For Sale To The Highest Bidder

Debate Lineup

The “kid’s table undercard will be at 3:00/6:00 PT/ET followed by the main event at 5:00/8:00 PT/ET Mud wrestling and scandal mongering may or may not break out.

Feel free to drop in and comment during or with follow-up after the fact.


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41 Responses to For Sale To The Highest Bidder

  1. patd says:

    The anti-tax group Club for Growth — ironically, known for taking down establishment insiders in favor of more conservative outsiders in Senate and House races — is now turning on Trump, who it sees as a closet Democrat.
    Club for Growth Action, the group’s political arm, will launch two 30-minute TV spots on broadcast, cable and digital platforms to hammer home to Hawkeye State voters — where Trump’s lead has slipped thanks to an insurgent Ben Carson — that the reality TV star is simply an entertainer who will say anything to get elected.

    “His angry style may reflect the deep frustration Americans have with Washington leaders who have failed to keep their promises,” Club for Growth president David McIntosh said. “But the policies he’d implement would benefit himself and his own interests, not the American people. That makes him the worst kind of politician.”


  2. patd says:

    Play Republican Debate Bingo
    The second Republican debate of the 2016 presidential race is Wednesday night. The top-polling GOP candidates will take the prime-time stage at 8 p.m. ET. Watch the debate and when you see the moments below, click to cover the squares. Make sure to yell “Bingo!” by sharing your card when you get five in a row.

    above from where you can get card


  3. Jamie says:

    Of course the Club for Growth is dominated by very wealthy types who want tax cuts for the rich and little to no benefits for others. They just like it if the greed isn’t obvious. Trump is way to obvious.


  4. patd says:

    Candidates can just as easily get caught — or entrap themselves — in self-reinforcing cycles of negative media attention and declining poll numbers. Hillary Clinton looks like she’s stuck in one of these ruts right now.
    The Washington Post’s David Weigel recently observed that voters were hearing about only three types of Clinton stories, all of which have negative implications for her. First are stories about the scandal surrounding the private email server she used as secretary of state. Next are stories about her declining poll numbers. And third are stories about how Vice President Joe Biden might enter the Democratic presidential race.
    Weigel isn’t exaggerating: For roughly the past two months, voters have heard almost nothing about Clinton apart from these three types of stories.

    altho’ she’s talked about most of the pertinent important issues, we’ve heard little about them…. nothing positive, only negative stories. constant drip drip drip of questioning her trustworthiness and then reporting her trustworthiness is in question, vicious circle.


    • tonyb39 says:

      From the previous post..
      Yes Pat, Joan is spot on.. I’m so shocked with Taylor Marsh’s opinions at the moment i couldn’t even post the piece on Hillary.. How Liberals can jump on the get Hillary band wagon i will never know.. Especially the Bernie supporters cause should he win it will be him.. The Wall Street Journal gave him a taste yesterday..I think Taylor has because she feels tough love is in order.. I respect others opinions but disagree in regards to Hillary’s phony scandals.. If Hillary does do something i’m against i will be critical just like i am with Mr. Obama and Mr. Clinton..


  5. patd says:

    As politicians, the Italian Trump and the American Berlusconi are men with outsized confidence in their abilities to think on their feet, close the deal, get what they want. Knowledge is not a prerequisite. They trust instincts over facts. This is partly why they can get away with vague or inexistent stands on issues. Both ask the voters to trust their judgement rather than their program, the man rather than the plan.


  6. tonyb39 says:

    Muslim 9th Grader Ahmed Mohamed Arrested For Bringing Homemade Clock To School
    A modified pencil case landed the 14-year-old engineering hobbyist in juvenile detention.
    Nick Visser


  7. Jamie says:

    At the moment the whole kiddie table is willing to put 10,000 men in Syria to fight the American Jihad for the glory of ‘murica. I’m ready for the whole panel to be shipped off first.


  8. Jamie says:

    Jindal & Santorum are the Taliban contingent tonight.


  9. tonyb39 says:

    Just finished watching debate, not impressed.. Still no Trump specifics..


  10. tonyb39 says:

    The GOP farce plods along: Why last night’s interminable debate was an affront to the party’s patron saint
    Fiorina was declared the winner. But all we really know after last night’s circus is that “left-wing” Reagan lost


  11. rebelliousrenee says:

    I watched the main lineup… I thought the applause from the audience was very tepid and mostly polite. You say Fiorina was declared the winner…. her demeanor showed how easy it was for her to fire thousands. And boy do Jake Tapper and Hugh Hewitt suck… I bet 5th graders could’ve
    come up with better questions.


    • tonyb39 says:

      Oh yes, Jake and Hugh, awful.. Fiorina the winner, lol, i think Trump won as he continues to assault and never offers specifics.. Bush is the biggest loser, Trump the alpha male..


  12. tonyb39 says:

    Al Gore all over again: The absurd “authenticity” smear threatening to upend Hillary’s campaign
    The Beltway media’s newest talking point is that Clinton is some kind of phony. They pulled the same trick in 2002
    ““Authenticity” has clearly become the Beltway media’s latest buzzword to describe what’s supposedly wrongwith Clinton’s campaign, even as she continues to have a sizeable national lead over her Democratic competitors.

    The answer: She’s a phony.

    Why is this all likely ringing in Gore’s ears? Because the last White House campaign that the Beltway press openly waged war against (the way it’s now openly waging war on the Clinton campaign) was Gore’s 2000 push. The Beltway elites hated Gore and didn’t try to hide it, just like so many journalists seem to openly despise Clinton today. (“Reporters liked Bush and didn’t like Gore,” observed Paul Krugman at the New York Times.)”


    • patd says:

      tony, thanks for linking that. Boehlert is spot on with:
      Now we’re onto the Catch-22 phase of the “authenticity” blitz, in which commentators are sure any attempt by Clinton to show humor and heart is part of a calculated plan at authenticity.
      In other words, after demanding that Clinton be more authentic, the press is now deducting points from Clinton for being more authentic. So really, there is no way for her to win. If Clinton’s not spontaneous enough, the chattering class complains. If she is spontaneous or shows more of her private side, the chattering class dismisses it as orchestrated.
      The media’s authenticity police rarely ticket Clinton over substantive issues or for policy flip-flops. She’s written up for personality infractions. Authenticity sometimes seems to be media shorthand for, ‘We don’t like you.’


  13. tonyb39 says:

    Hillary Was the CNN Debate’s Real Winner—Seriously
    Sure, she’s had a rough few months, but she’s still the massive favorite to win the Democratic nomination. But more than that, it’s clearer than ever that these people are jokers.
    by Michael Tomasky
    “And being the Democrat, she has the Electoral College advantage that any plausible Democrat has these days because the GOP has just positioned itself too far right to win states that it regularly won back in the Nixon-to-Bush Sr. era. That advantage is either 257 electoral votes that tilt strongly Democratic, or 247, if you put Iowa and New Hampshire on the fence as, for example, Larry Sabato does. I do not, because those two states have both gone Democratic five of the last six times, which is trend enough for me. The comparable Republican number, the “natural” Republican Electoral College vote, is 206. If Clinton holds every state that’s gone Democratic in five out of the last six and sneaks by in Virginia, boom, Madam President. She doesn’t even need Ohio or Florida.”


  14. patd says:

    more good hearted laughs from last night….

    really liked the repartee starting at 2:26 sec. in the clip


  15. patd says:

    visually, jeb! did better last night by being next to donald and looking taller, maybe more statesmanlike. only visually. tho’t he muffed it tho’ substantively with this remark as quoted in

    “As it relates to my brother, there’s one thing I know for sure: He kept us safe,” Bush said. “I don’t know if you remember, Donald, you remember the rubble? You remember the firefighter with his arms around him? He sent a clear signal that the United States would be strong and fight Islamic terrorism, and he did keep us safe.”
    After Bush said his brother “kept us safe”, Trump said, “I don’t feel safe”, then Trump looked at the others on the stage and asked Rand Paul if he felt “safe”.
    “I don’t know. You feel safe right now? I don’t feel so safe”, Trump said.


  16. Oy Scary was the winner? She scared me. Ewww


    • Jamie says:

      My first thoughts on the Carly coverage: “If the coverage this morning is any indication, the media doesn’t want a political campaign about issues, they want a girl on girl mud pit cat fight preferably wearing spike heels and red bikinis.”


  17. Flatus says:

    We had a family gathering for as much of the debates as we could stomach. The pizza was darn near as good as the Yuengling. It was topped-off by a Pepperidge Farm fudge cake. Umm-um.

    This morning my inbox had an emailed link to a bunch of republicans speaking very well (deservedly) about Jim Webb on the occasion of his American Patriot award in Hawaii. Surely he would have been cheered in the lead-up to the main event last night.


  18. Barbara Boxer wiped the floor with Scary during the senate race — Scary doesn’t know much beyond soundbites


  19. patd says:

    Hillary Clinton is scheduled to make her first live television interview from the campaign trail at 5 p.m. with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for “The Situation Room.”

    and from
    With two highly-watched Republican debates in the books, the Democrats will get their shot at airtime with the party’s first primary debate Oct. 13 in Las Vegas. The much-anticipated debate will be hosted by CNN, which announced Wednesday that the debate moderator would be Anderson Cooper, who hosts “Anderson Cooper 360” on the network.


  20. I think Jeb won. and Scott Walker looked desperate
    Huckabee gets bigger more bloated in each appearance trying to lock up the nut-case Christian vote
    Trump turns out to be the feckless blowhard everyone thought he was.
    The media’s role in this campaign so far has been to swiftboat Clinton and act as the pr arm for Trump


  21. I think Clinton surrogates should call out reporters and pundits by name who have lied about Clinton and offer to have a discussion about their issues that Kalthleen Parker for start

    and most unbelievable pre-debate moment Tweety giving JC Watts a raft of shit for not calling out Trump over the birther behavior.
    How many times was Trump on Tweety’s show once he started that idiot behavior…many


  22. tonyb39 says:

    Hillary’s Poll Numbers Being Sunk by Media Torpedoes from All Sides
    by Tommy Christopher


  23. Democrats need to speak up and not play the media game. Even if you don’t like her – do you really want the likes of Fox news driving the agenda

    and where is the apology from the NYTimes..everyone is dumping on Clinton over apologizing???? where is the apology from the times and all he other liars

    Biden = Fred Thompson


    • tonyb39 says:

      Spot on.. I have never seen a pile on like this, ever! What has Hillary ever did in her life to garner such hate? I feel being born a women is most of it.. Fiorni Republicans defend her and her lies.. Hillary the only one that comes to mind that defends her is Howard Dean


  24. Flatus says:

    I’ve cancelled my seven-days-a-week Times print subscription.


  25. tonyb39 says:

    Gay Waiter Discovers A Nasty Surprise With His Tip
    Not the goodbye he was expecting.
    Cavan Sieczkowski
    Why? Christian too.


  26. Jamie says:

    Almost feel sorry for Megyn Kelly tonight. She told a studio audience that Trump wasn’t a strong candidate and that the President wasn’t a Muslim. Her Twitter feed is reaching “burn the witch” levels.


  27. tonyb39 says:

    Carly Fiorina, Crackpot Warmonger
    She won the debate. Yeah, OK. But did anyone hear her talk about foreign policy? Crazy, this woman is!


  28. patd says:

    a grimm fairy tale comes to mind with regard to current grim tale of the gop (the rich brother) and the king (the media) and guess who the turnip turns out to be…
    . hint: also starts with a t and ends with a p


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