We Gather Together


Trump Bingo

Obtain your favorite beverage, find a comfy chair, and prepare for an evening of wit and wisdom courtesy of the Trailmix denizens’ quips and commentary on the goings-on on Fox.


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32 Responses to We Gather Together

  1. whskyjack says:

    Not for sure I can sit through one session let alone 2. So if some of you brave souls wish to keep me up with what happens…………………….
    From Matthew Yglesias at VOX
    A great humorous rundown on the candidates, (oh very accurate too)
    His take on huckster
    “Mission: Huckabee is in grave danger of losing relevance, as his career as a television personality and snake oil salesman is based on the fumes of his 2008 presidential bid and he needs to refill the tank. Over-the-top condemnations of same-sex marriage could be a good strategy for him, since the real contenders aren’t going to want to “go there” now that marriage equality polls above 50 percent but his fans among the older evangelical set will like it. “


  2. patd says:

    flatus, help! just got my new windows 10 installed and lost a lot of handy stuff like favorites list and email accounts. did that happen to you on your conversion? so far I don’t like their new and improved thingamebobs.


    • Flatus says:

      Pat, I’ve continued using Firefox and GMail on the machine that I’ve converted over. There has been no problem with lost stuff. Surely those were not the only copies of the ‘lost’ items?? I’ve only converted one of five computers. Until they solve crippling problems with my version of Windows Home Server, I’m not going any further.


    • tonyb says:

      Umm, so far i have put it on my 3 pcs and 2 others and none have lost their favs or contacts.. If your using Chrome, once you sign back in they should be there.. Same on your Andriod devices.. I can’t speak to IE…


  3. Jamie says:

    Countdown to the Happy Hour edition. I bought wine and cat litter. Both will probably prove useful.


  4. Jamie says:

    Guess no one is going to show up for the kiddy table happy hour Back in a few hours to check on you.


  5. blueINdallas says:

    I saw a clip of Carly Fiorina whining, just whining. She was trying to spotlight the Bill Clinton/Trump connection. Really? This was her chance to be heard and she chose to whine about Trump. I think I will go swim now and watch the highlight reel tomorrow.


    • Jamie says:

      She came out best of the lot by comparison with a command of the issues and coherent response Unfortunately she also qualified for the “Mean Girls clique”. With all he snide remarks and facial quirks, she was behaving in a way to reinforce unfortunate female stereotypes.


  6. whskyjack says:

    Early returns:
    “Carly Fiorina was the clear winner of Fox News’s first debate
    by Ezra Klein


  7. Jamie says:

    OMG Chris Matthews interviewing Michelle Bachman as a pundit on the Happy Hour debate. MSNBC will need to start handing out barf bags.


  8. whskyjack says:

    Early Returns:
    “It was brutal to be in the “kids’ table” debate”
    by Jonathan Allen


  9. whskyjack says:

    Reading the above article it makes me wonder if the also ransl would have been better off going to Iowa and doing an event with the local media. Give Fox the finger,…………
    But that would take intelligence and balls, ………….
    Never mind



  10. Jamie says:

    When you can’t answer in two words as instructed without using ten, intelligence is out of the question.


  11. whskyjack says:

    Someone at the economist has a time machine.

    President Hillary Clinton
    The first 100 days

    She won the election by leaning right on national security and left on the economy. Now comes the fallout



  12. Jamie says:

    Would someone explain to me why I genuinely dislike Megyn Kelly? It is totally irrational but every time I see her it is fingers on the blackboard time.


  13. whskyjack says:

    Run! Donald, Run!


  14. Jamie says:

    The moderators are doing their best to try to bring Donald down.


  15. whskyjack says:

    Ezra Klien at VOX

    “You cannot embarrass Donald Trump. He is a man who lives entirely without shame. It’s like a superpower. And every time he refuses to back down, every time he shows what you can do and say if you have no shame, his supporters thrill to him a little more. After all, if the media can’t stop him, then what chance do the Democrats have? What chance do America’s enemies have?”




  16. Flatus says:

    Trump for Scty of Commerce. What a pig,


  17. Pogo says:

    God save us. The failed CEO of HP stands head and shoulders above the kids table diners and the adult table can’t say 10 words that make any sense.


  18. Flatus says:

    I’m going to bed.


  19. Pogo says:

    Just saw the last 30 minutes of the of the kids debate and am waiting for the main debate. Glad none of these losers are going to be on the main stage… what’s that? That WAS the main debate. Oh god. Well at least the Daily Show is on. Lord knows the top 10 pugns couldn’t even put on an entertaining show. Geez. Goo’night.


  20. tonyb says:

    Scarborough vs. Chris Matthews: How Can You Be Offended By Carly After All The Things MSNBC Said About Bush?
    Another example of just how low MSNBC is.. Lol and FOX so called news gives what liberal a platform like Joe S has?????


  21. tonyb says:

    Fox News tries to expel Donald Trump — but last night’s debate didn’t finish him
    Megyn Kelly did Trump’s rivals’ work for them. The front-running bully sometimes looked rattled but didn’t explode


  22. Jamie says:

    NEW THREAD !!!!!


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