Walrus & Carpenter Time


“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”

Pick a subject any subject and have at it. Today alone you have:

The Bush Family Wars according to Jon Meacham
Downing of the Russian passenger plane
Latest GOP debate line up
Religious doctrine according to Carson
Friday night non debate debate hosted by Rachel Maddow
Vote4Energy scam courtesy of the Petroleum Institute
Trump trumpeting the magnificence that is Trump


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68 Responses to Walrus & Carpenter Time

  1. patd says:

    repost from last thread. the boys discrediting the girls talk reminds me a little of the song from south pacific “you’ve got to be taught”


  2. Tony says:

    I’ve seen America’s future – and it’s not Republican
    Stan Greenberg
    “This Republican race to the political bottom is happening because America’s conservatives are losing the culture wars. The US is now beyond the electoral tipping point, driven by a new progressive majority in the electorate: racial minorities (black and Hispanic) plus single women, millennials (born between 1982 and 2000) and secular voters together formed 51% of the electorate in 2012; and will reach a politically critical 63% next year.

    And each of these groups is giving Clinton, or whoever emerges as the Democratic candidate for the 2016 White House race, at least a two-to-one advantage over a Republican party whose brand has been badly tarnished.”


    • Jamie says:

      This works for Presidential races, but thanks to gerrymandering it really messes with Congress and state houses in a way to suppress the vote, deprive women and minorities of their rights and stalemate the passage of laws on the Federal level.


  3. patd says:

    there also were 3 other clips from last night’s kimmel show at end of last thread. here’s one


  4. rebelliousrenee says:

    “And why the sea is boiling hot–”

    We sometimes get what we call “Indian Summer” here in the northeast in early October…. it’s so warm out it feels like late May. But never…. NEVER… do we get a stretch of weather like that in November… except now we have. It’s been in the mid 70s here for the past week. I WANT MY AUTUMN… and I want it NOW!


    • tonyb39 says:

      Same here in Central Florida, it’s been hovering near 90 or more daily since last April or May.. Usually by now, cooler 70,s, lower humidity.. I want to get outside in the pool area with the firepit but toooooooo hot..


      • Flatus says:

        Here, except for the persistent rain, it has been tolerably warm with a very nice display of autumn leaves. Surprisingly, I may need to cut the grass one more time before it becomes dormant. Daughter Sue is convinced that we’re going to have a frightful winter. Dr Ben knows.


  5. patd says:

    from http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/11/06/gop-candidate-line-up-announced-for-fox-business-networkwsj-debate/
    The criteria were different than for past debates. In a change, Christie and Huckabee ‎did not qualify for the prime-time event, while former New York Gov. George Pataki and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham did not qualify for either; neither did ex-Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore.
    Christie brushed it off on Twitter, saying: “It doesn’t matter the stage, give me a podium and I’ll be there to talk about real issues.”

    from http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2015/11/fox_news_should_host_all_the_republican_debates_gop_presidential_candidates.html
    Let Fox News Host All of the Republican Debates!
    Then the GOP’s presidential candidates would have to find something else to whine about.


  6. patd says:

    Noah expressed his gratitude to the ‘fantastic’ doctors who treated him, but said he was a bit perplexed by the concept of an emergency room.
    ‘It was an interesting experience going to the emergency room, although I don’t know if emergency room is the right term because they make you wait.
    ‘I feel like there should be two rooms – a room for emergencies and a room for people who can fill out forms,’ Noah joked.
    Noah says one of the emergency room workers insisted he fill out forms even when he was fainting from pain. ‘The lady’s like, “Can you fill out the form?” And I’m like, “I’m dying”. And she’s like, “Yeah, but I need you to fill out the form first.”
    Noah says he continued to say he was too pained to fill out the form, but the nurse insisted because she ‘needed more information’.
    ‘And I’m like, “What more information do you need other than the fact that I’m dying?”


  7. patd says:

    hip hip hooray!
    from http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/obama-to-announce-rejection-of-keystone-pipeline-source/ar-CC2dXg?ocid=ansmsnnews11

    U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday rejected the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada in a victory for environmentalists who have campaigned against the project for more than seven years.

    “The pipeline would not make a meaningful long-term contribution to our economy,” Obama told a press conference. He said Keystone XL would not reduce gasoline prices for drivers, and that shipping “dirtier” crude from Canada would not increase U.S. energy security.

    The denial of TransCanada Corp’s more than 800,000 barrels per day project will make it more difficult for producers to develop the province of Alberta’s oil sands. It could also put the United States in a stronger position for global climate talks in Paris that start on Nov. 30 in which countries will aim to reach a deal to slow global warming.

    Secretary of State John Kerry, who determined that the pipeline was not in the country’s interest before Obama’s final decision, said approving Keystone “would significantly undermine our ability to continue leading the world in combating climate change.”


  8. patd says:

    well there goes ben
    Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson’s campaign said on Friday he never applied nor was accepted to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, apparently contradicting an account in Carson’s autobiography that he had been offered a full scholarship by the prestigious school.


  9. Tony says:

    Intel Retracts: No Highly Classified Secrets in Clinton Emails
    Taylor Marsh
    “The U.S. intelligence community has retreated from claims that two emails in Hillary Clinton’s private account contained top secret information, a source familiar with the situation told POLITICO. The determination came from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s office and concluded that the two emails did not include highly classified intelligence secrets. Concerns about the emails’ classification helped trigger an on-going FBI inquiry into Clinton’s private email set-up. [Politico]
    THERE’S A lot of reporting on this today, right?



  10. Jamie says:

    Really enjoying the Rachel Maddow interview of Martin O’Malley. Still have Sanders and Clinton to go, but Maddow is asking great, well thought out issue oriented questions in a respectful manner. Very novel approach to journalism in today’s climate.


  11. patd says:

    well done, Rachel. enjoyed especially those personal/lightening question bits with the 3 candidates. Bernie’s answers were the funniest — like when asked which republican he would choose for his cabinet. also noticed Rachel and Bernie seem to be fond of each other.


    • Jamie says:

      Rachel has made no secret of being a Bernie fan. She is very much on the pretty far left Progressive wing of the party although she always speaks with respect of the other two Democratic candidates.


  12. patd says:

    from https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/a-new-play-about-donald-trump-is-a-hit-in-mexico/2015/11/05/51e3150c-81a5-11e5-8bd2-680fff868306_story.html?hpid=hp_hp-more-top-stories_mexletter-4am%3Ahomepage%2Fstory
    “Sons of Trump” is an adaptation of a show called “Brokers,” written by a Spanish comedy troupe, that skewers the lives of the super-rich. The actors involved are all quick to point out that they aren’t representing the antics of the real-life Donald or pursuing an explicitly political agenda.
    “This is a social critique, in general, of the elitists,” said Freddy Ortega, German’s brother and fellow long-time television comedian, who also stars in the show.


  13. patd says:

    from http://www.politicususa.com/2015/11/06/rachel-maddow-dazzles-delivers-candidate-gathering-2016.html
    The Democratic forum in South Carolina was a huge success and much of the credit should go to Rachel Maddow for showing the rest of he media how it should be done.
    Rachel Maddow’s questions were intelligent, well researched, and went deeper than anything asked during the presidential debates. Maddow didn’t let the Democratic candidates rely on their talking points and stump speeches, and the result was the best 90+ minutes of the televised portion of the early presidential campaign.
    The great irony is that Maddow delivered the very kind of forum that the Republican candidates are claiming that they want out of the debates, but all of the Republican presidential candidates are afraid to be interviewed by Maddow.


    • Jamie says:

      I’m sort of giving him a break on this one. A brilliant student in ROTC would have been approached about applying for an appointment. He certainly “embellished” the story and opted for medical school and the success he attained in his field. What concerns me most about him is that he expects some archeologist to find the Coat of Many Colors in King Tut’s Tomb


  14. Tony says:

    Marco Rubio (and every Republican) is hiding his tax cut’s true effect on the poor
    by Ezra Klein


  15. Tony says:

    An attack on ‘Killing Reagan’George Will and Bill O’Reilly face off on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’
    A delicious video of O’Reilly being the bully he is..


  16. Tony says:

    Fiorina Doesn’t Correct Man’s ‘Black Muslim’ Obama Comment
    Of course she doesn’t correct him, it’s her base of support..


  17. Tony says:

    This Time in Nevada, Hillary’s All In
    In 2008, Clinton took the state and its powerful unions for granted. She’s not making that mistake again.
    By D.D. Guttenplan


  18. Tony says:

    I’m the GOP’s Ideal Black Voter
    But after the summer of Trump—and, yes, Carson too—I’m giving up on the party.
    By Issac J. Bailey

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/11/black-republican-voter-quits-gpo-213326#ixzz3qpJN8K82


  19. patd says:

    from http://www.rawstory.com/2015/11/maher-capt-carnival-barker-and-crazy-mcsleepy-pants-are-winning-because-us-voters-are-dumb/
    Unlike French or British voters, Maher said, Americans are “far too dim and distracted” to vote responsibly without having a longer election season to help them winnow out the candidates.


  20. Jamie says:

    Elspeth Chapin, mother of the very musical Chapin clan has passed away at 95. Interview with Elspeth Chapin Hart


  21. Tony says:

    Clinton: Move Marijuana from Schedule 1 Status
    Taylor Marsh
    ““I would like to move it from what is called Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 so that researchers at universities, national institutes of health can start researching what is the best way to use it, how much of a dose does somebody need, how does it interact with other medications.” [WMUR]
    THIS IS a big move from Hillary Clinton, and illustrates the education candidates are getting, as New Hampshire voters makes drug addiction and treatment a centerpiece of the conversation. It’s responsive on Clinton’s part, in my opinion, just like what she’s experienced on the campaign trail talking to the families of gun violence. The people coming to events in New Hampshire, as well as Iowa, have a lot on their minds.

    Hillary Clinton’s announcement puts her in line with both Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, both of whom have been more progressive on this issue. O’Malley leads them all on this issue, with the resume to back up his policies. He just hasn’t done anything to warrant any traction until last night.

    Clinton’s rivals for the Democratic nomination have gone further. Bernie Sanders has called for ending the federal prohibition on marijuana, letting states legalize the drug if they chose. Martin O’Malley called for taking the drug off the schedule of controlled substances entirely.
    Thank you, Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN and beyond. When he turned around on his view of medical marijuana, going public, and then becoming a med-weed evangelist, something happened that hasn’t stopped.”


    • Jamie says:

      What I appreciate most about Hillary is that she isn’t dogmatic. We all have core beliefs but normal, intelligent people don’t turn them into religions. It really is okay to absorb input and then modify or change your mind, but most don’t dive off the deep end into wholesale alteration.


  22. jacew2003 says:

    The Maddow forum was a perfect setting for HRC. There are certain venues in which she is absolutely comfortable and this was one of them. She was poised, prepared and at the top of her game. She really comes through in a somewhat more relaxed setting. She also does very well when she is essentially doing one on one conversations.


  23. Every winter has become more frightful than the last. Beginning to think maybe it’s just me…….


  24. Global warming, but sturgeone colding.


  25. Tony says:

    Hillary in History
    Gail Collins
    “Another rule for women running for high office is that they have to give the appearance of being very, very qualified. That would seem to be a given, but it doesn’t necessarily work the same for both genders. The pollster Celinda Lake says that voters expect female candidates to prove they’re up to the job, while they’re more likely to assume the men are qualified just because they’re on the ballot.

    Maybe that’s one of the reasons — besides family responsibilities — that women tend to wait longer before they run for office. Even now, Debbie Walsh of CAWP says, women who get elected to state legislatures tend to be “older than their male counterparts and less likely to have children under 18 at home.”

    But it gets worse: a study Lake did for the Barbara Lee Family Foundation showed that women also have to demonstrate they’re likable. “Voters will vote for a man they think is qualified but don’t like. They won’t vote for a woman who they think is qualified but don’t like,” Lake said. “It’s another double-bind for women.”


    • patd says:

      the statement “that voters expect female candidates to prove they’re up to the job, while they’re more likely to assume the men are qualified just because they’re on the ballot” might apply to dem candidates but nowadays it looks like gopers aggressively seek the unqualified in either sex, recoiling from those that are up to the job.


  26. jacew2003 says:

    Sunday Serendipity.
    A bit longer than usual today, but worth every minute, Just perfect for a quiet Sunday morning.
    Coffee poured and candles lit. Enjoy the music and enjoy your day!


  27. jacew2003 says:

    Jamie and Flatus,

    Thank you. So glad you enjoyed it.

    So few Sundays and so much much music. Too much of it too seldom heard.



  28. patd says:

    “Yes, we do agree on a number of issues, and by the way, on her worst day, Hillary Clinton will be an infinitely better candidate and president than the Republican candidate on his best day,…”


  29. jacew2003 says:


    What will we learn in 2016? You can’t fix stupid!!

    This lady should not be allowed within spitting distance of anything to do with public education.

    Oh My God!!


  30. Tony says:

    Ben Carson Should Walk a Mile in Hillary’s Shoes
    By Taylor Marsh
    ““I have always said that I expect to be vetted, but being vetted and what is going on with me —’You said this thirty years ago, you said this 20 years ago, this didn’t exist’ — you know, I have not seen that with anyone else. If you can show me where that’s happened with someone else I will take that statement back,” he said. [NBC News]
    BEN CARSON, I’d like you to meet Hillary Rodham Clinton, a candidate for president. Maybe you’ve read The New York Times since 1992, perhaps Maureen Dowd, too. But Dowd not only writes about Mrs. Clinton’s husband and something that happened 18 years ago, but Dowd also believes the fact that Bill Clinton was unfaithful is Hillary’s fault. Or maybe read The Atlantic’s “From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Primer on Bill and Hillary Scandals.”

    Surely Mr. Carson doesn’t need to be spoon fed Hillary Clinton’s “baggage,” stories that are regularly regurgitated.

    You know, all that stuff that you’re now dealing with and being called “a liar,” because what you claimed isn’t true. Wait until they get to your sex life.

    The difference between you and Mrs. Clinton is that people call her “a liar” and worse all the time. It’s just that when it comes to her resume and life story, it’s been vetted, verified and certified in American history.

    The reason inquisitive people aren’t taking anything you say at face value is because they keep reading how you’re backtracking on most of what you’ve posited, including in print, so the picture is fuzzy.

    It’s true nobody is questioning what Hillary Clinton said 20 or 30 years ago now, because the media has dug so deep there’s nothing that is in question.

    That’s what you’re going through now, sir.

    …and Hillary’s been going through it since 1975, the year she married William Jefferson Clinton.

    I guess you didn’t know that the entire Citizens United case revolves around Hillary and the efforts to keep her out of the White House.

    Your baggage is our baggage, so I’ve got to ask… Why is it that you can’t get your own story straight? That you’re constantly changing it, editing it? You came from nothing, and rose to become an esteemed neurosurgeon.

    It is pathological.

    And yet—it certainly seems likely that this is where Carson got the idea for his story. He remembered the hoax, and then embellished it considerably to turn it into a testimony to the power of God. This even makes sense. It seemed like a strange story for Carson to invent, and it turns out he didn’t. He took a story he recalled from his Yale days and then added a bunch of bells and whistles to make it into a proper testimonial. – Kevin Drum”


  31. Tony says:

    The Math on Rubionomics Is Way, Way Crazier Than You Think
    Jonathan Chait
    “Last week, Citizens for Tax Justice, a liberal think tank that uses mainstream economic tax modeling, analyzed Marco Rubio’s tax-cut plan. Thirty-four percent of the benefits of the plan would go to the highest-earning one percent of Americans (who, by the way, earn about 21 percent of all income). Rubio’s proposal deliberately provides some benefits to Americans of modest income, which means that its enormous tax cuts for the very rich come alongside some pretty decent-size tax cuts for the rest of us. All told, Rubio’s plan would reduce federal revenue by $11.8 trillion over the next decade. The entire Bush tax cuts cost about $3.4 trillion over a decade, making the Rubio tax cuts more than three times as costly.”


  32. Tony says:

    League of Conservation Voters Action Fund to endorse Clinton
    By Juliet Eilperin
    “The LCV Action Fund picked Clinton over Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) and former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley because “the stakes are so high” and Clinton “has proved she’s an effective leader who can stand up to the big polluters and push forward an aggressive plan to tackle climate change,” Karpin­ski said.”


  33. Tony says:

    Let’s get excited about Hillary Clinton: She’s not a savior — but she is exactly what we need
    Clinton is the candidate we need in 2016: One who reminds us politics is about coalitions, not savior figures


  34. Flatus says:

    I watched SNL yesterday. I was put-off by the number of scripted crudities throughout the program–I guess that’s what Republicans need to watch from beginning to end.

    Leading a sheltered life, I had not viewed/heard Sia before–I was mightily impressed. Here is the other version of her Alive:


  35. patd says:

    from https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2015/11/09/the-daily-202-first-time-candidate-ben-carson-doesnt-understand-what-running-for-president-entails/?hpid=hp_hp-more-top-stories_carsonpowerpost-820am%3Ahomepage%2Fstory
    On “Meet the Press” yesterday, Carson claimed that the media does not challenge other politicians’ accounts of events that happened 20 years or 30 years prior. “I have not seen that with anyone else,” he said. “Or if you can show me where that’s happened with someone else, I will take that statement back.”

    — Challenge accepted. In case he hasn’t been getting clips packages this year, here is a reminder of some of the scrutiny that Carson’s rivals have already faced:
    On the Republican side: When Jeb Bush was the presumed Republican frontrunner earlier this year, there were deep dives into everything from his drug and alcohol use while at the Andover prep school to the many ways that he benefited from his father’s political connections as a young man in Miami. Reporters went to Mexico to explore Columba Bush’s stormy childhood.

    After Trump rose to the top of the polls, his business record was heavily scrutinized, including four big bankruptcies. After he suggested in July that John McCain was not a true war hero because he got captured, The Post looked at Trump’s high-flying lifestyle during the years that the Arizona senator lived in the Hanoi Hilton.

    Carson’s complaints also sounded silly because they were uttered as many reporters were poring over Marco Rubio’s credit card receipts from a decade ago, which the Florida senator’s campaign released Saturday night. Rubio, who was considered a possible VP pick in 2012, has already faced a degree of scrutiny that Carson has not. In 2011, my colleague Manuel Roig-Franzia uncovered that the freshman senator had embellished facts about his family emigrating from Cuba. The senator’s parents came to the United States and were admitted for permanent residence more than two-and-a-half years before Fidel Castro’s forces took power.

    There have also been stories this cycle about—
    •Bobby Jindal’s involvement in a 1994 exorcism and his conversion to Christianity
    •Why Scott Walker dropped out of college before graduating
    •Carly Fiorina’s rocky tenure as CEO of HP before she got fired by her board
    •Ted Cruz’s guilty plea in 1987 for possession of alcohol as a minor, published by BuzzFeed after a public information request for his application to become Texas’ Solicitor General
    •Chris Christie’s high school years were explored during the Bridgegate scandal. David Wildstein, who graduated from the school a year ahead of the New Jersey governor and was a statistician for the baseball team, helped carry out the plan to shut down lanes on the George Washington Bridge.


    • patd says:

      and, ben, that’s just your fellow gopers. walk a few miles in Hillary’s pantsuit to see what real scrutiny is and the media dirt that’s dished on the dembats.


  36. patd says:


    JOE: My god, Hugh, my god. We have sat around this table… every day for six months digging in as deeply as we can into Hillary Clinton… Day in and day out.
    MIKA: More than anybody.
    HEWITT: Have you covered the Teneo letter?
    JOE: No I haven’t, that happened last week, I know you have your two little talking points that happened last week. What I’m saying is put it into perspective. If your only argument is that the media is covering Ben Carson for a day and a half but they haven’t covered Hillary Clinton’s problems long enough, that is not a very strong argument.
    HEWITT: It is an incredibly strong argument with the Republican base.
    MIKA: That doesn’t make it correct.
    JOE: You’re just proving my point. If you are more interested in pleasing the Repubclian base, than winning the presidency, then keep that up.
    JOE: You know better than that Hugh. “You Manhattan people?” I put my neck on the line every single day here. Hugh, please don’t embarrass yourself… you owe me an apology on the air right now because you know better than to say that about me.


  37. patd says:

    scarborough in his own words admitting: “…around this very table hillory clinton being pilloried for six months now”


  38. Flatus says:

    At best, Dr Carson is the country’s greatest naif.


  39. Flatus says:

    There’s an enthusiastic review in last Thursday’s Journal for the re-release of the Beatles’ Apple label “1,” first released in 2000. Author Allan Kozinn, who wrote the review, ran out of adjectives in praising the update and the full use of current technology in doing the performers justice.

    See: http://www.thebeatles.com for details. It has a link to Amazon for the deluxe package of media, plus book, for $50, a price that beats their Amazon’s direct order price by seven bucks.


  40. patd says:

    from http://www.refinery29.com/2015/11/96820/clinton-supporters-highlight-softer-side
    The new video features Elaine Weiss, who worked with the Democratic candidate in the early ’80s at the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Legal Profession. “She was the best boss I ever had,” Weiss said in the video. “Throughout your life, you are going to face defeat, and watching Hillary graciously, professionally attack each day to overcome that is very powerful for young woman in her late 20s just entering the workplace.”
    “It’s very frustrating that the general public doesn’t see the person I see, committed to issues of women, not only talked the talk but walked the walk,” Weiss told Refinery29. “It’s more important than ever that any of us who can help the public better understand the three-dimensional person that they don’t always see get out there.”


  41. Jamie says:

    Scott Walker Endorses Jeb Bush Also known as THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK


    • jacew2003 says:

      When your campaign is circling the toilet bowl who are you going to turn to? The only person to run a worse campaign. Makes perfect sense in Gopland.
      The rest of the world simply looks on in utter disbelief.


  42. Jamie says:

    Anyone who wants to start a new thread, please do. I’m doing doctors this week. Thanks.


  43. whskyjack says:

    Done , New thread


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