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  1. patd says:

    good run-down review for il papa from cnn this morning:
    Welcome to our big, messy religious debate, Pope Francis


  2. patd says:


    America may be in for some tough love from the Pope.

    After a lifetime of watching the world’s most affluent and powerful nation from afar, Pope Francis will walk on U.S. soil for the first time, at the age of 78, when he arrives in Washington from Cuba on Tuesday afternoon.

    He’s assured of a warm welcome from millions of U.S. Catholics, and his poll numbers — which would be the envy of any politician — suggest that curious adherents of other faiths and even the nondevout are also eagerly awaiting his visit.

    But the first Latin American pope’s blessings on America could also contain uncomfortable challenges as he addresses a country that encapsulates many of the ills he has denounced as the head of one of the world’s largest religions. Though there are aspects of American life that Francis embraces, he has quickly become known for blunt critiques of contemporary society and global economics, and his criticism — from capitalism to climate change to technology — spans the political spectrum.

    “Pope Francis is the ultimate Washington outsider. His priorities are not Washington’s priorities,” said John Carr, director of the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life at Georgetown University. “We think we are the center of the world. We are not the center of Pope Francis’ world. He is frankly more comfortable in the slums of Argentina than in the corridors of power.”


  3. Jamie says:

    Many self designated “Christians” have a great deal of trouble following directions.


  4. patd says:

    from wsj today

    Ahead of Pope Francis’s address to a joint session of Congress on Thursday, congressional Republicans and presidential candidates are attempting to stake out positions and differentiate between the pope’s roles as a religious and political figure. But findings from a survey of American Catholics by Hart Research Associates and Echelon Insights for the Shriver Report Snapshot: “Insight Into the Conscience of the Complex Catholic” suggests they would be better served by following the pope’s example and calling for greater acceptance and tolerance than trying to separate what they like about the pope from positions with which they differ.

    Divisiveness and appeals to one’s political base are standard procedure for many politicians today, but the pope has shown that other approaches can succeed. Pope Francis appeals not only to weekly churchgoers, the base of the Catholic Church, who tend to take a more traditional perspective on its teachings, but also to those who attend services less frequently. Among those who say that the Catholic Church is out of step with their social and cultural values, a majority still says that the pope’s teachings match up with what they believe it means to be a good Catholic. And with a potential government shutdown looming over social issues, Pope Francis’s emphasis on turning away from these divisive issues appears to be particularly instructive. Only if U.S. elected officials are willing to listen can they learn from the pope’s example as a transformational leader who appeals to people of all political and ideological persuasions.

    twitter’s pope emojis


  5. patd says:

    kgc, you’ll be soooo pleased to hear that gnarly has made it to the top of the heap (and I do mean that rather pungently odiferous heap) from
    On the strength of two strong debate performances, Carly Fiorina has vaulted to first place in USA Today’s GOP Power Rankings, unseating Donald Trump for the first time since we launched this project. This from a candidate who did not even qualify for the main-stage debate in early August.


    • The Goops are flailing about for someone to save them from themselves — this behavior is how they ended up with Palin. Boxer wiped the floor with Scary –who thinks people will not fact check her statements.

      Plus what she believes about things is off the wall in a lot of cases

      She will not stand the test of time. It looks like the smart money is on Jeb.


  6. Flatus says:

    Francis will be understanding of many of our country’s ill’s having lived through Argentina’s most interesting/troubling historical period.


  7. tonyb39 says:

    Here’s how Hillary and Bernie want to beat Martin Shkreli: Dem candidates roll out plans to rein in prescription drug prices
    Clinton and Sanders offer similar plans to battle Big Pharma as the cost of Daraprim skyrockets


  8. Do you think Ben Carson knows that Bernie Sanders isJewish


  9. Jamie says:

    Farewell to Yogi Berra a great ballplayer, a good man, and a source of fun for all for many decades. We are very sorry it is now over.


  10. patd says:

    from “Trump and Fiorina’s Snake Oil Sales”
    Even putting aside their policy positions, their narcissism, their poor records as leaders and their lack of scruples in spinning failures as triumphs all suggest that Fiorina and Trump would make terrible presidents.


  11. rebelliousrenee says:

    KGC… I agree with you… IMO,the Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential election will be Jeb. All this teeth gnashing and moaning and groaning over the Donald, Carly, and whoever gets the next turn will be for naught. This is going to come down to Clinton v Bush. And the media will try to make Hillary out to be the second coming of Bill… and Jeb to be authentic and a new Bush. I’d take Bill over any Bush any day of the week. But of course… I don’t have to… I can have Hillary… which is even better!


  12. tonyb39 says:

    Carly Fiorina, the CNN-created flavor of the week
    By Dana Milbank
    “Sorry, Carly. You’re peaking too early. Just ask President Herman Cain.

    This week’s CNN poll shows Carly Fiorina, the former business executive, rocketing to the top tier of the Republican presidential race. She has 15 percent support, up from just 3 percent weeks earlier. Meantime, the previously unassailable front-runner, Donald Trump, is suddenly hemorrhaging support, falling to 24 percent from 32 percent, while Ben Carson has dropped to 14 percent from 19 percent.”


  13. tonyb39 says:

    Fiorina’s Dishonesty Eclipsed By Trump’s Sexism
    By Ruth Marcus
    “Fiorina: “No, I don’t accept that at all. … I haven’t found a lot of people in the mainstream media who have ever watched these things.”

    This dishonesty is part of a pattern. Fiorina’s up-by-the-bootstraps foundational story — from secretary to CEO — is similarly misleading. In fact, Fiorina is the child of privilege. Her father was a Stanford law professor, Duke Law School dean, deputy attorney general, and federal appeals court judge. Horatio Alger this is not.”


  14. tonyb39 says:

    The Beginning of the End for Trump: His Sarah Palin Moment
    Arianna Huffington


  15. tonyb39 says:

    Enjoy it while it lasts, Mr. Trump: The GOP power brokers who’ll decide when the show is over
    The Koch brothers haven’t spent the last 30 years consolidating their power just to let an unanointed candidate win


  16. tonyb39 says:

    The Realities Of Joe Biden Running For President
    We demand authenticity, but what happens when we get it?
    Katherine Miller
    “Joe Biden is an authentic politician.
    But let’s leave that aside for a minute, because this conversation we’ve been having lately — about authenticity, who has it and who doesn’t, and the intangibles a politician may or may not possess — can obscure, for instance, the realities of a presidential bid.
    Biden has run twice; neither campaign went particularly well. He will turn 73 this year; Ronald Reagan was first sworn into office at age 69. The last three late entrants to a presidential primary — Rick Perry (2011), Fred Thompson (2007), Wesley Clark (2003) — bombed.
    Each of those races accelerated the financial and organizational demands, as well as the scrutiny, of a presidential campaign, and now here we are.
    Biden would enter the race against Bernie Sanders, who has proven to be an incredible small-donor fundraiser ($1 million in one recent day), and Hillary Clinton, whose campaign has already far surpassed $60 million combined between her campaign and super PAC. There is a finite amount of Democratic political money, and Biden has never been an expert fundraiser. One person estimated to the Washington Post that he would need to raise $30 million in campaign contributions to run in the first four states of the primary, and for a companion super PAC to raise three times that sum. During the 2008 presidential cycle, he raised $11.3 million.”


    • patd says:

      tony, perhaps joe isn’t too worried about those “first four states of the primary” like a thoroughbred holding back until the final turn waiting for the early winners to fatigue or falter.


  17. patd says:

    look who’s back in the game. this should turn a few media heads

    Democratic Party presidential hopeful Jim Webb has some pointed advice for President Obama with China President Xi Jinping beginning a U.S. visit that will include a presidential summit later this week.
    “The United States President has an obligation to speak directly to the threats of the behavior of China’s unelected, autocratic government. It is paramount that President Obama deal strongly with China. This visit is an opportunity that must be seized to do that face-to-face,” Webb wrote in a Facebook post published today.
    China has embarked on a campaign in recent months to build manmade islands in the South China Sea, outfitting the artificial islands in international waters with military facilities including runways, surveillance towers and artillery.
    “China’s dangerous military expansion in the South China Sea and its ongoing cyber-war against millions of American people here at home must be addressed now,” Webb wrote.


  18. patd says:

    first words from prez were:
    Good morning! What a beautiful day the Lord has made! Holy Father, on behalf of Michelle and myself, welcome to the White House. Our backyard is not typically this crowded – but the size and spirit of today’s gathering is just a small reflection of the deep devotion of some 70 million American Catholics…and the way your message of love and hope has inspired so many people, across our nation and around the world. On behalf of the American people, it is my great honor and privilege to welcome you to the United States of America.

    for the rest of the remarks:


  19. patd says:

    sure hope the climate deniers heard these words from il papa and will heed them:

    Mr. President, I find it encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution. Accepting the urgency, it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation. When it comes to the care of our “common home”, we are living at a critical moment of history. We still have time to make the changes needed to bring about “a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change” (Laudato Si’, 13). Such change demands on our part a serious and responsible recognition not only of the kind of world we may be leaving to our children, but also to the millions of people living under a system which has overlooked them


  20. Biden Biden Biden this is all pity coverage – the cold reality is all this coverage is happening as part of the swiftboating of Clinton and apparently the Obamarama is part of it. I am not surprised as they are the people who manufactured charges of racism against the Clintons. I bellieve Obamarama is winking and nodding at Biden — after all what do they care

    Biden is a perfect example of someone whose heart is in the right place but only because someone else put it there. On his own he is clueless


  21. I do not care about the Pope however much good he may wish to happen. Molestation is still happening and being covered up on his watch. Women are not treated equally and often not considered at all. He still is making Juniperserra a saint despite the fact that he killed or his policies killed over 50000 people they enslaved


  22. rebelliousrenee says:

    R.I.P Yogi Berra.
    You are a true champion… and I know that the word unique is thrown around way too much nowadays… but it does apply to you. So from this Red Sox fan… Yogi… I salute you, sir.


  23. patd says:
    Donald J. Trump
    ✔ ‎@realDonaldTrump
    .@FoxNews has been treating me very unfairly & I have therefore decided that I won’t be doing any more Fox shows for the foreseeable future.
    12:02 PM – 23 Sep 2015

    and furthermore, lil donnie is going to take his ball and go home and eat worms and hold his breath ’til he turns blue….
    democrat blue maybe?


    • apparently the Trump voter is the Fox watcher so this may not end well for anyone


      • Jamie says:

        You have to wonder who Faux Spews will canonize next. In the scheme of things, none of the more arch of the Conservative contingent look particularly electable. Do they go for turning a sacrificial lamb into chops and concentrate on Congress or elevate someone who might have potential for 2012?


  24. tonyb39 says:

    Hillary Clinton: Claim That I Started The Birther Movement Is ‘So Ludicrous’
    She said any talk of Obama being born outside the U.S. is “totally untrue.”
    Paige Lavender
    “Clinton brushed off the fact that some people feel she originated the rumor that Obama was born outside of the U.S., saying she’s been “blamed for nearly everything.”

    Listen to the exchange between Lemon and Clinton above.”


  25. tonyb39 says:

    Don Lemon launders Donald Trump’s claim that Hillary Clinton was the original birther
    by Laura Clawson
    “Is the new standard that candidates should be held accountable for everything their supporters did in the past eight years, or is that just a rule for Hillary Clinton? Because I’d love to watch Don Lemon and Joe Scarborough get Donald Trump in an interview and start accusing him of personally having said and done even a few of the things his supporters have in the past few months alone.”


  26. patd says:

    new nasty book coming out re Hillary. guess that will be the next obsession. here’s tpm about the book
    and mediamatters about the author


  27. patd says:


    Five-year-old Sophie Cruz went to Washington with a letter for Pope Francis.
    Like thousands of people on Wednesday, she waited anxiously for the “people’s pope” to pass by on the National Mall. Francis had said he wanted to step out of the popemobile, spontaneously, and greet the American people. But he hadn’t; the security threat was too great, the barriers too many.
    As Francis passed, Sophie slipped past the barricade and started to walk toward the popemobile. The security guards stopped her in her tracks.
    But then the papal procession stopped, too; suddenly, the pope beckoned the little girl. A guard carried Sophie to Francis, and the “son of an immigrant family” – as the pope boldly called himself next to Barack Obama earlier in the morning – embraced the daughter of another immigrant family, in the middle of the street, in a moment instantly beamed across the world.
    But beyond the very public hug, Sophie’s letter carried its own secret message: she traveled with her father Raul and other immigration activists to Washington to see the pope – and push for immigration reform.
    Like millions of other Americans living in the US, Sophie lives with the fear that she will one day be separated from her parents because they hold different immigration statuses.
    Her parents immigrated illegally to Los Angeles from Oaxaca, Mexico. Sophie was born in the US, and she calls herself an “American citizen with Mexico roots”.
    Her letter, handed to Francis by security after their embrace, asked him to call on US lawmakers to pass comprehensive immigration reform so she and her family could stop living in fear of deportation.

    “I want to tell you that my heart is sad,” Sophie said, reciting to the Guardian from memory the letter she had memorized in Spanish and English, moments after meeting the pope.

    “I would like you to ask you to speak with the president and the Congress in legalizing my parents because every day I am scared that one day they will take them away from me.”


  28. patd says:

    tony, are you okay? seen any strange slithering things in your pool lately?

    from “Carl Hiaasen: C’mon down, forget the big snake”:

    One of the hottest news stories of the summer is the recent escape of a pet king cobra in Orlando.

    The snake has become a star of Twitter and other social media, the nation once again having a good chuckle at Florida’s expense. As of this writing, the venomous eight-foot reptile was still on the loose.

    This is no laughing matter for tourism officials. September is one of the slowest months of the year because it’s miserably hot, and also the height of hurricane season.

    People don’t need another excuse not to come here.

    To make matters worse, it wasn’t just a standard pet cobra that escaped. It was the largest, quickest, deadliest species of cobra in the animal kingdom.
    If it hasn’t been captured by the time you read this, remember two key rules:

    First, if you spot the cobra, do not try yelling and clapping to scare it off. Snakes don’t have ears. They can’t hear you.

    Second, under no circumstances should you approach the cobra, even if you can leap a distance greater than seven feet. Walking away is a good plan. Running is even better.

    more of story at


    • tonyb39 says:

      Lol, yes, i have seen this story and it creeps me out.. Snakes creep me out.. So far since living down here i have killed a rattle snake that got in my garage and recently a king snake that got in my pool area.. King or Coral, both look the same except for their color rings.. I must have left side door open a bit too long while cleaning.. Opened up the slider about 9 pm and the snake was laying on my outdoor/lanai area rug, could have stepped on the snake but i’ve learned to look before i walk outside. Ugh, just hate that about down here.. The worst part is there is a big lake in back of my property, a breeding ground and totally rural… On a brighter note, love all the turtles, so many.. Yesterday when i got home from work, 2 neighbor kids asked if would help them get a scared Turtle out of the middle of the street, saved, i took him down to one of the lakes in my community..


  29. Jamie says:

    This one is fun. Total right wing freak out over the bowing that wasn’t bowing and how to blame the President for either bowing or not bowing; take your pick.


  30. There is no reporting at all now on the presidential race. It’s all speculation and the opinion of the ownership of the medium.

    I don’t know why the Clinton people feel they keep having to manufacture authentic behavior for her. She has a real personality and a real sense of humor. She is not Bill (thank goodness) and they should not try to make that happen. She is not that good a public speaker for one thing.
    She should be what she is …the best friend who is always there who knows exactly what to do when you have completely f’ed up…loyal true and smart….and her case been around the block a bit too.

    She is pragmatic and looks for solutions that will work now. The difference between Clinton and the Obamarama is he promised it all and delivered about 10% so far she is more cautious in her promises


  31. patd says:

    WASHINGTON — Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Catholics, challenged Congress and by extension the mightiest nation in history on Thursday to break out of its cycle of polarization and paralysis to finally use its power to heal the “open wounds” of a planet torn by hatred, greed, poverty and pollution.
    Taking a rostrum never before occupied by the bishop of Rome, the pontiff issued a vigorous call to action on issues largely favored by liberals, including a powerful defense of immigration, a critique of the excesses of capitalism, an endorsement of environmental legislation, a blistering condemnation of the arms trade and a plea to abolish the death penalty.
    In particular, Francis beseeched a nation that generates a disproportionate share of the world’s wealth to not let money drive its decisions at the expense of humanity. “Politics is, instead, an expression of our compelling need to live as one, in order to build as one, the greatest common good,”


  32. patd says:

    lena Denham interviews hillary


  33. patd says:

    be sure to watch the segment on the pope-boycotting congress critter starting at 4:06


  34. Flatus says:

    Most of the teevee coverage of the pope has been rained-out because of torrential downpours starting about the time that he started his speech. We’re up to 3.68-in on the back porch. We’re in at break in the storm—ah, there’s bohner tearing-up. I think I’ll send him a box of hankies. I love reruns.


    • patd says:

      Less than five minutes into Pope Francis’ speech in front of a joint session of Congress on Thursday, Speaker of the House John Boehner was dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief, appearing to wipe away tears.
      Boehner, a Catholic member of Congress who is a former altar boy, was instrumental in arranging Thursday’s speech, in which Francis was the first pope to address a joint session of Congress. Boehner is also well-known cryer.
      After the Pope’s speech, Boehner became emotional again while Francis spoke from the Speaker’s Balcony, addressing a huge crowd on the lawn of the Capitol Building, according to NBC News’ Luke Russert.

      Boehner poked fun at his own tears later in the day, tweeting, “Of course; everyone knows it doesn’t take an act of God.”


  35. rebelliousrenee says:

    At least Boehner looked human today. Now if only he paid attention to the Pope’s words… but I’ll believe that when I see it.


  36. Jamie says:

    I have decided Papa Francis is more than a little sneaky, in the nicest way of course. I don’t know exactly how the dates of the visit were picked but to coincide not only with Yom Kippur and Ramadan but to feature the season of the liturgical year that coincides with peace, rebuilding and a rebuke for greed probably was not a coincidence. Today’s reading in the liturgical calendar for instance:

    Is it time for you to dwell in your own paneled houses,
    while this house lies in ruins?
    Now thus says the LORD of hosts:
    Consider your ways!
    You have sown much, but have brought in little;
    you have eaten, but have not been satisfied;
    You have drunk, but have not been exhilarated;
    have clothed yourselves, but not been warmed;
    And whoever earned wages
    earned them for a bag with holes in it.


  37. tonyb39 says:

    Why Aren’t We Inspired by Hillary Clinton?
    “There are myriad reasons, and Clinton, of course, is not remotely as inspiring a speaker or campaigner as Obama. But another obvious explanation is the persistent problem of gender bias in American culture. Perhaps the sexism—in both overtly hostile and less visible but still insidious ways—has helped stoke the fires of animosity towards Clinton while, at the same time, creating an almost impossible standard for her. Unlike her male opponents, Clinton has to be far more careful and measured in what she says and does. To be free from a strict choreography of words and actions is a form of male privilege that Hillary Clinton cannot access.”


  38. tonyb39 says:

    Gay Teen’s Catholic School Says He Can’t Bring His Date To Homecoming
    “School officials … should be looking out for students like me, not targeting us with discrimination.”
    Dominique Mosbergen


  39. patd says:

    ahh floriduh

    Customers duke it out in deli brawl at Publix supermarket in Florida (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)
    The brawl started when shopper Raleigh Harris, 59, was “rude” and used racial slurs toward a deli worker while ordering a chicken wings dinner at a Temple Terrace location….


  40. patd says:

    U.N. chief: Listen to Pope Francis on climate action
    By Ban Ki-moon
    I am honored to host His Holiness Pope Francis for a historic visit to the United Nations on the day that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will be adopted by some 150 world leaders. His has been a leading voice for urgent action to reduce poverty, enhance human dignity and protect the planet, our common home.
    Other faith leaders are also speaking out, demonstrating the congruence between religion and science on this issue. Just last month, a major international gathering of Islamic leaders and scholars issued a strong declaration calling for collective action on climate change. I commend the leadership of these and other faith groups that have publicly called for urgent steps to protect people and the planet from devastating climate impacts.

    Faith leaders can have enormous influence — as bridge builders, as defenders of the marginalized and excluded, as proponents of the universal values that connect all faiths and traditions, and as role models who speak out against hatred. At a time of multiple conflicts, rising extremism and discrimination against migrants and refugees, that role is more important than ever.


  41. patd says:

    House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), faced with a constant conservative rebellion, told Republicans Friday morning that he will resign at the end of October, according to aides and lawmakers in a closed-door meeting.
    The resignation will end a nearly five-year reign as speaker, allowing House Republicans to approve a short-term government funding bill that will avert a shutdown of federal agencies.


  42. Flatus says:

    Perspective. Boehner and his resignation have been completely overshadowed by the Pope and his presence/messages at the United Nations. That is as it should be.


  43. patd says:


    Boehner announced his decision to colleagues Friday morning, sharing the news with House Republicans during a closed-door conference meeting.

    The abrupt decision comes after he faced heavy pressure from conservatives in his party to take a harder line on their causes, most recently over defunding Planned Parenthood.

    Boehner, who has served as House Speaker since 2011, explained during the closed-door meeting that he had only planned to serve two terms as speaker but decided to hold onto his post after then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his seat during a primary last year, a Republican lawmaker in the room told CNN.

    Boehner also told the lawmakers that Pope Francis’ visit to Congress the day before was a crystallizing moment, according to the lawmaker.

    Boehner’s decision came as a shock to many, with his top deputy House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy finding out moments before.

    A top Boehner aide told CNN the Speaker did not make his final decisions until Thursday night and was very emotional when he announced the news.


  44. bye bye boner….best description of him louche’


  45. looks like the country club goopers are turning over the party to the loonies


    • rebelliousrenee says:

      I’m not sure of that KGC. Here in NH our television airwaves are being inundated with political commercials about Jeb Bush. Methinks the establishment is just starting to fight back.


  46. patd says:

    Speaker John Boehner’s announcement that he will be resigning next month is, in the words of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, “seismic to the House.” But it could also shake up the stock market if it injects additional uncertainty into congressional efforts to reach a deal on the budget and debt ceiling.


  47. patd says:

    World leaders on Friday adopted the most sweeping agenda ever of global goals to combat poverty, inequality and climate change, described by the United Nations secretary-general as “a to-do list for people and planet.”
    Adopted in the shadow of the worst refugee crisis since World War II, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, call for shared peace and prosperity and cap three years of debate and discussions.
    The ambitious agenda addressing issues from education to the environment is to be implemented over the next 15 years with a big push globally to win public support for the goals.

    gracious sakes, what with all this activity including no gov shutdown looks like everyone (especially Boehner) has been pope-ivated (aka motivated) and pope-mentum is now the new momentum?


  48. rebelliousrenee says:

    I’m watching CNN because the Pope is visiting the private Catholic school in East Harlem where my sister teaches art. She has told me that the students there are remarkable… she loves them.


    • Flatus says:

      I saw the whole works on MSNBC; I was mightily impressed. Students simply don’t do that kind of work unless they are motivated by love. When she comes back to Earth…


  49. Jamie says:

    Actually enjoying the various religious services. It has been a long while since attending anything of the sort.

    As to Mr. Boehner’s exit, I’ve decided to remain positive. Either the sane remainder will get the right wing nut jobs under control and finally rid us of them come the next election or the crazies will take over the asylum and so disgust their constituents that they will be tossed out on their ear in the next election. I can dream can’t I?


  50. tonyb39 says:

    Jeb Bush Says He’ll Offer Black Voters More Than Just ‘Free Stuff’
    Shades of Mitt Romney.
    Mollie Reilly


  51. tonyb39 says:

    Carly Fiorina blames the ‘liberal’ media for her Planned Parenthood lies
    by Joan McCarter
    Of course she blames the Liberal Media, another lie cause their isn’t a Liberal media..


  52. rebelliousrenee says:



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