5 On Friday with 6 Strings

5 Guitars

Five Guitars by Kirk Matthew Gatzka

The 5 on Friday Meme is the creation of our friend Travis of Trav’s Thoughts. To join in, click on the link, sign in and share your five musical choices for the week.
My two favorite instruments have always being the piano and the guitar. The IPOD even has a playlist that I named “Guitar Gods” (Had to name it something), so here are a few of my favorite guys doing what they do best.

Ry Cooder

Chet Atkins

Mark Knopfler (and a few other unknowns)

Brad Paisley

Keith Urban and John Fogerty


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4 Responses to 5 On Friday with 6 Strings

  1. That was string-pickin’ fun! The Mark Knopfler-Sting-Eric Clapton one was my favorite, of course.


  2. Ooooo … Brad Paisley AND Keith Urban! Two of my very favorite guitarists though there’s certainly never anything wrong with a little Chet Atkins either.

    Not much longer until Le Mis – you must be on the edge of your seat excited!


  3. Travis says:

    I like this Set. You have some clearly obvious choices, then a couple I wouldn’t have thought of like Paisley and Urban.


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