5 On Friday – Lost Magic

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Five on Friday is the meme created by Travis of . To take part select five songs to share and sign in on Trav’s web site with a link for others to enjoy your selections.

The announcement came out this past week that due to Parkinson’s disease that Linda Ronstadt could no longer sing. For those of us who have been listening to her for decades through many musical formats, this was very sad news. We wish the lady only the best and with gratitude thank her for the bell-like clarity of that voice that has given us so much pleasure. Fortunately, we have the recordings so that her voice will never be silenced for future listeners. This week is dedicated to that incredible variety that is Linda Ronstadt.

The early years with one of the saddest of broken heart songs – Long Long Time


Take This Child From Tucson Arizona, Give her the wings to fly through harmony, And she won’t bother you no more – Under African Skies –

The story behind the duet from Linda,  “When Paul Simon asked me for something from my childhood that visually symbolized the part of the country I grew up in, without even thinking I immediately said the San Xavier [del Bac] Mission, so he put it in a song [“Under African Skies”] that I sang with him as a duet on his Graceland album.”

Written by Randy Newman for the musical “Faust” – Feels Like Home


She knows her way around the standards – Here from her album with Nelson Riddle – What’s New


My favorite from her Canciones de mi Padres album – Los Laureles


Bonus: Almost a half hour of pure greatness – Nine Favorite Songs


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5 Responses to 5 On Friday – Lost Magic

  1. mjgolch says:

    It saddened me to read that because of her desease that she can no longer sing. I was just as saddened to leard the Glen Campbell has alzheimer’s desease. we are losing all the greats of our youth.


  2. Wonderful, wonderful set, Jamie. The Paul Simon duet has always been one of my favorites, and her Nelson Riddle track What’s New (had that cassette.) Really enjoyed the spectacle of the Spanish-language piece!

    I’ve always been a big fan of her performance in The Pirates of Penzance. Must go have a listen.


    • Jamie says:

      There are so many great performances that even with the bonus it was impossible to narrow it down. I left off all the wonderful harmony and sol work on the trio albums with Emmy Lou and Dolly


  3. Travis says:

    I didn’t know this. I grew up with Linda. I always thought she had one of the most expressive vocal styles. And so versatile…Julia mentioned she starred as Mabel in a film version of Pirates of Penzance, opposite Kevin Kline and Rex Smith. That was actually my introduction to Gilbert & Sullivan.

    Without another note, she leaves us with an incredibly diverse catalog.


  4. What a lovely tribute to a lovely lady & her voice! Parkinson’s may have a hold on Linda’s body, but her musical talent will live on forever for generations to enjoy. My prayers & thoughts are with Linda and her family. God bless!

    Two musical posts for you to enjoy:
    Saturday Song-suasion #6

    Classic Disney Songs on Monday’s Music Moves Me


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