A Home Away From Home

Welcome wanderers from another place.  It will take a while to get organized.  In the meantime, talk among yourselves.


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Retired Writer Editor - Loves Books, Musical Theater, politics for a good argument, genealogy, Scotland and owls
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42 Responses to A Home Away From Home

  1. Jamie says:

    Where there is a will there is a way. We haven’t stuck together for a decade to let a little thing like spammers to interfere 🙂


  2. patd says:

    Jamie, thank you for taking us in. are we to avoid naming names such as the “home” from which we are away, fearless leader and any other ids in order to fend off viral attachments?


  3. Flatus Ohlfahrt says:

    Here I am, sadly and reluctantly, but standing tall.


  4. Jamie says:

    This is a temporary solution to the ongoing problem. Fearless leader has been given administration rights so that he can publish. You might let others who haven’t published recently where the group can be found. I would avoid any links to the previous location until we determine that WordPress is able to fend off attacks or come up with another site.


  5. Pogo says:

    Well, we’ll have to take respite here, won’t we?


  6. Flatus says:

    The history of such exploits and their predecessors go back more than a decade. The code that is smuggled in to a website is often in hexadecimal making it unintelligible to the normal hobbyist web host. The real fix must be preventative coding by professionals building the sites; otherwise we are all poor puppies waiting for abandonment.


  7. Jamie…
    thanks for letting us use your site. I would feel lost without the ability to read and post comments from and to my fellow trail mixers.


  8. blueINdallas says:

    Jamie, Thank you for inviting us in to woo hoo!


  9. patd says:

    why does this feel like we’ve narrowly made it to the lifeboat just as the titanic is sinking?


  10. patd says:

    more bad news from wapo:
    “Four people were killed in a shooting a Naval reserve center in Tennessee on Thursday, along with the suspected gunman, officials said.

    The shootings occurred at a Naval base and at an armed services recruiting center on Thursday, authorities said. In addition to the four people killed, the gunman also wounded a Chattanooga police officer and two other people, Mayor Andy Berke said at a news conference Thursday.”


  11. Tony says:

    Clinton Polling Angst
    by Taylor Marsh
    “CLINTON POLL numbers are coming in and they’re all over the map. It’s part of what I talk about in my new podcast.

    But when you see Lanny Davis writing articles like this one for The Hill it’s time to pay attention. He’s team Clinton all the way and if he’s dissecting polling someone inside Clinton World or Hillaryland feels these early results matter and need explaining, rebutting and reframing.

    That’s not my job.

    The thing that rings true in some of the comments in the Associate Press article is what I talk about in my podcast and it revolves around this statement from Hillary Clinton a while back.

    I think I have changed. Not [to] worry so much about what other people are thinking… I’m going to say what I know, what I believe, and let the chips fall where they may.” [Hillary Clinton during interview with Diana Sawyer]
    I’m still waiting for her to deliver on what she said to Diane Sawyer, and I’m not the only one. It didn’t happen in the CNN interview. It’s worth the work it will take to get there and Clinton deserves to find the space, then trust herself to deliver on what she told Sawyer. Mrs. Clinton says she trust the American people, then trust them.

    Democrats support Clinton by a huge majority.”


    • patd says:

      tony, what in tarnation is taylor waiting for Hillary “to deliver on” that’s she’s not already addressed in the economics speech just given? what’re the “what I know, what I believe” issues that are left taylor thinks haven’t been addressed?


      • Tony says:

        Here’s the rest of the post from Taylor.. I think Taylor feels Hillary is being to guarded.. Wants her not to worry about what others think.. I think Hillary is just fine..
        “Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have shown people something they like.

        It’s the policies, but it’s also channeling anger. Emotion is what ties people to candidates and makes the difference. It’s not an “enthusiasm gap” it’s the unexpected gap.

        Hillary Clinton’s predictable performances aren’t made for the reality show era we’re now in, but I doubt team Clinton cares. It won’t cost her the nomination, so if she prevails it’s a different arena in the general election. That’s what team Clinton is playing for, so they’re content to let the showmen in the race right now, Trump and Sanders, wear their welcome out.”


  12. Tony says:

    How Scott Walker’s Gay-Bashing Blew Up in His Face
    Michelangelo Signorile
    “Scott Walker thought he was playing a deft game. For a while the Wisconsin governor, running for the GOP nomination for the presidency, has been engaging in his own version of dog-whistling to homophobes, as he and the GOP struggle with the reality that the base of their party is still in the Stone Age on LGBT rights, while most Americans support equality. But this week it blew up in spectacular fashion as Walker stepped on the Ben Carson third rail and blatantly implied gay men are predators who can’t be trusted around children.”


    • Pogo says:

      This would surprise us how? As the US “tent” expands, the GOP Big Tent becomes smaller and smaller in comparison. I figure they’re trying to find a way that their log cabin will burn down.


  13. Flatus says:

    Four Marines shot dead in Chatanooga. Damned shame.

    Back in the early 70s when I spent a year or so as the owner of the bomb dump at Lockbourne AFB outside of Columbus. On an as needed basis, we provided support to an Army EOD team that took care of bomb threats in the local region. They were very busy working with the local police in taking care of real bomb threats against our recruiting stations, government buildings, and things such as police stations. The people promulgating the acts were Americans seeking changes in U.S. policy. The Americans manning those facilities were on their own. I guess the threats went away with the end of the draft–I was back overseas.


  14. Tony says:

    It’s heritage, all right: What those ugly anti-Obama Confederate flag protests really mean
    As Confederate flag defenders spread beyond the old Confederacy, the banner becomes a national symbol of racism
    “Now the flag’s racist meaning is crystal clear, which is why it’s becoming an ever more beloved symbol for racist morons, even outside the old Confederacy. The ugly Confederate flag tableau that greeted President Obama in Oklahoma City Wednesday night illuminated this new reality. It follows a similar protest earlier this month, when the president visited Nashville, Tenn. Over in Durant, Okla., where the president was scheduled to speak, there was also a Confederate flag protest earlier in the day.”
    Look what i saw today over on the beach while driving A1A.. The kid was no more than mid 20’s..Ugh


  15. Tony says:

    Umm, well it was supposed to be a Dropbox link to a pic of a truck with a big confederate flag flying..


  16. Tony says:

    Oh hell, while i’m at it, check out my new LED pool light that changes color, awesome!


  17. Jamie says:

    Once I know what Craig wants to do, I’ll research how people can post pictures, videos etc.


  18. Tony says:

    Oh Jamie, their screens.. Pool enclosures here in Florida perfect as they keep out the bugs and snakes..
    I hope you get a pool.. Love mine and I use daily multiple times..


  19. patd says:

    from wapo re critters actually at work for a change.
    “It’s certainly not the bill that [President Obama] would write if he were writing it,” Alexander said. “It’s certainly not the bill that Sen. Murray would write if she were writing it, and it certainly would not be the bill I would write if I were writing it. But we have a consensus that we need to come to. And why do you need a consensus? Because that’s how you govern a complex country.”


  20. patd says:

    guess consensus is the new word for compromise (which seems in some circles at both fringe ends equivalent to another c-word)


  21. patd says:

    on the diane rehm show Wednesday:
    The 2016 Presidential Race: A Conversation With Democratic Candidate And Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb


    • Flatus says:

      Jim seemed to imply that as the Iran agreement timed-out, the Iranians would be free to build nukes. The prez has made it clear that we retain the option to pre-empt any such nuclear capability on a unilateral basis.

      Under the best of circumstances, the most radical mullahs will have passed-on, the young people will be loving the access to all the things they’ve either missed or never had access to over the years, and Iranians will renew their love affair with the West once again. The Persians I have known are lovely people.


      • patd says:

        why does he worry more over what they’ll do in 10-15 years but not worry about what they’ll do now without the deal (or a deal sans usa)? by not doing the deal, we’re tacitly okaying proliferation. perhaps Israel is worried that they may be next to answer about the n-bomb.


  22. Jamie says:

    Pat, Do you want me to put you in as an administrator so you can write on the site?


    • patd says:

      thanks, Jamie, but just having the opportunity to comment is enough. an open range, open end free agenda for us homeless seems to be working out fine.


  23. Tony says:

    Bill Clinton Is Sorry For A Lot Of Things
    Here are some of the mistakes he keeps apologizing for.
    Marina Fang
    Amber Ferguson
    “Unlike a lot of politicians, Clinton has shown a willingness to own up to his mistakes. Earlier this week, he offered a mea culpa around sentencing at the NAACP convention. Here’s an incomplete list of policies he pursued as president that he has since acknowledged were not the best choices.”


  24. Pogo says:

    Here’s an idiot from your part of the world, jamie. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/washington-mayor-racist_55a71677e4b04740a3defd84?cps=gravity_5030_-602533162587576160
    The mayor of Airway Heights wouldn’t know his own racism if it bit him in the ass. Of course, the alternative is that if he isn’t a racist, he’s a dyed in the wool a$$hole. (Pardon my French).


  25. Pogo says:

    Interesting take on the Iran nuc deal. Well worth the read


    “The final key to the Iran nuclear agreement is acknowledgment that it further isolates Israel. Israeli leaders denounced the agreement. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it “a historic mistake.”

    “This deal signifies that Israel is further out-of-step with the signatory powers: the United States, China, France, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and the European Union. Netanyahu may decry this agreement and blast President Obama for engineering it, but Netanyahu is to blame for Israel’s deteriorating relationship with the US. After all, Netanyahu campaigned against Obama in the 2012 presidential election; and, Netanyahu has chosen to align himself with the US Republican Party.”

    Someone who recognizes that U.S. (and western) foreign policy does not have to be approved by Jerusalem. Israel may be the U.S.’ best friend inthe region, and without a doubt the U.S. is Israel’s best friend in the world. Bibi, not so much.


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