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Watching the debate last night, I couldn’t decide if it was a rehearsal for Saturday Night Live or the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.  Feel free to discuss the ramifications.




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23 Responses to Aftermath

  1. patd says:

    listen to fearless leader’s reaction to debate and “who won the pundit *clap”
    Thursday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with Craig Crawford, the Communications Director for former Senator Jim Webb’s Presidential campaign.
    Alan and Crawford discussed which of the Republican candidates the Democrats should be the most concerned about, why Sen. Bernie Sanders’ surge in the polls is a good sign for all the Democrats running against Hillary Clinton, and why Jim Webb “hates politics.”

    *think he said “clap” but could well have been “crap”


  2. patd says:

    from cillizza
    ” It was amazing in every sense of the word and I loved every minute of it. I jotted down some notes during the two-hour event — I could have watched for at least another hour! — and picked some of the winners and losers from the night.”

    flatus, here’s what he said about John Kasich: “The Ohio governor came across as reasonable, conservative and just different enough in the first 60 (or so) minutes of the debate. It helped him that the crowd in Cleveland was ready to jump out of their chairs at his every utterance but Kasich still did well — particularly in the agile way he avoided attacking or praising Trump. Kasich faded from sight a bit in the second half of the debate although his same-sex marriage answer was personal and effective.”
    [by the way, thanks to you and tony for responding re windows 10 woes. fortunately the only thing lost that was important was convenience. old shoe syndrome]


  3. patd says:

    Blatant mendacity, Mr. Stewart said, has become ubiquitous and pernicious. “Whenever something’s been titled Freedom Family Fairness Health America, take a good long sniff,” he said.
    The only way to combat the relentless intrusions of dishonest people, Mr. Stewart said, was through vigilance. “Their work is easily detected, and looking for it is kind of a pleasant way to pass the time,” he said.
    “So if you smell something, say something,” Mr. Stewart added.


  4. Pogo says:

    Hey, here’s interesting news for those interested in extraterrestrial science.

    “Washington: Astronomers have found what may be the largest feature in the known universe: a ring of nine gamma ray bursts and hence galaxies – five billion light years across.”

    The numbers in this article are almost beyond comprehension.


  5. Flatus says:

    Pat, I’m glad you’ve retrieved your data if not that sense of comfort that is so important. I’m sure it will be replaced in the next week or three.

    I did stay long enough to hear the Kasich remarks that you cited. I thought is gay marriage remarks were spot-on in the sense that they were personal and absolutely silenced the anti-LGBTQ crowd.

    I listened to Craig’s interview. Over the years, he has said several times that he is a Libertarian. I think that comes across in his articulated loyalty to Webb. In his closing remarks, Craig said that Jim is toying with the idea of billing himself as a Civics guru rather than a politician. Good idea. Better get off their butts and do it. Tempus fugit and all that sort of thing. In any case, the idea has to be planted in peoples minds.

    At this point, if Kasich were a Democrat, I’d be quite content. And I was thrilled to see a report saying that Ms. Roosevelt has won the popularity poll for first woman on U.S. currency.


  6. Flatus says:

    Oh, it was nice reading of the reading of the return of the Totenberg family’s fiddle.


  7. patd says:

    “Is there anyone on stage, and can I see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person,” asked Fox News’ Bret Baier to kick off the first Republican debate of the 2016 campaign for president.
    Only one hand went up, and with it, billionaire businessman Donald Trump sparked fresh waves of anxiety within the GOP [……]
    The yelling erupted just minutes into the debate, when Trump answered Baier’s question and refused to rule out a third-party bid should one of his many rivals beat him in the Republican contest.
    “This is what’s wrong!” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul shouted from across the stage as the crowd booed Trump. “Maybe he runs as an independent. He’s already hedging his bets.”


  8. Jamie says:

    Two politicians who need time in front of a mirror. One came off as a winner and the other as a loser last night but both of them suffer from a smirking bitch face following statements. For Fiorina it unfortunately can reinforce a female stereotype. For Rand it makes him look like a spoiled teenager having a whining meltdown.


    • Flatus says:

      Fiorina’s self-characterization flies in the face of her performance at HP. She would have people think that she was victimized, that she was setup to fail because she was a woman. Au contraire. Peoples’ lives and fortunes were at stake; her failure, a Pyrrhic victory at best, would not have been worth the astronomical cost for any of the would be protagonists. Cross her out.


  9. Pogo says:

    Republicans Ready One-Liners for Cleveland Debate

    Tells me almost everything I need to know about the depth of the pugn bench.


  10. patd says:

    John McAfee, an entrepreneur once associated with antivirus software and now associated with drugs and tropical murder accusations, is back in the news for illicit reasons. Police in his new home of Tennessee just busted McAfee for DUI and gun possession.


  11. Jamie says:

    A little something for fearless leader’s bobblehead collection:


  12. Jamie says:

    Tony had some commentary but missed the thread change:

    Scarborough vs. Chris Matthews: How Can You Be Offended By Carly After All The Things MSNBC Said About Bush?

    Another example of just how low MSNBC is.. Lol and FOX so called news gives what liberal a platform like Joe S has?????

    From Trump on Down, the Republicans Can’t Be Serious
    Paul Krugman

    Fox News tries to expel Donald Trump — but last night’s debate didn’t finish him
    Megyn Kelly did Trump’s rivals’ work for them. The front-running bully sometimes looked rattled but didn’t explode


  13. tonyb says:

    GOP DEBATES: Roger Ailes and Trump, Fiorina Delivers
    by Taylor Marsh
    “WHATEVER HAPPENED before to get Fox News Channel called out for being the “ringleader of the Trump circus,” the GOP debate last night should cure anyone that it means anything beyond the bottom line. Megyn Kelly led the barrage of questions that Donald Trump fielded as well as an unstudied debater could, but he let slip his arrogance and harsh tone that won’t endear him to anyone new. Out of both debates Carly Fiorina “opened a can of,” as Megyn Kelly said, meaning whoopass, and deserves to be in the top 10.

    What was so fascinating is the tuning up of Donald Trump by the Fox News Channel moderators, who did a first rate job all night. Kelly was particularly strong, getting the candidates to squirm many times. Time was tight and the format didn’t allow for details or too much drilling down and it worked many times to reveal those most prepared.

    “The questions to me were not nice,” Trump said. “I didn’t think they were appropriate.” […] “I think Megyn behaved very nasty to me,” he said. [Politico]
    I could talk about the fireworks at the top of the debate, but conservative blogs have that covered. Looking at it as a liberal and the candidate Clinton might face, I’m afraid their hopes of it being Jeb just got scrambled. They’ll need to look beyond him.

    My score card in terms of Hillary

    Jeb was the biggest loser, which is too bad, because he’s the easiest one for Clinton to run against. I’ve read for years that Jeb Bush is the smarter brother, but there is no way Jeb could have made Gen. Colin Powell sell the Iraq war, or navigated Dick Cheney.

    Walker didn’t do anything for himself, but he’s not going to be the nominee.

    On the other hand Marco Rubio had his moment and he used it. That he’d be tougher than Jeb to beat in the general makes him worth looking at again if you’re a conservative. This is the man Team Clinton worries about most and just when his fortunes had run dry Rubio works to get back in it.

    Rand Paul’s a goner.

    Ted Cruz was fine, but he has to wait out Donald Trump to get his supporters. Not a serious threat to Clinton.

    Mike Huckabee is certifiable and someone I just can’t get my head around at all. He’s just so 17th century, but more importantly he’s a candidate whose time has come and gone.

    John Kasich was strong, but he’ll need a lot more face time to make a dent, especially with Rubio’s strong performance. Keep any eye open, but he needs a break. Kasich-Rubio, I don’t know.

    One thing that happened after the primetime debate on MSNBC, which confirmed what I’d been thinking during that debate. Chuck Todd was talking and mentioned that Roger Ailes sure didn’t want Donald Trump to win. Chris Matthews checked him saying, “You mean Murdoch.” Todd was clearly uncomfortable that he’d blurted out what he said about Ailes, at least it looked that way to me. So in answer to Matthews he simply said, “I don’t know either of them,” but couldn’t quite close out his thoughts. He made it clear he thought the moderators singled, my word, out Donald Trump.

    Now why I’m saying this is because it was very clear to me that the Fox News Channel moderators intended to press Donald Trump hard, which they did, unrelentingly. He’s the frontrunner, so it’s to be expected. It’s easy to posit that the Fox News Channel holiday is over for Donald Trump. It was a tough night for Trump, who will need to perform better in the next debate to attract more people. But I think this was the last night of Donald Trump’s rise.

    I’m not a conservative, so I’d never vote for Carly Fiorina. She was, however, the most impressive candidate of the whole evening. After Sarah Palin it was good to see a conservative woman who was formidable and strong, but didn’t need a word salad of disembodied thought to pretend she had game. Carly brought it tonight.

    Congratulations Republicans, for the first time in my lifetime you put forth a woman candidate for president who actually wouldn’t be a bad vice president, because we all know GOP base voters won’t nominate a woman for commander in chief. Fiorina would also answer the issue of Republicans attacking Clinton without a woman on the ticket. Maybe Carly will also help the GOP to get over Sarah Palin, the woman who stoked the tea party, which eventually begat Donald Trump and his fans.

    Imagine Trump speaking at the Republican convention. Who wouldn’t tune in for that?”


  14. tonyb says:

    Jeb Bush Is ‘Not Sure’ We Need Women’s Health Funding; I’m Not Sure We Need Jeb Bush
    Kathleen Turner


  15. tonyb says:

    Jeb Bush: Trump’s Divisive Language ‘Reminds Me Of Barack Obama’ (VIDEO)
    Oh i despice this Bush as well..


  16. blueINdallas says:

    Just when u think it can’t get any better, Trump basically says Megan Kelley was mean to him at the debate because she was having her period. Ha! I’m laughing so hard I can barely type. And that is the line the conservatives are afraid to cross. All of the horrible things they stay mum about, but this is where they draw the line.


  17. blueINdallas says:

    Better still – She spells her name MeGYN.


  18. blueINdallas says:

    OK, now Trump is against Obamacare, but wants all Amercans to have access to healthcare? Suddenly, he is the most compassionate GOP candidate.


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