5 On Friday – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

The Hollywood 5


5 On Friday is the meme invented by Trav of Trav’s Thoughts.  To take part simply write about five songs then visit his site to sign in and share your choices plus visiting the other participants.  Or just visit and listen to the music.

This week I’m heading back to California and as close as I get to a home town.  It can be paradise; it can be brutal.  Either way, it always makes a good subject for a good song.








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5 Responses to 5 On Friday – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  1. mjgolch says:

    Great set,but Hollywood Nights is my pick of the week! I went with one hit wonders theme this week care to take a guess on the year?


  2. Travis says:

    I love A Long December. The whole Set is excellent.


  3. Enjoyed the video for the last one (song too, of course) and also the Counting Crows one. LA is a place I’d love to visit at Oscar time, as long as I was heading down the red carpet…LOL!


    • Jamie says:

      Attending the Oscars is still on my bucket list. Note to self: Do not break up with actor BEFORE the awards. One thing to remember. It’s usually a heat wave. You are under hot lights going down the carpet. Presuming you are among those not nominated, you get to sit, wait, and sweat for hours inside. The view is never as good as the one on the TV set. Someone is usually drunk or worse. The lines to the rest rooms are horrendous ….. It is not an event for the faint hearted and one you go to for bragging rights not pleasure.


      • Yes, I unfortunately worked The Junos (the Canadian music awards ceremony) broadcast in the 90s when I was an usher at the performing arts theatre. It was horrible. Something I endured. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that much better as an attendee. However…Oscars…I’d go for those bragging rights.


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