5 On Friday – Dust Bowl Edition

The 5 on Friday Meme is the creation of our friend Travis of Trav’s Thoughts. To join in, click on the link, sign in and share your five musical choices for the week.

McKeehan – Pifer Family 1922

I’ve been taking time out from the holiday prep to work on genealogy. The gentleman on the porch is Reuben Rose McKeehan (1842 – 1934).  He went into the Confederate Army as a lieutenant from a well to do Tennessee family.  Following the war the now impoverished family went from Tennessee to Texas to Oklahoma and finally Arkansas where after building a profitable farm, he once more lost it all in the Oklahoma Dust Bowl prior to his death.  The picture above includes my great grandparents, grandparents, my mother, and all the aunts and uncles just before they left for California which allowed them to be settled by the time the Depression and then the great migration hit the state.  Since all the Pifer children were born in Oklahoma, you get songs about Oklahoma.

From left to right Eva Pifer (1910 – 1968), Tabitha Walters McKeehan (1846 – 1929) Mary Ellen  (My Mother – 1918 – 1961), Marguerette (1921 – 2002), Lydia McKeehan Pifer (1880 – 1969), Thelma (1922 – 2001), James T. Pifer (1877 – 1936), Claude (1901 – 1982), Nay Arthur ( 1906 – 1968) Helen ( 1912 – 1980) Ruth (1908 – 1966)


And the same Pifer girls from left to right about 1940 in Fowler, California Helen, Mary Ellen (my mother) , Thelma, Ruth, Eva, and Marguerette

You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma

I’ve Never Been To Spain

Tulsa Time

Does The Wind Still Blow In Oklahoma

Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma


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3 Responses to 5 On Friday – Dust Bowl Edition

  1. mjgolch says:

    It’s been a while since I heard Tulsa Time,thanks for sharing it.


  2. That last one was awesome. And of course I loved the Elvis selection (always and forever.)


  3. Travis says:

    A very clever way to present a Set. Nicely done and great tunes.


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