5 On Friday – Fool’s Gold

5 Gold Nuggets

5 on Friday is the meme invented by our friend Travis of Trav’s Thoughts To join in, simply post five songs then visit his site to sign in and share your choices while visiting the other participants.

Gold discovered in the Yukon, August 16, 1896. This week you get songs dedicated to that shiny metal. Wherever gold is found, it tends to cause trouble.

Olas cielo y toca la sierra
Trabajando amigos asi entiendo le pierra
Vaqueros montamos, Caballos borachos
Esperando a siente del sol
Paro en Mexico

Buzzards they circle old crosses on hills
The heart of the desert pound under my heels
I hear tell of Aztec gold, lyin’ in the hills of old Mexico

Charles Hamlin, a miner on Last Chance Creek in the Yukon, hosted a dance at the Last Chance Roadhouse during the fall of 1897. Music for the dance was provided by fiddle player, “Three Tune” Eddie Draper. Eddie’s entire repertoire consisted of three songs but Hamlin was thankful for any live music. A miner with an instrument was a valuable comrade. Mountain canary is another name for a burro.


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4 Responses to 5 On Friday – Fool’s Gold

  1. mjgolch says:

    Love the North To Alaska Johnnny Horton tune,it’s my pick of the week!


  2. Had to stop what I was doing and watch the Clint Eastwood one. Hilarious disconnect between the jaunty tone of his voice and the scowling footage in the scene – LOL!


  3. Travis says:

    Oh the Gatlins. I do remember them. Nice Set!


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