New Home On The Range

As we head into the weekend in a new place, feel free to agitate to your heart’s content.  Don’t forget to notify any stragglers where we have wandered.


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Retired Writer Editor - Loves Books, Musical Theater, politics for a good argument, genealogy, Scotland and owls
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37 Responses to New Home On The Range

  1. Tony says:

    ‘Key & Peele’: Hillary Clinton’s anger translator Savannah too angry even for Obama and Luther
    Oh this is so funny!


  2. blueINdallas says:

    pogo – A good (& accurate) post about Crybibi…but I still think the deal stinks & we’ll all be sorry.

    Just saw new footage from the downed passenger plane in Ukraine. Yep, it sure looks like Russian-backed fighters brought it down because they thought it was hauling military supplies. If this can be verified, what can be done to make Putin pay for this crime?


  3. patd says:

    Jamie, a note to carol’s blog* buddies might alert some of our stragglers who only check in periodically. am worried that we didn’t leave enough cookie crumbs to help infrequent drop-ins find the way.
    *or any of the other tmrs with blogs of their own that craig listed for us.


    • Jamie says:

      Yes. I would appreciate anyone who knows anyone letting them know. As far as I know WordPress has a pretty good defense system, but we shall soon find out.


  4. FlatusFlatus says:

    Is the handling of replies and quotes an easy tweak in WP? If so, the system of ”quote’ and ‘reply’ where everything was posted at the end of the TM chain was very efficient. Could you implement it here??


  5. Jamie says:

    Flatus, As of now this is temporary. WordPress has all sorts of bells and whistles for their “professional” sites, but I don’t want to invest for something that could just be a temporary solution. I’ll keep everyone posted on decisions. In the meantime, I’m afraid you are restricted to just posting links for others to follow unless someone can remember that code for music links . I remember that it started <a= But it has been so long that I've forgotten and not sure if it works on sites such as this one at present in case someone wants to play around.


  6. Flatus says:

    thanks, Jamie, I understand exactly. I have never used any of these products. In my ignorance, I had hoped it would be a ‘check this box’ type of option. Do let us know when you are at the point where financial support is appropriate.


  7. jacew2003 says:

    So this is where you are all hanging out.
    Nice to be here.

    Thanks Jamie


  8. Jamie says:

    Steve Cragg said that he ran into a pop up ad when coming here. Has anyone else seen one. I didn’t get any.

    Flatus, I appreciate the offer. No funds needed right now as it is just in the treading water stage and I’m madly paddling. I’ll let you know once I know.


    • Flatus says:

      For people running Windows, I urge that they go into the main menu and run the ‘windows update’ program. Just this past week significant security upgrades have been introduced that include malware and virus purging. Let the program choose the options for you and do its work.


  9. Flatus says:

    Award these five victims of what is oversea inspired terrorism the Purple Heart.


  10. Flatus says:

    If anyone is in the City, the Cleveland Orchestra is doing Richard Strauss’ Dahphne at Avery Fisher Hall at 7:30 tonight. Please be there for me.



  11. patd says:

    Jamie, no problems here in my case. the only pop-ups occur upon clicking into a specific tm thread (which I’m still checking now and then) and just before leaving the internet (if and only I’ve visited a tm thread). those are brief and easily vanquished. however I took fearless leader’s advice and make a point of deleting history often.


  12. patd says:

    “Trump Surge Leaves All but Jeb Bush in Donald’s Dust”
    go figure. must be those lazy, hazy and goper crazy days of summer


  13. patd says:

    jamie, “that code for music links” I just stumbled on by forgetting to put the v in place of the s in the https. et voilà!
    flatus, not so smart… just forgetful


  14. Jamie says:

    Did it just paste the You Tube share code without any changes. Now for how to do links on text within the message. Just a new learning curve.


  15. rebelliousrenee says:

    I’m not getting any pop-ups over here. Only on trail mix…


  16. patd says:

    flatus, sorry for misleading you. do NOT put the v in. just copy the link as it is and paste it in the comment box. the youtube goodie magically appears when your comment posts.


  17. patd says:

    it’s a gift to be simple…


  18. patd says:

    uh oh. he’ done it now.
    from nyt story
    Mr. Trump and Mr. McCain have been engaged in a contentious exchange during the past week, since the Republican senator from Arizona said Mr. Trump was riling up “crazies” in the party with inflammatory remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico.

    Asked about Mr. McCain during an event on Saturday sponsored by an Iowa Christian conservative group, Mr. Trump said of Mr. McCain, a prisoner of war in Vietnam: “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”


  19. patd says:

    speaking of the Donald and military exploits here’s a 2011 report entitled
    Deferments Helped Trump Dodge Vietnam
    How the presidential aspirant avoided combat


  20. Tony says:

    Gawker’s Outing Of Condé Nast’s CFO Is Gay-Shaming, Not Journalism
    The people who work there should be ashamed.
    Gabriel Arana
    “Gawker on Thursday evening helped a disgruntled sex worker extort David Geithner, the chief financial officer at Condé Nast and brother of former Treasury secretary Tim Geithner, jettisoning any semblance of journalistic integrity and likely ruining a man’s life in the process.
    According to a story written by the site’s Jordan Sargent, Geithner, who is married to a woman and has three children, allegedly arranged a night with a male escort on a recent trip to Chicago. When the escort found out who Geithner was, he asked for help with an ongoing housing dispute. Geithner allegedly got spooked and cancelled their meeting, though he paid in full nonetheless.”


    • Jamie says:

      I’m sure Geithner’s wife probably at least had a clue of his inclinations, but I can’t think of any useful purpose to injuring a private person and, even more importantly, three children. The man had no political influence that would have benefitted either the GLBT community or even their enemies. Pretty disgusting action al the way around.


  21. Tony says:

    Bernie Sanders isn’t Barack Obama, and 2016 isn’t 2008
    By Dan Pfeiffer
    “It may be tempting to compare the race between Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to the epic race between Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama: Sanders, like Obama, has consolidated a good portion of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Sanders, like Obama, is raising millions from small-dollar donors on the Internet. Sanders, like Obama, is channeling the anger and frustration of some in the party. Then, it was about the Iraq war; now, it’s about Wall Street.

    But that’s where the similarities end. From the perspective of someone who worked on his campaign and in his White House, it’s clear that Obama’s race against Clinton is not a useful example. Understanding the dynamics at play in the 2016 primaries requires looking further back at history. And unfortunately for Sanders, history shows that there are only two types of Democratic insurgent candidates: Barack Obama and everyone else.”


  22. patd says:

    jon stewart returns from vacation Monday for the last lap weeks to his august 6 finale. imagine the chaos in his writers room right now. so much to skewer, so little time.


  23. patd says:

    jamie’s got a new thread for us today called “sunday sweet sunday”


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