5 On Friday – Pie Day

5 On FRiday

For anyone who wants to join in, simply choose five pieces of music and post them for other bloggers to enjoy. Then check out the set posted by the other 5 on Friday bloggers — you can sign in over at Golch Central’s Rambling Stuff.

March 14 (3/14) is dedicated to the deliciously endless number as Pi Day, so the music is dedicated to all the delicious flavors that can be found in pie.


First up: Fiona Apple – Criminal

The sweeter the Berry particularly when his name is Chuck


Put the Lime in the Coconut

Even Peter Paul and Mary sang of a tarter flavor

And how can you have pie without Chocolate & Kylie Minogue to make it melt


About Jamie

Retired Writer Editor - Loves Books, Musical Theater, politics for a good argument, genealogy, Scotland and owls
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2 Responses to 5 On Friday – Pie Day

  1. mjgolch says:

    I have to go with lemon tree this week as my fav and the rest if the set is great as well..


  2. Mmm…chocolate…and Kylie Minogue…she’ll be making an appearance on my next The Hit Makers on Apr. 4th. Great idea for a set, Jamie! (Of course, it doesn’t take much to make me hungry for pie.)


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