Sunday Surprises?


The 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will take place on Sunday, January 27 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time on TNT and TBS.

The SAG awards are considered one of the major guild award lead ins to the Academy Awards and have been known to totally upset the race by indicating unsuspected momentum.  Whether or not that will be true this year will be determined this Sunday.  Nominations are made for both Motion Pictures and Television. Listed below are the nominations for motion pictures. To see the ones for television, you can visit the SAG website. My preferences are shown by using a picture of the nominee.  For cast award I would be fine with just about anything other than Silver Linings Playbook or Marigold Hotel.  While the casts were good, I don’t believe either film qualifies as a Best Picture Contender at the upcoming Oscars.


Outstanding Performance By A Male Actor In A Leading Role

SAG Jackman

      • Bradley Cooper / Pat – Silver Linings Playbook (The Weinstein Company)
      • Daniel Day-lewis / Abraham Lincoln – Lincoln (Touchstone Pictures)
      • John Hawkes / Mark – The Sessions (FOX – Searchlight)
      • Hugh Jackman / Jean Valjean – Les Misérables (Universal Pictures)
      • Denzel Washington / Whip Whitaker – Flight (Paramount Pictures)tures)

Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Leading Role


      • Jessica Chastain / Maya – “Zero Dark Thirty” (Columbia Pictures)
      • Marion Cotillard / Stephanie – “Rust And Bone” (sony Pictures Classics)
      • Jennifer Lawrence / Tiffany – “Silver Linings Playbook” (The Weinstein Company)
      • Helen Mirren / Alma Reville – “Hitchcock” (FOX Searchlight)
      • Naomi Watts / Maria – “The Impossible” (Summit Entertainment)

Outstanding Performance By A Male Actor In A Supporting Role

SAG Hoffman

      • Alan Arkin / Lester Siegel – “Argo” (Warner Bros. Pictures)
      • Javier Bardem / Silva – “Skyfall” (Columbia Pictures)
      • Robert De Niro / Pat, Sr. – “Silver Linings Playbook” (The Weinstein Company)
      • Philip Seymour Hoffman / Lancaster Dodd – “The Master” (The Weinstein Company)
      • Tommy Lee Jones / Thaddeus Stevens – “Lincoln” (Touchstone Pictures)

Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Supporting Role

SAG Hathaway

      • Sally Field / Mary Todd Lincoln – “Lincoln” (Touchstone Pictures)
      • Anne Hathaway / Fantine – “Les Misérables” (Universal Pictures)
      • Helen Hunt / Cheryl – “The Sessions” (FOX Searchlight)
      • Nicole Kidman / Charlotte Bless – “The Paperboy” (Millennium Entertainment)
      • Maggie Smith / Muriel Donnelly – “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (FOX Searchlight)

Outstanding Performance By A Cast In A Motion Picture

Argo (Warner Bros. Pictures) 

  • Ben Affleck / Tony Mendez
  • Alan Arkin / Lester Siegel
  • Kerry Bishé / Kathy Stafford
  • Kyle Chandler / Hamilton Jordan
  • Rory Cochrane / Lee Schatz
  • Bryan Cranston / Jack O’donnell
  • Christopher Denham / Mark Lijek
  • Tate Donovan / Bob Anders
  • Clea Duvall / Cora Lijek
  • Victor Garber / Ken Taylor
  • John Goodman / John Chambers
  • Scoot Mcnairy / Joe Stafford
  • Chris Messina / Malinov

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (FOX Searchlight)

  • Judi Dench / Evelyn Greenslade
  • Celia Imrie / Madge Hardcastle
  • Bill Nighy / Douglas Ainslie
  • Dev Patel / Sonny Kapoor
  • Ronald Pickup / Norman Cousins
  • Maggie Smith / Muriel Donnelly
  • Tom Wilkinson / Graham Dashwood
  • Penelope Wilton / Jean Ainslie

Les Misérables (Universal Pictures)

  • Isabelle Allen / Young Cosette
  • Samantha Barks / Eponine
  • Sacha Baron Cohen / Thénardier
  • Helena Bonham Carter / Madame Thénardier
  • Russell Crowe / Javert
  • Anne Hathaway / Fantine
  • Daniel Huttlestone / Gavroche
  • Hugh Jackman / Jean Valjean
  • Eddie Redmayne / Marius
  • Amanda Seyfried / Cosette
  • Aaron Tveit / Enjolras
  • Colm Wilkinson / Bishopan Ainslie

Lincoln (Touchstone Pictures)  

  • Daniel Day-Lewis Abraham Lincoln
  • Sally Field Mary Todd Lincoln
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt Robert Todd Lincoln
  • Hal Holbrook Preston Blair
  • Tommy Lee Jones Thaddeus Stevens
  • James Spader W.N. Bilbo
  • David Strathairn William Seward

Silver Linings Playbook (The Weinstein Company)

  • Bradley Cooper / Pat
  • Robert De Niro / Pat, Sr.
  • Anupam Kher / Dr. Cliff Patel
  • Jennifer Lawrence / Tiffany
  • Chris Tucker / Danny
  • Jacki Weaver / Dolores

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One Response to Sunday Surprises?

  1. Travis says:

    I always liked the idea of the SAG awards because it rewarded ensembles. Sometimes you run into a great movie or program, and the reason it is good is because of the entire cast and the way it works together as a group. The show ER was like that, as was Friends.


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