Dona Nobis Pacem


Tomorrow will be the tenth year for the annual BlogBlast4Peace. Bloggers from more than 200 countries representing every continent on the globe (yes we have an Antarctica blogger) will be uttering one sentence: Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant Us Peace). If you have a blog or a Facebook account and even the 140 characters of Twitter, feel free to join in. You can create your own globe or use one of the TEMPLATES

In this time of too loud voices in the dealings of human beings, this one day is devoted to a quieter message. It started very simply in 2006 when Mimi Lennox also known as the Queen of Bloggingham Castle told a story about her papa’s marbles and the few bloggers who followed her decided to join in. It didn’t take long for her to post links to the Peace Globes. In just ten years time, she now needs weeks and help just to get them all into the annual books of images. If you wish to see as many as possible and read several of the articles being published, just google “Dona Nobis Pacem” or “Blogblast4peace”.

As usual in addition to a new globe, my blog will feature Bear 339 and the Bear A Tones created by Colorado Bob. For today and tomorrow politics are all yours.


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Retired Writer Editor - Loves Books, Musical Theater, politics for a good argument, genealogy, Scotland and owls
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37 Responses to Dona Nobis Pacem

  1. whskyjack says:

    OK looking at pictures of the crowd, I may be the only person in Kansas City who isn’t down at the parade for the world series winner Kansas City Royals. Awsome.


  2. Tony says:

    Hillary Clinton Regains Momentum In New Hampshire Survey
    Four of seven polls conducted in the state in October show Clinton leading Sanders.


  3. whskyjack says:

    Just stepped outside to make sure everything was in order and locked up before I went to bed. It is so quiet and peaceful. Unusual as there is usually someone with no muffler and proud of the noise it makes. But no one needs an ambulance , the police or fire department. Just peace and quiet.
    Here in KC at least, if you want peace win the world series.



  4. patd says:

    Matt Bevin’s 53% to 44% victory tonight marks only the second time in 48 years that Republicans have won the Kentucky governor’s race. But Republicans also made history in another way. Bevin’s lieutenant governor running-mate, Jenean Hampton is now the first African-American elected to statewide office ever. Both Bevin and Hampton are Tea Party activists who have never held elective office.
    “I’m aware of the historical significance. People point it out … Really, I just never think about it,” she says.“We’re different races, different sexes, he grew up in the country, I grew up in the city. We represent a broad range of the Kentucky demographic.”


  5. patd says:

    the new ky gov matt bevin and his family


  6. patd says:


    Columbia, South Carolina (CNN)—A whopping 71% of likely Democratic primary voters in South Carolina are leaning towards voting for Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll out on Wednesday from Winthrop University. Bernie Sanders takes 15% of the vote, while Martin O’Malley earns just 2%.

    Clinton’s support is even stronger in the African-American community, where she sweeps with 80% support among likely voters.


  7. rebelliousrenee says:

    I just took a few minutes to rummage around your friend Mimi’s site…. very interesting…. she seems like a nice, warm, and lovely person. Thanks for pointing to her blog.

    After reading there some… I’ve rethought my day. 5 yrs ago today my mother fell and shattered her ankle. It led to her passing a few months later. Instead of mourning that fact… it’s time to move past the sadness… I think I’ll celebrate her life and cherish the memories of her.


    • Flatus says:

      My mom’s demise was hastened by her hip shattering as she rushed along a crosswalk in an effort to clear it for an impatient driver; she was an exceedingly considerate woman.

      She passed almost exactly 22-years ago. I do with her as you are going to do with your mother, celebrate and cherish.

      And, for what it’s worth, even for my last several years of active duty, I’ve been using a walking stick to help me cope with persistent balance problems and to keep people from rushing me. Mom didn’t allow her cane to serve its purpose.


    • Jamie says:

      Renee, Do take the time to get to know Mimi. She is truly a special person. In addition to being a wonderful writer, she was a music teacher and concert level pianist until a severe auto accident awhile back. Even with all the travails she continues to be a source of warmth and wisdom.


  8. patd says:

    major garrett this morning on trump’s “crippled America” book tour. be sure to click in at 2:36 minutes when he quotes trump saying he knows how to sell himself and how to “manipulate the media”

    a review of the book at

    and an fyi on how trump -in his own words- manipulates the media from an earlier story about an earlier book of his at


  9. Tony says:

    Marco Rubio’s Financial Dance, GOP Hits Clinton, and a Guy Named Ben
    By Taylor Marsh
    “Carson’s relationship with Mannatech, a medical-supplement operator that uses misleading claims to exploit Christian customers, may provide the most revealing window into his methodology. […] If you have the facts in mind — Carson maintained an extensive relationship with the company — when you watch this answer, his unflinching dishonesty has a chilling quality. He is a perfect con artist. – Jonathan Chait [New York Magazine]
    IT HAS been underneath the radar so far, but with Marco Rubio rising in the New Hampshire polls, and the establishment desperate to find their man, Rubio’s financial dance while in the Florida House is getting renewed attention. Donald Trump is talking about it constantly, which means everyone is hearing about it. Scrutiny is also coming to Hillary Clinton via Reince Priebus, although few things are more delicious than Ben Carson‘s lies about his relationship with Mannatech, with conservative Jim Geraghty not letting go of it.

    Rubio news from

    As speaker of the Florida House, Rubio was one of about a half-dozen lawmakers given Republican Party of Florida credit cards. During the Senate race, the Times/Herald obtained Rubio’s statements from 2006 and 2007, showing he routinely charged personal expenses, from a $10.50 movie ticket to a four-day, $10,000 family reunion.

    In those two years he charged about $110,000, and he said he sent about $16,000 to American Express to cover personal expenses, though the expenses were never detailed. In a 2012 memoir, he wrote, “From January of 2005 until October of 2008 I charged about $160,000 in party-authorized expenses.”

    Rubio defended use of the card; the minivan, he said, was damaged by a valet at a political function and the party paid $1,000, half the insurance deductible. Items that were personal were paid directly to American Express, he said, though records show that did not happen on a monthly basis. After reporting by the Times/Herald, Rubio did pay the Republican Party of Florida $2,400 for plane flights he double-billed to state taxpayers and the party.
    Of course, he’s not the only one being vetted. Republicans are asking the I.R.S. to audit the finances of “Hillary Clinton’s family charities,” as Reuters frames it. Democrats should expect a lot more incoming on this as Clinton closes in on the nomination.

    “The American people deserve to know whether the largest philanthropic arm of the Clinton Foundation continues to misreport the funds it receives from foreign governments, and whether this might lead to the potential for further conflicts of interest,” Priebus wrote. [Reuters]
    During the CNBC, Quintanilla was booed for daring to ask questions of Carson about his connections with Mannatech. But Jim Geraghty wasn’t fooled, ripping Ben Carson for his “balled-faced lies,” which he has been saying since January.

    Last night, when asked about Mannatech, Ben Carson responded:

    Well, that’s easy to answer. I didn’t have an involvement with them. That is total propaganda, and this is what happens in our society. Total propaganda. I did a couple of speeches for them, I do speeches for other people. They were paid speeches. It is absolutely absurd to say that I had any kind of a relationship with them. Do I take the product? Yes. I think it’s a good product.
    His declarations that “I didn’t have an involvement with them” and “absurd to say that I had any kind of relationship with them” are just bald-faced lies.

    Dr. Carson is a target rich environment, and if you thought Jimmy Carter couldn’t handle the presidency, wait until Ben Carson’s “quiet demeanor” starts shredding the gains of equality for women, LGBT and others.

    Donald Trump doesn’t scare me half as much as thinking about Ben Carson in the White House. Trump won’t turn our government into a theocratic arm of the Republican party. That’s exactly what I can envision Carson doing.”


  10. Tony says:

    Bernie Sanders’ latest racial blind spot: Hillary’s right on gun control — urban vs. rural really means black vs. white
    Sanders’ remarks on “rural” gun owners did have unsavory racial implications. It’s good for Clinton to call it out


  11. patd says:
    And while Maddow conceded they have a legitimate problem with how “nutty” the debates have been, there is one way that could be dealt with…
    …more people could drop out.


  12. Tony says:

    Elder Bush Says His Son Was Served Badly by Aides
    “In interviews with his biographer, Mr. Bush said that Mr. Cheney had built “his own empire” and asserted too much “hard-line” influence within George W. Bush’s White House in pushing for the use of force around the world. Mr. Rumsfeld, the elder Mr. Bush said, was an “arrogant fellow” who could not see how others thought and “served the president badly.”


  13. Tony says:

    Marco Rubio Confronts New Scrutiny Over Use of Party Credit Card
    By Michael Barbaro and Steve Eder
    “n the ABC interview, Mr. Rubio said the card was not a credit card, as many have referred to it, in the past and more recently.

    “It was an American Express charge card secured under my personal credit in conjunction with the party,” Mr. Rubio said.

    But this appears to be a change in language by Mr. Rubio. In his memoir, Mr. Rubio described the card as an “American Express business credit card.”

    (Mr. Harris said that in the book, Mr. Rubio had simply adopted a colloquial description of the card, but said it was, in fact, a charge card.)”


    • Flatus says:

      Whenever I traveled on city business I registered at hotels using my city credit card. I also presented my personal amex card which I instructed that I wanted to be used for any room service and meal charges while I was there.

      I didn’t want the city being charged for my booze or the booze I bought for others. Likewise, if I decided to spend an exorbitant amount on a meal, I didn’t think it was the taxpayers’ responsibility to pick-up the tab.

      When I did submit my claim for reimbursement, it would be for the amount of federal govt per diem for the particular location. Fair for them, fair for me.

      p.s. I wouldn’t vote for Rubio in a gazillion years


  14. Tony says:

    Megyn Kelly Defends CNN Reporter Trump Attacked: ‘Unless You Say It Just the Way He Wants…’
    by Josh Feldman


  15. Flatus says:

    If this sounds a little ‘off’, the two pianos are tuned one third of a note apart. I find it likably interesting.


  16. patd says:
    “My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain,” Carson – who last week overtook Republican rival Donald Trump for the first time in a national poll – told graduates in his address.
    “Now all the archeologists think that they were made for the pharaohs’ graves. But, you know, it would have to be something awfully big if you stop and think about it.
    “And I don’t think it’d just disappear over the course of time to store that much grain.”
    Asked on Wednesday if he still held these views, Carson told CBS News: “It’s still my belief, yes.”
    Speaking to MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday, rival Republican candidate Donald Trump said: “He’s informed me about the pyramids. I think I’ll have to put that in my repertoire about Ben. That was a strange deal.”


    • Jamie says:

      The scary part is all of those states filled with Evangelicals who believe in the literal truth of the Bible. When you add in the membership of the 7th Day Adventists who were actually founded on the mistaken date of the “Rapture” in 1844 it gets rather interesting (to be kind)


  17. Tony says:

    Donald Trump’s credit card attacks are getting under Marco Rubio’s skin
    by Laura Clawson


  18. Tony says:

    Weekly poll roundup: Carson and Clinton rising
    by kos
    “I thought Sanders’ ceiling was 30 percent. He’s now exceeded that. Congrats! But the overall picture continues to look bleak for his candidacy. Clinton’s numbers range between 50 and 62 percent in the last week’s national polls. Time is chipping away, yet over half of Democrats continue to back Clinton with her trend on the upswing. Sanders’ numbers have ranged between 26 and 35, meaning that he’s got just a quarter to a third of Democrats. I keep saying this and I’ll say it again, he’s not breaking through his demographic base.
    Once upon a time, the early states were a bright spot for Sanders, but that’s also changing. We now have three polls showing big (and growing) Clinton leads in Iowa. PPP went from a 21-point lead in mid-September to a 32-point lead this week. Gravis … fuck Gravis they suck (but they echo PPP). Monmouth College shows a 14-point Clinton lead with no recent trendlines. Clinton leads 49-32 in the composite, virtually unchanged from a week ago.”


  19. Tony says:

    “Make America Great Again,” It Works
    by Taylor Marsh
    “There is a lot of media chatter about the ground beginning to shift in the first two causes and primary states, Iowa and New Hampshire, respectively. It’s broken out on cable, with No Labels honcho Mark McKinnon saying on “Morning Joe” today that in Iowa, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio seem to be moving.

    Donald Trump went up with $300,000 of radio ads in the first three states.

    And speaking of videos out of the past, Trump’s strongest competition, according to polling, though not a threat to anyone past Iowa at this point, Ben Carson, just faced his preacher self. At the podium, Carson said plainly that he actually believes that Joseph built the Egyptian pyramids to store grain.

    “My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain,” Carson said in a 1998 commencement speech at Andrews University, unearthed by BuzzFeed. “Now all the archaeologists think that they were made for the pharaohs’ graves. But, you know, it would have to be something awfully big — when you stop and think about it, and I don’t think it’d just disappear over the course of time — to store that much grain.”
    Trump needs to crush this dangerous oddball, because his pyramid ignorance is the least of his frightening flaws.”


  20. Tony says:

    Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee Bumped From Main GOP Debate
    They’ll be at the kids table debate with Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum.
    Mollie Reilly


  21. patd says:

    here’s another one with kimmel and some kids


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