Why Hugh Jackman Should Win The Oscar

This morning Hugh Jackman received his first and totally deserved nomination for Best Actor.  For Les Miserables, Mr. Jackman moved through a thirty year age difference with four distinct faces while singing and acting each age to perfection – a totally multilayered performance.  All of it was done while up to his chest in icy water,  climbing through snow-covered mountains in threadbare robes, slogging through watered peat sludge and physically changing in order to achieve the correct look for each stage of the role.

In the process he lifted masts, carts, children, and two full-grown bodies while filming, acting, and singing each song live repeatedly for 10 – 12 hours a day.   Then he topped it off by being the lead and at the center of a great ensemble cast that made every one of his fellow actors better.  No one but no one else could have done what he did for this role or even came close to doing that this year.  (Yes that goes for Daniel Day-Lewis)

I just don’t want his nice guy thing to distract you from the fact that he is deep, serious and profoundly gifted actor.” Anne Hathaway

Winner Golden Globe Best Actor Comedy/Musical. Nominations for Best Performance by an Actor received thus far:  Screen Actors Guild, Critics Choice,  Golden Globes,  and BAFTA.


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4 Responses to Why Hugh Jackman Should Win The Oscar

  1. EllenFD says:

    So cogently put, Jamie! From your lips, er, computer, to Oscar’s ear. I can’t think of anyone more deserving. Go, Hugh!


  2. Suzi says:

    If only Lincoln wasn’t a Spielberg movie, then he’d have Spielberg (a known fan) in his corner, likely saying those same things. Hoping for an upset or that extremely rare tie.


  3. GrannyM says:

    Perfectly said! Hugh deserves this more than anyone else this year. I’ve seen the other performances and nothing comes close to the way he totally inhabits this character. He IS Jean Valjean. You see it, you believe, you cry with him, you cheer for him, you feel what he feels. What more could anyone ask from a performance. DDL didn’t come close to this level, so a tie would not be acceptable.


    • Jamie says:

      Thank you – I just hope the people who vote actually take the sheer level of commitment into consideration. People may be divided about this film. There is no way anyone with an ounce of respect for a job well done can be divided about this performance.


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