Healthcare As It Should Be

On Saturday, while unloading the dishwasher its door bit me.  By Wednesday, I had a rather nasty “weeping” hole in my leg.  Obviously, this was not a good thing and something had to be done.  Fortunately, I live in the State of Washington.  Not only is the uninsured rate around eight percent (down from 14 percent thanks to Obamacare), but it has one of the most integrated systems anyone could want.  Here starteth the adventure …

Normally I would simply go to my local clinic.  Unfortunately, I had to pick the one day a year when all the staff from all of the clinics in the Tacoma area were to attend a meeting including the midtown urgent care.  Decision time:  Go to the urgent care clinic a half hour away when I was unfamiliar with the driving directions or brave the Emergency Room at Tacoma general sitting right where it was supposed to be downtown.  So how was this different from most major city Emergency Rooms?

They have valet parking.  You are already harassed, so you drive up and hand the nice person your keys and head for help.  You walk up to a desk and give another nice person your name and birthdate and they talk to a computer that probably knows the score for my 5th grade English exam as well as address, phone, insurance, copays and all medical treatment and prescriptions received over the past ten years.  Every part of the whole medical delivery complex is connected to that computerized information.

Please go to triage a nurse will see you.  Yes you do need to be treated but it may be a long wait.   Have a seat and we hope you have something to read.  One of the disadvantages of not being about to expire is that the waiting times can be horrendous in hospital emergency rooms as everyone sicker goes ahead of you no matter when they arrive.  This is why in Washington you go to your local clinic and provider first where you can be seen in 20 minutes instead of parking your carcass for three hours.  Still the surroundings are un-crowded because of the clinic system and pleasant.  They like the ocean and there are sea creatures all over the pleasant cream, beige, blue and green surroundings with serene music and a call signal that sometimes plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star … People actually laugh when this happens.

I was then told to follow the floor turtles … The starfish and seahorses go elsewhere … to spend the next three hours in the company of Melissa and Juanita (RN & PA) getting an antibiotic drip and X-Rays.  The end result of all of the above is that I had the best healthcare money can buy from some of the most professional people available anywhere.  The doctor came in for about 30 seconds to make sure the staff under his supervision were doing exactly what was expected.  Oh and Juanita really, really knows her business.  🙂

Thanks to being fully insured, all of the above costs me about $100 a month out of my Social Security, a $50 emergency room copays, and 20 percent of the bill not to exceed $3,500.  Thus the leg is mending and debtors prison is not in my future.  I can only hope that everyone in the US will some day be as fortunate.


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41 Responses to Healthcare As It Should Be

  1. patd says:

    jamie, you are indeed fortunate. and thank god you are ok. and thanks for introducing us to the nice people up your way.
    reposted from last thread after last drinks were called:
    just in time for the heavy labor day travel…. coincident?


  2. patd says:

    hc issue at goper debate from
    “The only ones who uttered more than a sound bite about health care were Ohio Governor John Kasich, who explained why he expanded his state’s Medicaid program with Obamacare money, and Donald Trump, who claimed that even though he’d said good things about the single-payer systems in Canada and Scotland, he preferred a “private system” for the U.S. “without the artificial lines around every state.”
    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Senator Marco Rubio all noted that they would work to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but made no mention of what they would replace it with. Huckabee contended that the Social Security program had been “robbed” to pay for Obamacare, but he didn’t offer an explanation.
    What the GOP seems to want to do is the opposite of what the party normally espouses: that the federal government should stay out of the states’ affairs as much as possible. What Republicans apparently desire is to have the federal government force the states into allowing insurers licensed elsewhere to sell whatever they want to sell in every state—regardless of the individual states’ laws and regulations.”


  3. patd says:

    and then there’s Bernie: “Like NNU, I have argued for a very long time that we have to move toward a Medicare for all, single-payer system. The United States is the only major country on earth that doesn’t guarantee health care to all people as a right and that’s an issue that must be addressed if we are going to begin to address a whole range of other challenges.”


  4. Flatus says:

    Locally, most of the staff in the neighborhood docs-in-a-box are moonlighters from local hospitals; It’s hard to tell whether or not the doc is deep in thought, suffering from narcolepsy, or a resident on his third shift without a break.


  5. blueINdallas says:

    Jamie, Glad your are on the mend. Needless to say, it doesn’t work that well in Texas.

    We did get a tele-doc option with this year’s policy. A phone app gets you to a doc licensed in your state; they chat with you for a few minutes; by the time you drive to the pharmacy, medicine is waiting. No copay for the call, just any meds. The insurance company figures your own doc might ask for tests, so whatever they pay these docs saves them money. It sure was handier than going to a clinic full of contagious people.

    I wonder if the Pope will say anything to jiggle the feelings of those who would like to pull the healthcare rug out from under people?


  6. tonyb says:

    Good thing you acted quickly.. The same thing happened to my mom while on chemo, nasty cut.. Good your on the mend.. Florida well, not that great but its ok here if you have insurance. If you get cancer like my Mom with Blue Cross then they bankrupt you..


  7. tonyb says:

    Jeb Bush Leaves Door Open For Use Of Torture
    Bush said he can’t rule out ordering brutal interrogations.
    What a stupid chip off the ole block of his brother Jeb is..


  8. tonyb says:

    Al Gore Insiders “Figuring Out If There’s A Path” For Him To Run
    An adviser pours “lukewarm” water on the prospect. Not ice cold.


  9. patd says:
    “With diplomatic ties restored last month, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was to fly to Havana on Friday for the flag-raising ceremony—the first visit to the island by someone in his position since 1945. [….]
    A poll conducted by the Pew Research Center and released last month found that 59% of Republicans favor ending the embargo, up from 47% in January. Dozens of business executives, including from Cargill Inc., Google Inc., Visa Inc., and Pfizer Inc. have all traveled to the island for exploratory meetings since December.
    Friday’s festivities in Havana were to be attended by more than 20 business leaders, including two prominent Cuban-Americans traveling to the island for the first time, former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and Jackson Memorial Hospital Vice Chairman Joe Arriola. Mr. Gutierrez served in the George W. Bush administration and supported its Cuba policy, but announced he supported Mr. Obama’s shift this year.[…]
    As well as senior officials from the State, Treasury and Commerce departments, several lawmakers supportive of the opening, including Sen. Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.), Sen. Patrick Leahy (D., Vt.) and Rep. Barbara Lee (D., Calif.) will be on hand for the flag-raising. Mr. Kerry will also meet with Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez..”

    sounds like quite a fiesta


  10. rebelliousrenee says:

    so glad you got the help you needed. We’ve always had insurance. Since we live rurally, there’s only one hospital within miles of here. For us it’s about a 20 minute drive. Have had to use the emergency room various times for elderly parents… and the wait and care has been fine. We do have a volunteer ambulance service in town… they might look a bit ragtag… but they are fast and very caring. My own personal doctor’s office is a 30 minute drive. Having to drive some distance is part and parcel of living here.


    • Jamie says:

      I simply don’t understand how any politician can be so blind as to not know how important insurance is to any family. They all must have auto or home insurance. The more people into the pool, the lower the costs. Obviously universal coverage is the least expensive way to go to get the most bang for the buck. The only reason for blindly following some weird “every man for himself” program is selling ones soul to some corporation or some entity with a vested interest in viewing other human beings as nothing but interchangeable parts.


      • patd says:

        Jamie, they weren’t so blind to see what happened to Hillary when she proposed and bill had introduced the Health Security Act (according to wiki “unofficially nicknamed “Hillarycare” by its detractors”) which was a universal hc package in 1993 and how she went down in flames. seems hanging on to their jobs is more important than how important insurance is to any family.
        hope that the positive response to Bernie coming out for expanding medicare will provide the other dem candidates cover to renew life to the effort


  11. patd says:

    “Now it’s time for a president who can create a stronger future. As Democrats, we’re fortunate to have a slate of candidates that are all fine individuals, but we need a fighter who has a record of getting things done and the vision for the future that will build on the progress we’ve made. For my wife, Ruth and I, that candidate is Hillary Clinton.”


  12. patd says:

    BTW, the trumpster’s “artificial lines around every state” sop to big insuros at the debate must have scared a few of the teapers and states rights folk tho’ and will surely come back to bite him.


  13. rebelliousrenee says:

    Trump, as a business man, has had to negotiate healthcare insurance costs and packages for his employees. I’m sure he’s very familiar with what a mess our system really is compared to other countries. Once again he told the truth… and if that scares the GOP establishment… good!


  14. patd says:

    “[Jim Webb]’s team is apparently shy with the media as well; a representative canceled an interview with Webb for this story the night before it was planned. Crawford rejected a plea to reschedule it, even via phone, explaining that Webb doesn’t do phone interviews and doesn’t care much for print media.” -Jennifer Skalka Tulumello in the Boston Globe

    in iowa

    video of Webb: I am unbought and unbossed from


  15. patd says:

    flatus, you’ll want to read “What in the world is Jim Webb up to?” in for more on his campaign.
    also therein more quotes from fearless leader.

    tony, you’ll like this from same link:
    “Iowa state Senator Jeff Danielson was open to a Webb candidacy but ultimately endorsed Clinton because he enjoys the history-making aspect of her campaign and believes she is “one of the most qualified presidential candidates we’ve had in our lifetime.” He says Webb has a lot going for him, though, noting the senator’s military service, in particular, and his reputation for challenging colleagues from both parties.”


  16. patd says:

    more on the story about the flag raising “These Marines took down the U.S. flag in Cuba in 1961. Today, they watched it rise again” in wapo


  17. We watched it happen and then listened to some interviews and opposing views. I thought Kerry and the US look at least sincere but why haven’t all the travel restrictions been lifted.

    Maybe Truck is Hillary’s secret weapon


  18. Jaime
    Well that’s a bad news and better story Hope it heals quickly
    Sounds like a reason to never load the dishwasher again


  19. Jamie says:

    The Rachel coverage of Webb last night was quite respectful. I just can’t figure out if he is actually running for President or just writing a book about running for President.


  20. rebelliousrenee says:

    I’m not sure that Webb is actually running for prez either. Maybe Craig needs to get him to read his book, “The Politics of Life”. And he should concentrate on rule #7… Better to Imitate a Winner Than Be an Original Loser.


  21. patd says:

    for those of us who’ve been there and done that…over and over and over.
    from nyt “I’m Too Old for This”
    “The key to life is resilience, and I’m old enough to make such a bald statement. We will always be knocked down. It’s the getting up that counts. By the time you reach upper middle age, you have started over, and over again.
    And, I might add, resilience is the key to feeling 15 again. Which is actually how I feel most of the time.”


  22. patd says:

    webb’s finally getting pr, but not all that good. they do cite his books, maybe sell some for him.

    “The Democratic Party is breaking up with Andrew Jackson, citing irreconcilable differences over slave-owning and Indian removal. But not all Democrats are happy about it, and it leaves one long-shot presidential candidate, Jim Webb, in a particularly awkward position.

    In states around the country, including Iowa, Democrats are renaming their time-honored Jefferson-Jackson dinners. True, Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, too, but it’s Jackson who has really drawn the party’s ire. Democrats aren’t pushing to remove Jefferson from the nickel (at least not yet), while many do want to replace Jackson’s visage on the $20 bill with a woman.

    But Webb, the former senator from Virginia, has written and spoken reverently of Old Hickory. Webb called Jackson “in my view the most underrated American president,” in an interview for his 2004 book, “Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America.” “I am at heart a Jacksonian,” he said.

    He may be able to explain that to voters by citing Jackson’s populism — his campaign declined to comment on whether his perspective has changed — but his views on other presidents could present a bigger problem for his White House bid.”


  23. tonyb says:

    Jeb on Torture, and Iraq: “Mission Was Accomplished”
    Taylor Marsh
    ““Taking out Saddam Hussein turned out to be a pretty good deal.” – Jeb Bush
    JEB BUSH just can’t spit out the facts of the Iraq war truthfully, continually getting tripped up by his big brother’s lunatic meandering into the worst foreign policy disaster since Vietnam. Saying the “mission was accomplished” in Iraq in 2009, then touting the surge as we look at ISIS beheading yet another poor soul, I’m continually mystified at the spastic word blurts that are coming out of the latest Bush who wants to be president.

    The bumper-sticker version of Bush’s interpretation is: “IRAQ? BLAME THE DEMOCRATS.” A lot of Republicans believe that. But it is difficult to think the public will go along if Iraq becomes a major issue in the 2016 campaign. – Byron York
    If that isn’t enough to convince people that no Republican has a clue how to take our foreign policy into the future, Jeb also appeared to embrace Bush-Cheney’s secret torture penchant. Reporting by Yahoo

    “I don’t want to make a definitive, blanket kind of statement,” Bush told an audience of Iowa Republicans, when asked whether he would keep in place or repeal President Barack Obama’s executive order banning so-called enhanced interrogation techniques by the CIA. [..]

    “That’s why I’m not saying in every condition, under every possible scenario,” Bush said.

    Later on Thursday in Iowa, Bush said there is a difference between enhanced interrogation techniques and torture, but declined to be specific. “I don’t know. I’m just saying if I’m going to be president of the United States, you take this threat seriously.”
    Hillary Clinton made a fateful vote for the Iraq war and she’s been saying it was a mistake since 2007.

    That Jeb Bush cannot seriously analyze the impact and blow back of his brother’s invasion and what it’s done to the Middle East makes him a dangerous man to consider for president.”


  24. tonyb says:

    Jeb just can’t help himself: The myth of his electability continues to fade
    Calling Saddam’s ouster a “pretty good deal” and name-checking Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb keeps rivals’ hope alive


  25. blueINdallas says:

    Al Gore???


    • tonyb says:

      Oh i know, Al Gore? Ha, i voted for Al but whoever is floating this stuff really is working overtime on the narrative “Hillary’s in trouble” NONSENSE..


  26. A sure sign Truck is taking himself seriously new do …shorter and a less flamboyant color. I think by the time the first primaries roll around the old hair will be gone

    he is a terrible person and he says government sucks because it is run by stupid people


    • tonyb says:

      Lol, you made me laugh out loud! Oh yes, a terrible person.. I’m not surprised hes leading with the Republican party though, crazy is their thing..


  27. tonyb says:

    Is Hillary Clinton Really in Danger of Losing the Primary?
    Nate Cohn
    Bernie Sanders is said to be surging, Joe Biden is considering jumping in the race, and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s unfavorable ratings are the worst they’ve been in her 23-plus years in national politics — worse than they were in 2007 or 2008.

    Whether you call it wishful thinking or a worst-case scenario, it’s enough to make some people say the Clinton campaign is in serious trouble. But is it? Has she forfeited the huge advantages she held at the start of the year? Does Mr. Sanders, or another Democrat, have a real chance to beat her in the primary? Has she done great damage to her chances in the general election?

    Probably not. At least not yet. It could change if the investigation into her email account takes a more serious turn, or if another problem arises. But for now, the damage to Mrs. Clinton has been overstated.


  28. tonyb says:

    Ben Carson Doubles Down: The Number One Cause Of Death For Black Americans Is Abortion
    RCP Video
    Another GOP clown.. Typical Fox..


  29. rebelliousrenee says:

    New Post!


  30. tonyb says:

    Joe Scarborough: Democrats Are ‘Exhausted’ By Hillary Clinton
    The “Morning Joe” host has had enough of the former secretary of state — even though the campaign hasn’t really started.
    Gabriel Arana
    Oh i feel for all you MJ viewers.. Thankfully i don’t watch.. Reading was infuriating enough


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