oil reserves and run profitable extortion rackets.
      Analysts believe ISIL is sitting on $2 billion in assets, which earns around $5m a day in interest.
      ISIL claims existing currencies are behind their “enslavement and impoverishment,” and makes them “prey in the hands of the Jews and Crusaders.”
      [see photos of coins at link]


  7. Tony says:

    Fox News is a sewer: ISIS, Ebola and the network’s familiar fear-mongering campaign
    Once again, America is confronted with a lethal threat from abroad that Obama is powerless to stop. Sound familiar?


  8. Jamie says:

    This is fun … An economists version of Page Not Found http://www.ft.com/cms/s/b65aad02-8d39-11e5-a549-b89a1dfede9b


  9. blueINdallas says:

    PatD – Well, I guess they couldn’t put a picture of moo-ham-mud on their coins, could they?

    It is interesting how much they have, well, I don’t want to use the word accomplished but, yep.

    Sorry, but Obama is wrong about social media being the only tool in their kit.

    What happens with Turkey, now that the shot down a Russian plane?

    Who would want to be prez of anywhere, the way things are going?


  10. patd says:

    okay, so what’s going on here….

    “The operation ended successfully. The second pilot has been brought to our base. He is alive and well,” Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/russia-says-second-pilot-of-downed-warplane-rescued-in-syria/ar-BBnpxXp?ocid=spartanntp also same story at http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-34917485

    yet reuters video says otherwise http://www.reuters.com/video/2015/11/24/turkmen-says-his-forces-killed-two-russi?videoId=366438602&videoChannel=117760#YFuIXBPaiZUvCQi6.97


    • Flatus says:

      Pat, the Journal’s above-the-fold article on the incident provides the most plausible explanation of yesterday’s series of events, and the lead-up to them over the past many months, that I have yet read. It is untainted by Rupert and his helpers.

      FWIW, the SU-24, is a real slug performance-wise. It is a poor person’s F-111 (which we have retired.)


  11. Tony says:

    A Wily Ted Cruz Makes His Move
    Finally, a seasoned political leader is moving to the top tier of GOP primary contenders. But it’s not who the establishment was hoping for.
    By Joan Walsh


  12. Tony says:

    The GOP is running out of time to find the anti-Trump
    Dana Milbank
    “Republican elites are panicky about the durable dominance of Trump (and to a lesser extent Ben Carson) in the presidential race. They are right to worry, but I don’t feel much sympathy. Trump is a problem of their own creation.”


  13. Tony says:

    Mr. Trump’s Applause Lies
    “Yet Mr. Trump is regularly rewarded with free TV time, where he talks right over anyone challenging him, and doubles down when called out on his lies.

    This isn’t about shutting off Mr. Trump’s bullhorn. His right to spew nonsense is protected by the Constitution, but the public doesn’t need to swallow it. History teaches that failing to hold a demagogue to account is a dangerous act. It’s no easy task for journalists to interrupt Mr. Trump with the facts, but it’s an important one.”


  14. Tony says:

    Marco Rubio’s clarion call to homophobes coming through loud and clear
    By Kerry Eleveld


  15. Jamie says:

    Tonight on NOVA, in honor of The Theory of Relativity turning 100, David Tenant narrates “Einstein’s Big Idea”. In the meantime, a short animation of Physicists having a reason to party … and something about socks.


    • rebelliousrenee says:

      So Einstein is responsible for “Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”…. great Scott!
      Maybe we’ll find out the moon is actually made of toilet paper…. which is why we should send the goopers there… let’s flush!

      and now it’s time for your regularly scheduled programming…


  16. patd says:

    Plan A for GOP donors: Wait for Trump to fall. (There is no Plan B.)
    Most of the party’s financiers and top strategists are sitting on the sidelines. Many are reluctant to spend money against Trump after watching others fumble as they tried to handle his counter-punches. Others, citing past elections, remain confident that the race will eventually pivot away from him early next year.


  17. patd says:

    elmo and the cabbage patch dolls are soooo yesterday
    from http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/laws-struggle-to-keep-up-as-hoverboards%e2%80%99-popularity-soars/ar-BBnr8jg?ocid=spartanntp
    They are this year’s must-have holiday item, coveted by children and adults alike. Retailers are promoting them heavily online and on catalog covers, and they are an increasingly common sight on city streets across America. But in many places — from New York State to individual schools, malls and stores — they are illegal.
    Self-balancing motorized boards have many names: hoverboards, Swagways, self-balancing scooters and, among the Star Trek crowd, personal transporters. But whatever they are called, they now have parents, lawmakers and others struggling to figure out how safe they are and how to regulate them, because in most places the rules have not caught up with the new technology.

    see above link for some pics and vid and below for more

    dear santa, I want one… maybe with fins and sparkly hubcaps… oh yes, don’t forget the bike bell


  18. Oh god, if god thou art………preserve me at my advanced age from such crazy shit…..


  19. patd says:

    lest we forget while gnawing on that turkey leg


  20. rebelliousrenee says:

    New Thread!


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