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Now that the Democratic contenders have been whittled down to three with Clinton taking victory laps, Bernie trying to herd his cats over the finish line, and O’Malley just hoping someone will pay attention, the next event is another round of Republicans. There will still be a kiddie’s table consisting of Santorum, Jindal, Pataki, and Graham, all of who are glad if someone tells them “Good Morning”. For the main event, we have Trump, Carson, Rubio, Bush, Fiorina, Cruz, Huckabee, Christie, Kasich, and Paul.

None of the above have shown any real capacity or talent for the job they are seeking, but something interesting might be said.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

CNBC Republican Debate
8pm ET (7pm CT, 5pm PT) – Main primetime debate
6pm ET (5pm CT, 3pm PT) – Undercard debate
Aired On: CNBC
Location: University of Colorado in Boulder
Sponsors: CNBC
Moderators: Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick, and John Harwood


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  1. Jamie says:

    KGC From Previous Thread

    Andrea Mitchell had on the mother of Sean Smith — the only reason to have this woman is to bash Clinton so fu Andrea but it completely backfired because the woman is a nutcase. Yes heer grief is genuine but she was estranged from her son at the time of his death and the segment turned into a wailing session about how her only son is dead and who will take care of her now

    all you have to do is google this woman to know that she is unbalanced and looking for attention
    People like Glenn Beck egg her on

    Andrea Mitchell and her booker should be ashamed of themselves using the mentally ill to promote hate speech against Clinton

    Only recently has she started claiming her son called her the night before because he had a premonition – the truth is he emailed the claim to the director of the online gaming community he was active in. He had a wife and kids and lived in the Netherlands his mother didn’t like the wife and so she was out


    • Jamie says:

      Anyone with even a minor connection to the military knows that the service person designates their “Next of Kin and beneficiaries” in the event of injury or death. Smith’s mother was immediately suspect because she kept saying she was “immediate family” and Hillary wouldn’t tell her anything. Of course the wife and children were his immediate family, not his mother and the wife would control what personal information was released to anyone including his mother.


  2. Jamie says:

    Patd on the Breeders Cup: another sport to watch this week is the breeders cup.
    as much as i’d like to see american pharaoh win another race, have to put my money on the gal who just won the pacific classic by 81/4 lengths. go, beholder! the equine hillary (or vice versa)

    from http://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/horses/breeders/2015/10/25/beholder-aiming-boys-and-pharoah-too/74585646/
    Girl takes on boys is always a popular angle in horse racing. But these boys include the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years in American Pharoah. The rest of the cast isn’t bad either. The projected field of 10 includes Travers winner Keen Ice, the first horse to beat American Pharoah in a year, New York standout Honor Cod,; two-time Jockey Club Gold Cup winner Tonalist, Pennsylvania Derby winner Frosted and the lightly raced but fast Smooth Roller.
    Keeneland oddsmaker Mike Battaglia says he will make American Pharoah the 6-5 favorite and Beholder 3-1.


  3. Jamie says:

    Patd with an excellent Dowd bashing via Wonkette: all you dowd “fans” will enjoy this


  4. Katherinegrahamcracker says:

    I enjoyed the wonkette piece very much — mofodo gets what she deserves do you think Biden hung her out to dry or hat she has simply drifted into Noonan territory and will soon be seeing magic dophins


    • Tony says:

      Loved the piece on Dowdy as well.. Dowdy’s current column on Hillary and the Benghazi show is another Hillary hit piece filled with bitchy snark.. Dowdy does give it to Republican’s as well but as usual she just can’t resist Clinton bashing..


  5. Tony says:

    Did Sarah Palin Spawn Trump, Carson & GOP Insanity?
    Taylor Marsh
    “Trump calls Palin “a special person” he’d like in his Cabinet. That seems only fair, because he’s thriving in the same cynical value system that puts opportunistic soundbites above seriousness, preparedness and intellectual heft. – William M. Daley [Washington Post]
    THE WASHPOST has posted a fascinating op-ed by Bill Daley, former White House chief of staff from 2011 to 2012, who lays blame of the rise of Republican outsider crazy on Sarah Palin.

    Daley is a failed chief of staff of President Obama, and his view comes from the establishment sector of the old boys’ club. It’s one reason he missed the main element of the Palin moment.

    Any attempt to bring a woman into the presidential contest on the Republican side always had one huge obstacle. The GOP is moored in traditionalism and that women’s primary role is that of mother and includes that the right doesn’t believe women have the right of self-determination equal to men.

    What Palin’s inclusion in the 2008 nominating process did was reveal the same tectonic fault lines Republicans are facing today as they look at the inevitable nomination of Hillary Clinton for president.

    Mark Halperin is our establishment guide.

    Republicans are erroneously convinced they can beat Clinton solely with talk of Benghazi, e-mails, and other controversies that have nothing to do with the economy and the real lives of real people. Nowhere does the Fox News-Rush Limbaugh echo chamber more hurt Republican chances of beating Clinton than in the politics of scandal and controversy. To paraphrase the famous line attributed to Pauline Kael: everyone who conservatives know think the Clintons should be in prison. The problem is that swing voters don’t share that view in sufficient numbers to actually warrant banking a victory on placing those arguments front and center. Kevin McCarthy’s acknowledgement that the Benghazi committee was set up to damage Clinton politically has not just polluted the select committee’s efforts; it also means that one of the most effectively tried-and-true Team Clinton defenses (that any controversy that swirls around her is a ginned up political attack because Republicans don’t want to talk about real issues) has got legs straight through next November.
    Republicans knew Sarah Palin had taken on the Republican establishment in Alaska. She was a governor! Never mind that it was in the far out state of Alaska.

    Establishment male Republicans couldn’t resist how Sarah Palin looked. Once she performed at the convention, it was love. Appearance and performance could do it all, right?

    They didn’t care what she actually knew.

    The GOP base today is beat up, pent up and fed up, so Ben Carson seems to be providing a soothing salve to the Sarah Palin rants that blew into primetime on her overwrought rhetoric. Ben Carson is just the latest version of Sarah Palin, a man who champions “common sense,” while maintaining his patriarchal point of view that includes turning back the clock for women, which is being done in state after state across this country.

    If you’re an outsider who thinks Carson is too weak, “low energy,” and not strong enough, you’ve always got Donald Trump.

    The problem is the two outsider choices have the same problem as Palin, except they’re men. It revolves around the inability of the Republican party to talk to women whose lives don’t revolve around abortion, Planned Parenthood, or religion.

    Whether you love or hate Hillary Clinton, when she talks about women’s lives it revolves around navigating the economic trenches of the modern era, which includes family planning. How a woman thrives in the 21st century, which includes her own personal health, the expense of living, and how her contribution as chief financial officer of the family makes life better for her children.

    Republicans never wanted Sarah Palin to talk to women, to explain modern living today and its complexity, as women become the breadwinner or co-breadwinner of their families and their finances.

    If anything proved Republicans still don’t get modern women it was last week’s Benghazi committee. Many Republicans hate Hillary Clinton, an emotion they hope can be spread to independent voters to keep HRC from winning the nomination and the general election.

    The foundation of it all is modern women who won’t be tied down to traditionalist family history.

    Clinton represents everything the Republican party has fought against since its inception, which only got worse for them once 1960 hit and “the pill” gave women control over their bodies and reproductive life, but also gave them leverage over the men in their lives, which is really the rub.

    So, when you hear Ben Carson say he wants to have Roe v. Wade overturned, he’s really talking about the sexual revolution, which led to feminism and women have autonomy over their own lives and that of their family.

    For one brief, dull and dingy moment, Sarah Palin proved to the GOP they, too, could play the gender game. Unfortunately, Republicans never did understand that women don’t want totems or national figures to cosmetically represent them. A woman for the sake of it isn’t enough.

    It’s not Sarah Palin’s fault that Donald Trump and Ben Carson are leading the outsiders, as the establishment panics. It’s how Republicans still think of women and their role in the family, as the modern era once again threatens to make Republicans irrelevant nationally.”


  6. Tony says:

    Hillary Clinton Wins Again
    Charles Blow
    “At one point during the hearing, Chairman Trey Gowdy, a Republican, said: “This is not a prosecution.” But it was an attempted persecution. It simply failed.

    It was a televised witch trial. But the tribunal had before it a woman who would not confess transgression and who defied the flame.

    Instead, she was poised, knowledgeable and unflappable. She turned the tables. The committee was on trial, and found wanting in motives, authorities and class.

    I keep being surprised by the astonishing degree to which Clinton’s opponents continue to underestimate her.

    She is far from flawless, but she is no slouch or dummy. She is sharp and tough and resilient. She is a rock, and she is not to be trifled with.

    The Clintons as a couple, and individually, are battle-hardened. They are not new to this. They are survivors. Even when they lose, they survive. No upstart congressman or woman can do more damage than has already been done and dealt with.

    Why can’t these people see that? Oh well…”


  7. Jamie says:

    The before and after pictures of Climate Change. It’s getting scary out there. http://www.businessinsider.com/climate-change-before-and-after-pictures-of-earth-2014-2


  8. Tony says:

    That other loan makes Daddy Trump’s first $1 million to The Donald look like chump change
    by Kerry Eleveld


  9. Tony says:

    Let’s storm the Sanders’ he-man women-haters club: Hillary plays the gender card, while Bernie fans rage
    Hillary and Katy Perry fire up the ladies — especially young girls — as subreddit’s seethe for Sanders


    • whskyjack says:

      -Ya know, a thought,
      All of those young men for Bernie will become avid HRC supporters. cause while they may declare their interest in politics. In reality all young men are interested in sex first and if the pretty young lady wants to go to a Clinton rally guess who will be standing beside her .



  10. Tony says:

    Dowd Strikes Again: Spins Benghazi Column Into Sexist Slam on Hillary
    By Peter Daou and Tom Watson


  11. Tony says:

    Gowdy: After Thursday’s Testimony, Benghazi Interviews Will Now Be Conducted ‘Privately’
    by Elizabeth Preza


  12. Tony says:

    ‘Twilight Zone weird’: Xenophobic neighbours from hell terrorise Florida family
    Michael Koziol

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/world/twilight-zone-weird-xenophobic-neighbours-from-hell-terrorise-florida-family-20151026-gkjap6.html#ixzz3plHzEPzf
    Follow us: @theage on Twitter | theageAustralia on Facebook


  13. Tony says:

    This guy is a sick fuck!!


  14. Tony says:

    The Most Likely Next President Is Hillary Clinton
    And Republicans are in denial about it.


  15. Tony says:

    Don’t Give Up, Jeb
    By Margaret Carlson
    “As Clinton circa 2008 could tell Bush, inevitability is not your friend, juggernauts are over, shock and awe doesn’t happen in war or presidential races. Do not whine. Do not show surprise that the crown isn’t being passed to you because of your last name. Accept, quietly inside you, what you cannot change: outsiders are way cool right now but probably not forever.

    Every debate — the one this week is in Boulder, Colorado — is another chance to make a first impression. Breathe deeply, marijuana is legal there. You might get back some of your joy.”


  16. Tony says:

    Marco Rubio “hates” the Senate — but just wait until he’s president
    Frustrated in the Senate, Rubio wants to upgrade to the presidency, a famously frustration-free government job


  17. Tony says:

    Waiting For The Media’s Benghazi Mea Culpa
    The Press Sponsored The GOP Charade For Years


  18. Tony says:

    The Tea Party is on life support: New poll shows it’s less popular than ever
    It’s not 2010 anymore


  19. rebelliousrenee says:

    thanks for all the interesting articles you post… I enjoy reading them.

    The Republican debate airs on CNBC…. perfect!


  20. Flatus says:

    Jamie: “…Climate Change. It’s getting scary out there….”
    In the larger scheme of things, well beyond our lifetimes, are we peeing into the wind considering that we are in an interglacial period?


    • Jamie says:

      Flatus, While there are many components to Climate Change, the absolute damage caused just by the existence of human beings is the most destructive. There are now more human beings alive on the planet that have ever existed throughout the whole of history. In my lifetime alone, the numbers have more than tripled. All of those bodies breathe, eat, drink and poop. In addition courtesy of a brain and opposable thumbs they create stuff that just won’t go away. The end result is that we are running out of good air, food and water while leaving behind plastic and excreta of all kinds. Just to putting the icing on the cake we are wiping out the other species with whom we share the planet.

      Places that may become uninhabitable: http://time.com/4087092/climate-change-heat-wave/


      • Flatus says:

        Well said.
        In contemplating the inevitability of my own mortality, I decided to extrapolate to the point where mankind’s days were realistically measured in centuries if not decades. Will that not be the likely case when the warm cycle reverses and we face the chill?


  21. Katherinegrahamcracker says:

    even though I am not a proponent of daylight savings …it is almost seven am and dark
    the republicans are ridiculous and Carson andTrump are the perfect figure heads — no nothings who think they do


  22. Flatus says:

    Tony– “This guy is a sick fuck!!”
    I’ll take your sick **** and raise you 100. Consider this situation that I’ve become aware of:
    —Sixteen-y.o. daughter of a single mother walks into class and is obviously pregnant, not an unusual situation. Turns out ‘mom’ was pimping the kid. The school kid’s mother wants to keep the baby as it will add to her entitlements.
    —It appears as if there is no foster home available for the seven-month pregnant kid, besides mom doesn’t want to let her go; income, you know. No one wants to arrest the kid’s mother until the school kid has a superior, stable alternative environment.


  23. Katherinegrahamcracker says:

    Good Job OleMiss


  24. Katherinegrahamcracker says:

    I recently read this New Yorker piece on OMalley and Webb. If the Webb in this piece was the one people got to know the outcome would have been different


  25. patd says:

    very cute and informative look at the rw blogoshere by the village voice
    It’s a little-known fact that the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote weren’t always the way we see them in the cartoons. In early days, the chase was more in earnest — the Road Runner more nervous, the Coyote more confident. But over time the bird came to realize how little danger he was really in, and this gave him a certain cheerful sangfroid.
    Which brings us to Hillary Clinton at the latest session of the Benghazi Committee.


    • Jamie says:

      I learned a long time ago that real conspiracies are very rare simply because they are never as effective as human greed and stupidity. The right wing nut jobs really, really want crimes and conspiracies. That frisson of delight that they get from just the suggestion of nefarious goings on, particularly if it involves the Clintons, is just too hard to resist. As a result they regularly fall flat on their faces frustrated by the unrealized climax that could only be achieved with Hill and Bill jail time.

      I suppose we should be grateful that this lust for the felonious usually means that they look like utter ignorant fools since it means they never get around to actually dealing with facts that could simply prove incompetent embarrassing error.


  26. patd says:

    from http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2015/10/27/heres-whats-in-the-new-budget-and-debt-ceiling-deal/
    The White House and congressional leaders reached agreement late Monday to raise the federal debt limit and outline a two-year budget framework. If approved by Congress, the deal would enable outgoing House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) to clear the decks for his presumed replacement, Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wisc.).


  27. patd says:

    flatus, rather than a troika of three babushkas, it would be nice (a fantasy for sure) to be tho’t of as three muses. but thanks anyway…. and to you too, kgc, on behalf of renee and jamie for the compliment.

    “[The Muses] are all of one mind, their hearts are set upon song and their spirit is free from care. He is happy whom the Muses love. For though a man has sorrow and grief in his soul, yet when the servant of the Muses sings, at once he forgets his dark thoughts and remembers not his troubles. Such is the holy gift of the Muses to men.”


  28. rebelliousrenee says:

    I’m the one holding the mask…


  29. Jamie says:

    The muses are certainly a nice alternative to the fates


  30. Flatus says:

    Patd–You sell The Troika short. Historically speaking, it was they who kept Leningrad going and the fields tilled and the wounded comforted and sung to in voices from home. Something upon which to muse.


  31. whskyjack says:

    What a game, 2 great teams battling for 14 innings, great baseball. OH and my team won, even better.


    • Tony says:

      Pat, thanks for that i really enjoyed it.. Hillary is really good.. I don’t know how much more “authentic” and “likable” of a person someone could be..


      • Flatus says:

        I wore a smile during her whole appearance–she overflowed with personality and confidence built upon knowledge and experience. Not a trace of pandering.


  32. Tony says:

    Poll: Clinton opens up 41-point lead in Iowa
    By Nick Gass

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/monmouth-poll-iowa-democrats-2016-215178#ixzz3priyTxjX


  33. patd says:

    from http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/america-completely-unprepared-power-grid-cyberattack/
    We’re aware of the risk of hacks that result in theft and espionage, but what about a devastating cyberattack on the power grid? In his new book, “Lights Out,” Ted Koppel argues that not only is this a distinct possibility, but that America is totally unprepared. The author joins Gwen Ifill to discuss the frightening potential fallout.

    TED KOPPEL…..I would recommend to Americans in general to do is to have a three to six months’ supply of food and water.
    GWEN IFILL: You say, quite provocatively, toward the end of the book that the Internet is our weapon of mass destruction.

    TED KOPPEL: In addition to all the wonderful things that it does, it can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

    And the dangerous thing, Gwen, is, it doesn’t require a government to do it. It doesn’t require anyone with a ton of money to do it. Someone sufficiently skilled in cyber-warfare, using an individual laptop, can inflict enormous damage.

    I have been told by the man who was the former chief scientist for the NSA, the National Security Agency, that he now believes that there are individual groups, and possibly a group like ISIS, for example, which has about $2 billion, that they could buy the expertise and that the equipment they need is available off the shelf. That’s a pretty scary prospect.


    • Jamie says:

      There is one state in the nation where they actually are prepared. Thanks to religious instruction, the storehouses in Utah are ready to provide for the population and individual homes are frequently very well stocked in addition. It probably is a good idea to be ready for at least 30 days survival. Which reminds me, my pantry cupboards in the garage need restocking …


  34. patd says:

    update on will canada send john oliver to jail
    from http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/sorry-john-oliver-wont-be-going-to-jail-or-have-to-pay-a-5000-fine-for-telling-canadians-to-vote-out-harper
    The good news, for Oliver: he need not fear being sent to the slammer. The law he made fun of is actually not all that different from the U.S. ban on foreign political donations, although that country’s politics has hundreds of millions of harder-to-track dollars sloshing around in political-action committees.
    Canadian elections authorities explained Monday that there’s no law against foreigners expressing an opinion. They said the legal provision in question — section 331 of the Canada Elections Act — has been on the books since the 1920s and it doesn’t cover people stating their view.

    “The expression of personal political views by Canadians or non-Canadians as to which parties or candidates they support is not an offence under the Act,” said Elections Canada spokesman John Enright.

    “This also applies to Mr. Oliver.”


  35. Jamie says:

    Is anyone going to watch the debate tonight?


  36. patd says:

    Kasich: “I’m done being polite and listening to this nonsense”

    from http://hotair.com/archives/2015/10/28/kasich-im-done-being-polite-and-listening-to-this-nonsense/
    The highlight of this clip may be in the final minute or so, when Kasich uses a Back To The Future reference against Trump, who claimed credit for a deal Kasich made with Ford four years ago. Clearly, Kasich has concluded that his attempt to use a calm and measured approach to campaigning was a poor choice in this cycle. This looks more like a if-you-can’t-beat-’em-join-’em strategy.


    • Jamie says:

      I keep trying to tell me that it is my duty to be a knowledgable voter as possible and then nausea and fear of upchucking sets in. In might be fun if Kasich starts tossing brickbats, but I think I’ll wait for those paid to watch this garbage to tell me what happened.


  37. Tony says:

    Sanders Team Plan to Beat Clinton, Go Negative
    Taylor Marsh

    “Weaver was at least half-joking, or so it seemed to me. But even in jest, his comments were telling: about both the darkening assessment of Clinton among Sanders’s people and their heady confidence that they can beat her. – John Heilemann [Bloomberg]
    IT SEEMS to me that John Heilemann baited the Sanders team and his top aides, Tad Devine and Jeff Weaver, into providing a storyline that gets ahead of where Bernie Sanders comfortably stands. He has never gone negative, but to win the first two primaries, both of which are important to diminish her strength, Sanders Team can’t just play nice.

    It’s a good, old fashioned political drama woven within an already unpredictable primary season, which the New York Times writes about today, too.

    From John Heilemann

    […] I asked Weaver if he thought that made her, as some longtime Clinton critics argue, a craven hypocrite and opportunist?

    “A craven hypocrite?” Weaver replied, grinning slyly. “That’s a little bit harsh, don’t you think?” Then he added, with a chuckle, “Look, she’d make a great vice president. We’re willing to give her more credit than Obama did. We’re willing to consider her for vice president. We’ll give her serious consideration. We’ll even interview her.”
    Team Sanders understands most of all that in the next debate he’ll have to do more. Devine told Heilemann, “We did 15 hours of prep total—that was our debate prep. We needed 150.”

    What’s about to change is that Sanders is going to finally enter the TV ad war.

    Polls are constantly changing, but it was interesting that even Team Clinton pushed back on the notion that Hillary Clinton is leading in Iowa by 40 points, after Joe Biden decided not to run. Last thing they need is for “inevitability” to wash over her campaign, which tends to make voters lackadaisical. Turn out matters.

    What Team Sanders is telegraphing, their theory, which is overly optimistic at this point, is that if he could pull off Iowa and New Hampshire wins, everything will shift and not even Hillary’s southern firewall will help. Tad Devine explains

    “I don’t think they fully appreciate the magnitude of how voters are impacted by what happens in those early states. The negative narrative that will come around her. The positive narrative that will accompany him. The big qualitative difference beyond that that we enjoy that, for example, Gary Hart did not, is the fund-raising system we’ve put in place. If we have early success in Iowa and New Hampshire, a few days after we could bring in $40 or $50 million cash, new money, out of this thing that we built. And then they’re all tapped out. They’re trying to squeeze for dough. Because the thing will have been close in Iowa and New Hampshire. They’ve already placed a purchase of $14 million in television buys in just Iowa and New Hampshire, and I think they’ll be at $20 or $25 million by then because they’ll feel so much pressure to win, they’ll just be dumping millions into this thing. We’ll come out of that with a huge flush of cash like Obama did and then we will start to move systematically in the states that follow with massive media buys. And unless the Clintons are willing to give up $20 or $30 million of their own money, they’re just not going to be able to compete with us in cash. The dynamic of that campaign is something I don’t think they fully appreciate. […]
    What happens when Hillary Clinton returns fire? Heilemann continues

    Devine agrees. “How hard we fight back and how far we push it is very much dependent on them,” he says.

    “So if they go hard negative,” I ask, “you guys will…?”

    “Let them get run over by a Mack truck,” he says.”


    • Jamie says:

      Sanders going negative would not be a good idea. Unless running into a buzz saw is his idea of fun. There are a whole lot of mama bears out here who would consider him in a pinch if necessary. Go negative and the claws will come out.


      • whskyjack says:

        I lightly scanned the post and read it as what would happen if Bernie went negative , as he will have to eventually, and read it as if team HRC was the mac truck and poor Bernie the possum in the road.



    • Tony says:

      Bernie’s advisers will try and get him to go negative but will he? Couldn’t blame him in some respects as he has a formidable challenge ahead of him.. Yes, it would be different than what he has said regarding himself and campaigning.. Still he’s in the big leagues now and much would change..


  38. Tony says:

    FACT: Ted Cruz is running the best campaign of any presidential candidate
    Chris Cillizza


  39. blueINdallas says:

    Home schooling looks better and better. Kids like that interfere with what should be going on in a classroom. She was combative and got exactly what she deserved. Heck, I had a teacher hit me because I didn’t color a cat as directed in the instructions when I was six.
    Meanwhile, my friend has a kid with re-active detachment disorder is not only disruptive, but has punched multiple kids and teachers. I would be beyond pissed if I had a kid in school with the crap that is allowed to go on in schools today.
    And why are they floating this “orphan” story now? For all of those who had abusive, empoverished childhoods, who were repeatedly abandoned and passed around, guess what…it’s not a free pass to be a belligerent jerk. Our society has become entitled and soft. Gone are the days of suck it up and deal.

    Also, why did other kids in class have phones? Off and put away or they get taken away.


  40. blueINdallas says:

    And I’m referring to myself when mentioning abused, abandoned, moved between homes by adults who had neither the desire not means to care for me. I do not feel sorry for that kid. She is nothing but trouble and I do not trust this “orphan” story. It’s meant to sway public opnion and it does not excuse her belligerence and combativeness.


  41. patd says:

    now for the reviews… a flop? a flip? the goper grope goes on
    from http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-gop-debate-analysis-20151028-story.html
    Prognosticators had predicted a fight between Donald Trump and the man who only recently leapfrogged him in national and Iowa polls — retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson. But those two were bit players for most of the evening. Oddly, perhaps, neither Trump’s business background — nor the CEO experience of Carly Fiorina — let them dominate a debate focused sharply on the economy and budgetary matters.
    Instead, it was those in the middle of the pack who appeared to have benefited from the two hours of verbal sparring, specifically Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and even New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

    best comment and not just this debate but for their and the media’s campaign so far:
    “We have $19 trillion in debt. We have people out of work. We have ISIS and Al Qaeda attacking us. And we’re talking about fantasy football? Can we stop?”
    thank you, gov christie


  42. patd says:

    from http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2015-10-29/the-media-bashing-republican-debate-by-the-numbers
    No single candidate can claim a thumping win in the third prime-time Republican presidential debate, broadcast on Wednesday by CNBC, yet there can be little doubt about who the night’s biggest losers were: the moderators themselves and the media more broadly.
    In all, the 10 candidates on stage attacked the moderators’ questions and the media at least 14 times, or as often as they went after President Barack Obama,…..


  43. Tony says:

    Jeb Died on That Stage
    And the Republican Party’s refusal to update its ideas may doom the rest of the field.
    By Jamelle Bouie


  44. Tony says:

    Hillary Clinton won the third GOP debate. Here’s why
    By Douglas E. Schoen


  45. patd says:

    for jack
    from http://www.wsj.com/articles/mets-drop-game-2-to-royals-fall-into-0-2-world-series-hole-1446089700?mod=rss_newyork_main

    KANSAS CITY, Mo.—The Mets lost the first two games of the World Series in 1986, and it didn’t stop them. They roared back to win four of the next five and secure the franchise’s second—and most recent—championship.

    So it can happen. A team can recover from a 2-0 deficit in the World Series. A previous incarnation of the Mets proved that nearly three decades ago.

    But these Mets, the ones currently two losses away from oblivion, can’t do much with a cute little story from yesteryear that almost none of them can actually remember. No, they need something more than that, because right now, they look outclassed by a Royals squad sitting comfortably in the driver’s seat.


  46. Tony says:

    Bernie Sanders Walking the Line Between Personal Attacks and Political Critiques


  47. rebelliousrenee says:

    Well… I watched it…

    After being called petulant children compared to the Dem debaters acting like adults, the goopers decided to try to act more maturely. Yup… by golly… those mean ol’ debate hosts were trying to make it a food fight… but no… goddammit…. keep your cool and all will be well. Yup… attack the press… attack the press!… you mainstream liberal media, you…

    oh yeah… and keep talking about tax cuts…. that’ll fix everything….

    A clown car trying to hold it’s breath is still a clown car.


    • Flatus says:

      Yeah, I watched, too.

      Each of the candidates started with the premise that our country was in great shape until those damned Democrats took over seven years ago. With that as the entering assumption they developed whatever rosy scenario they wanted to develop supporting their candidacies.

      It was a terrible waste of time. The moderation was dismal. The bandwidth could better have been used to replay excerpts of Hillary’s testimony.


  48. patd says:

    man, this is harsh…
    from http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/oct/29/jeb-bush-and-rand-paul-should-drop-out-instead-theyll-run-for-president-forever
    There is a kind of empty despair at the back of the eyes in photographs of the man now. Events have changed around him in a shattering and profound way for the scion of a political dynasty, a Copernican shift that has so reordered the nature of things as to destroy his cosmology. He’s losing to a reality TV host, a guy who wrote a book that reads like an eighth grader rephrasing the World Book Encyclopedia CD-Rom entry on the constitution and the callow young man he once mentored.
    But if Bush led himself to the gallows onstage, he at least had company. At best, Kentucky senator Rand Paul’s night was a long stretch of silence punctuated only briefly by irrelevancy. For much of the debate, it was tempting to see if the CNBC moderators would ask him to periodically rap his knuckles on the podium to remind everyone that he’s alive.


  49. patd says:

    cont’d thoughts from above guardian piece:
    Both Paul and Bush should just drop out of the race, but there’s no reason to expect that they will, because dropping out would be the most practical outcome. If the Republican primary process were governed by the rigors of making any sense, no part of it as currently constructed would exist. Up is down, high is low, water is dry, we wear shoes on our heads, hamburgers eat people and everyone can and will run for president forever.
    With Bush there’s some small reason to keep going even if he can’t win. Overlooking the fact that it has to gnaw at Bush’s ambition to forsake the presidency after his idiot brother had the job, a lot of people have sunk a lot of money into Jeb! 2016. Those people probably want a return on their investment, and Jeb! probably feels some obligation to give them a little effort for the cash. Meanwhile, Rand Paul has given every indication over the span of his career that there is no privilege of which he believes himself undeserving, so the process of matching his self-abnegation to the American people’s massive disinterest cannot happen overnight.
    They’ll keep running, because they can, because nobody will tell them to stop, and because they don’t really know, in their heart of hearts, that it’s over and has been since the first debate.

    a suggested campaign song for both of them


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