Happy Anniversary Rick and Renee

Happy 40th

This weekend Rick and Renee are off this weekend to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. The Traditional emblem is the Ruby and the modern is the Garnet. Either way something beautifully red is in order. Our best wishes to a couple who keep us all believing in happily ever after.


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72 Responses to Happy Anniversary Rick and Renee

  1. Lovely and I see your marriage has survived gay marriage


  2. tony says:

    Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight: the media “cherry picks” polls to make Hillary Clinton look bad
    By Bill Palmer
    Chat: How Much Damage Has The Email Scandal Done To Hillary Clinton?


  3. blueINdallas says:

    Happiness to Rick & Renee. 💞


  4. patd says:

    and 40 years ago when our happy mixers hit the trail together
    from http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1975.html
    The Year 1975 From The People History
    What happened in 1975 Major News Stories include First disposable Razor, Jimmy Hoffa ex teamsters boss disappears, Microcomputer Altair 8800 is released, Sony introduces Betamax videotapes and Matsushita / JVC introduce VHS, Suez Canal reopens, Dutch elm disease decimates Elm Trees in UK, Britains inflation rate jumps to 25%, Vietnam War ends

    above link is fascinating, ranging from the debut of Saturday night live and the boss’ “born to run” album to the clothes, toys and such that turned us on back then. and this is a bit of lyrics from one of the songs that hit the charts:
    I’m sorry for the way things are in China
    I’m sorry things ain’t what they used to be
    But more than anything else
    I’m sorry for myself
    ‘Cause you’re not here with me


  5. tony says:

    ANTHONY WEINER: I have one big question for Bernie Sanders
    “Is Bernie’s newfound party affiliation just a practical decision to run in a party that can win rather than risk being a Nader-esque spoiler on a third party line in November? That’s a fair calculation, but doesn’t it wipe away Bernie’s three decades of standing as a principled Socialist?

    Many times over the course of his career Bernie has repeated the line that his independence made him more able to speak truth. He argued forcefully that being a Socialist was his identity and not function of political expediency. Well, duh, nobody chooses to be a Socialist to smooth their political path. Yet, as 2016 approaches, here he is filing papers all over the country presumably declaring himself a member of the Democratic Party.”


  6. tony says:

    Why Kevin McCarthy Will Be Worse Than Boehner
    The presumptive next speaker is promising to be more partisan than ever—and we should take him at his word.
    Michael Tomasky


  7. Flatus says:

    I hope the love birds aren’t locked in a windowless room in Ft Myers–they deserve to be on the beach in one of the lovely spots on Captiva Island or Sanibel.


  8. jojovanb27 says:

    Congratulations Rick and Renee, All the Best.


  9. patd says:

    #1 top hit for 1975 according to billboard very apropos

    btw, #2 was rhinestone cowboy


  10. I hope all the TM east coasters are high and dry.

    The Republicans are beyond ridiculous — look at the current top three: feckless blowhard, insane retired doctor and failed corporate leader with a horrible personality.


  11. patd says:

    tony, looks like lovers 1 – haters 0
    from http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/vatican-confirms-pope-met-with-gay-student-partner/ar-AAf1wU3?ocid=ansmsnnews11
    The Vatican on Friday distanced Pope Francis from Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk at the center of the U.S. gay marriage debate, saying she was one of dozens of people the pope greeted as he left Washington and that their encounter “should not be considered a form of support of her position.”

    And in a new twist, the Vatican revealed that the “only real audience” Francis had in Washington was with a former student and his family, who later identified himself as Yayo Grassi, an openly gay Argentine who met the pope with his longtime partner and some friends.
    On Friday, Lombardi met with Francis and issued a fuller statement to “contribute to an objective understanding of what transpired.” Francis has made clear he dislikes being used for political ends, and Lombardi’s statement appeared intended to make clear that the encounter should in no way be exploited.


  12. tony says:

    Jeb Bush Says ‘Stuff Happens’ In Response to Gun Violence


  13. jacew2003 says:

    Congratulations Rick and Renee. Sounds like the 40 years have been a mountain top experience.



  14. tony says:

    Jeb’s growing list of unfortunate comments
    A look at some of Bush’s most ill-worded comments since launching his campaign.
    By POLITICO Staff

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/jeb-bush-unfortunate-comments-stuff-happens-214390#ixzz3nVrggBi1


  15. jacew2003 says:


    I have zero use for republicans who constantly bash public education and can’t wait to get rid of the Department of Education. That said, the Arne Duncan tenure has been enough to cause one to wonder if doing away with the DOE isn’t an idea worth considering. Far from being one of Obama’s best appointments, he may indeed have been the worst. My only regret is that Duncan didn’t leave sooner.


    • patd says:

      jace, good news for Hillary land from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/hillary-clinton-nea-endorsement_56101a93e4b0af3706e10eb5
      The National Education Association, the nation’s largest union, endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Saturday.
      “Clinton is a strong leader who will do what is best for America’s students. For more than four decades, Clinton has fought to make sure all children have a fair opportunity to succeed regardless of their ZIP code,” said Lily Eskelsen García, president of the NEA, in a statement. “Clinton will continue to advocate on behalf of students, educators and working families because she understands the road to a stronger U.S. economy starts in America’s public schools.”


      • jacew2003 says:


        Me thinks that the NEA is going to put their money behind Clinton after all that’s the smart move.
        I’m thinking however that more than a few of their membership are showing up at Bernie’s rallies.


  16. patd says:

    kgc, your might find this wonkette diatribe to your liking. reminding me of some of your more colorful comments, is this one from http://wonkette.com/594477/why-john-boehner-is-a-drunken-numbnuts-coward-a-wonksplainer
    “…the foul stench of weak-kneed pseudo-journalism seeking to put lipstick on rat-faced dick-weasel”

    also this: “When he ran for speaker, he knew that the tinfoil-hat wing of his batshit crazy party were rabid shitstains bent on yelling, screaming, and basically throwing tantrums so that the ill-informed yokels who voted for them could donate $5 to keep their member in the spotlight.

    some of the rant was a bit too ad hominy for me, but it was colorfully put.


  17. I’m safe from flooding, I’m on the beach. I drove up to the shop for a look-see and there’s signs: Water On Road. Water on road, my ass, Road in Lake.
    The ocean was angry, my friends…….


  18. tony says:

    Of course some aren’t happy at the NEA. I wasn’t happy with Obama when he ran the first time and got endorsements.. That’s politics..


  19. tony says:

    Hillary Clinton: I Learn Something About Myself From ‘SNL’ Impersonations
    But she wouldn’t say whether she likes Amy Poehler or Kate McKinnon’s impressions of her better.
    Sam Levine


  20. tony says:

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    In Spite of Political Assaults, Hillary Won’t Fail
    “Here’s the partial checklist of the endless ploys to torpedo a Hillary Clinton presidential bid. The vapid and phony Benghazi hearings, the baseless email scandals, the legion of cherry-picked polls, the well-oiled and orchestrated campaign by the RNC, the dizzying array of right-wing bloggers and websites, and shadowy super PACS, the loud calls for Joe Biden to run, and finally, the insurgent campaign of Bernie Sanders.

    Now, add to this the two-decades-long GOP campaign of rumor, smears, and outright lies against Hillary and Bill Clinton both within and without the White House, and you have a pattern of deceit and duplicity against a politician virtually unprecedented in American political annals.

    Given the massive and relentless political assault on Clinton, she should be, as much of the media giddily taunts, a political dead duck. This isn’t and has never been even remotely the case. Polls now show that Clinton has a commanding lead over Bernie Sanders and would have an equally commanding lead over Biden if, despite the near hysterical begging and pleading for him to jump in the race, he ever did.”


  21. tony says:

    Alabama judges use segregation-era law to avoid gay marriage
    Story user rating:



  22. blueINdallas says:

    Well, I hope Tony is watching SNL. Should make his weekend.


  23. tony says:

    ‘Saturday Night Live’ Premiere Basically a Hillary Clinton Campaign Ad
    Miley Cyrus may have hosted the ‘SNL’ Season 41 premiere, but the show was all about applauding Hillary Clinton—and not just when she appeared.


  24. Flatus says:

    Well, since the rain started in earnest in Columbia on Friday, we’ve accumulated 13.6-inches at our house, most of it in the last twelve hours. Clearly, the damage is horrendous and widespread. The rain continues.


  25. glad to hear from those in the flood areas


  26. jacew2003 says:

    Sunday Serendipity.

    A nice work for a blessedly cool Sunday Morning. Enjoy the music and enjoy your day!


  27. Flatus says:

    Now we’re at 14.6. We need to hear from Sturg


  28. patd says:

    meanwhile, for the lovebirds on a faraway beach sipping those piña coladas

    in case you missed George and ira’s intro lyrics….
    The more I read the papers, the less I comprehend.
    The world and all it’s capers and how it all will end.
    Nothing seems to be lasting, but that isn’t our affair.
    We’ve got something permanent,
    I mean in the way we care.


    • patd says:

      btw, halfway thru above, you can catch glimpses of Hillary sitting with Vernon Jordan and Bill with some nice looking older lady (can’t recognize her but she looks very familiar). this must have been a white house party back in the bad ole days.


  29. Flatus says:

    We’ve just passed 16-inches. Minor dams are collapsing as are bridges on major thoroughfares (like US 1 and 301).


  30. Sturg signed in earlier and said he was safe from flooding


  31. Rich Sturgeone (@RichSturgeone) says:
    3 October 2015 at 2:12 pm
    I’m safe from flooding,


    • Flatus says:

      Let’s hope he’s still that way today. I’m not even thinking of straying away from home. I think we chose our place well so far as being reasonably safe from the affects of nature; but, Mother only knows. Just in case, I do have flood insurance as well as earthquake coverage. The cost of making things ‘fixed’ after this event will be monumental–more than this state will ever be able to afford with its miserable tax base.


  32. Flatus says:

    Seventeen inches (= lots of snow)


  33. tony says:

    Seeking a candidate to love, voters find Clinton one to like
    Oh so now we have to have a candidate to love.. WTF kinda reporting is this?? And from the AP no less.. Umm, i will be waiting to see a headline like this about a male candidate.. Nope, i won’t hold my breath, lol


    • tony says:

      Here’s the tweet of the week
      “Eric Boehlert ‏@EricBoehlert
      Eric Boehlert Retweeted AP Politics
      so now Hillary has to earn not only votes but voter “love.” almost like there’s a diff standard for her….”
      Umm, you think!


    • Jamie says:

      Oh for crying out loud. Is this what we can expect when a woman runs for office? Next up: 5 foot 2 eyes of blue but oh what those 5 foot can do … I will be voting for Hillary simply because she is the single most competent candidate available. She has 40 year resume of public service in some form and the intelligence and education to do the job. Now go judge all the male candidates by the same criteria.


  34. Jamie says:

    Some things are destined so my favorite love song which may be the only one ever written about take your pick: Deja vu or reincarnation


  35. patd says:

    “I’m not a masochist,” the entertainer and Republican presidential candidate said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And if I was dropping in the polls, where I saw that I wasn’t gonna win, why would I continue?”


  36. tony says:

    Today in Politics: Hillary Clinton Seeks to Add ‘Leadership Councils’ to Campaign Infrastructure
    NYT Maggie Haberman

    Many of the people on the lists — such as Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, a friend of the Clintons and the chairman of Mrs. Clinton’s last presidential campaign — long ago endorsed her, before she was actually a candidate, and when the “super PAC” Ready for Hillary was trying to stockpile endorsements. But in some cases, it’s the first time those endorsers have had a role in her campaign.

    And they serve as a reminder that large sections of the Democratic establishment have already committed to Mrs. Clinton, at a moment when Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. is testing how much room remains for him to join the race.”


  37. Flatus says:

    When I came into the breakfast room about an hour ago, the rain gauge read a storm total of 17.76 inches. Being a Son of the American Revolution, I wasn’t a bit surprised. We, as neighborhoods, communities and counties will, somehow, overcome this crappy situation.


  38. tony says:

    Hillary Clinton Goes Big On Gun Policy, Creates Contrast With Bernie Sanders
    She promises to take administrative action on background checks if Congress doesn’t act.
    Sam Stein


  39. tony says:

    Kevin McCarthy is a total dope: This bumbling yahoo is about to be second in line to the presidency
    Stumbles aside, McCarthy remains the favorite to become Speaker. There’s one problem: He can’t speak for his life


  40. tony says:

    Enemies of the Sun
    Paul Krugman
    “But here’s the thing: by the standards of today’s Republican Party, the Cheney report was enlightened, even left-leaning. One whole chapter was devoted to conservation, another to renewable energy. By contrast, recent speeches by Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio — still the most likely Republican presidential nominees — barely address either topic. When it comes to energy policy, the G.O.P. has become fossilized. That is, it’s fossil fuels, and only fossil fuels, all the way.”


  41. patd says:

    tony, hrc better take care not to mix-up the campaign too closely with the pacs… but hard not to if same folks contribute as well as advise on tactics.

    from http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_28922862/clinton-campaign-names-colorado-leadership-council
    Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is naming a long roster of Colorado Democrats as its leadership in the state.
    The 30-person group includes Gov. John Hickenlooper, Sen. Michael Bennet and former Denver mayor Wellington Webb. The leadership council lets the campaign showcase its institutional muscle. It also lets it tap politicians and fundraisers who can generate both grassroots and financial support in the swing state.


  42. patd says:

    flatus and sturge hope you stay high and dry. latest news says
    “‘1,000-year’ rain floods South Carolina, and it’s not over yet”

    from http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/05/us/south-carolina-east-coast-rain-flood/index.html
    The hardest-hit swath of South Carolina stretches from the capital city of Columbia, right in the middle of the state, all the way to the coast, from Georgetown down to Charleston.


  43. patd says:

    from http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/deal-reached-on-pacific-rim-trade-pact/2015/10/05/7c567f00-6b56-11e5-b31c-d80d62b53e28_story.html
    The United States, Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim nations reached agreement Monday on the largest free-trade accord in a generation, an ambitious effort led by the Obama administration to knit together economies across a vast region.
    The deal capped more than five years of arduous negotiations on a project central to President Obama’s economic agenda and potentially hand him a legacy-defining victory late in his presidency.
    Negotiators spent a feverish week of talks to find consensus on terms for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). On Sunday, plans to publicly announce a deal were delayed several times as the parties wrangled over the technical details related to market access for dairy products and new-generation biologic medicines.
    Those are just two sections of a sprawling, multiple-chapter pact that addresses tariff reductions for agriculture and automobiles as well as intellectual-property rights for pharmaceutical drugs and movies, the free flow of information on the Internet, wildlife conservation, online commerce and dispute settlements for multinational corporations.


  44. It’s bad when the storms just park over you – some of the worst flooding in this region has been the result of the Pineapple Ex[ress — the same kind of river of water. Worst flooding ever on the Russian River 1986 — made worst by the fact that for whatever reasons they choose the worst moment to release water from a da up river…oy

    I see Trump is on the way down…..too bad the next choices are the crazy doctor who looks like he is on vakium and the scary.


  45. correcti

    Pineapple Express
    dam up river

    more coffee please
    nice to see the media is laying of Clinton — what pile of shit they all are even the ones who are decent don’t repudiate the tactics of the sleaze

    And Ruth Marcus should have stayed with light and funny. She obviously wishes she had slept with Bill Clinton and hates Hillary and is just smug self-important and mediocre reporter/columnist who has never had an original thought — she doesn’t care if she is the next Modo and Nooners she has no core

    Of course she writes for the Amazon of newspapers now


  46. And it figures Ruth Marcus best friend is Mona Carren – a competitor for the Liz Trotta I am a bitter bitter person award


  47. I just heard another post reporter backhand Clinton– I guess Bezos in a gooper
    I can’t imagine that his influence is not being felt at the post and he pretty much is a merchant of cheapo he probably secretly supports Trump


  48. patd says:

    New thread ahead.


  49. Well, it reminded me of the rains in Paint Your Wagon and McCabe and Mrs Miller but not a big deal right here…….other places got it bad…..


  50. Oh, and there was that epic time we played Ruidoso and it rained for the entire two weeks we were there…….all day, all night, every day……..all was mud.

    Sun just came out wearing a shit-eating grin, like it was never gone at all…….


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