Beauty In Small Places

“When it all goes quiet behind my eyes, I see everything that made me flying around in invisible pieces. When I look too hard it goes away. And when it all goes quiet, I see they are right here. I see that I’m a little piece of a big, big universe and that makes things right. When I die, the scientists of the future, they’re gonna find it all. They’re gonna know, once there was a Hushpuppy and she lived with her daddy in The Bathtub.”

This is my major movie going season of the year.  Beasts of the Southern Wild is one of this year’s little miracles … an independent film made with unknowns that proceeds to walk off with award after award when none of the big guys were looking.  If you haven’t given yourself the gift of meeting “Hushpuppy” and the charming nine year old who created her, Quevenzhane Wallis, make the effort because you may be meeting her again come Oscar nominations.



About Jamie

Retired Writer Editor - Loves Books, Musical Theater, politics for a good argument, genealogy, Scotland and owls
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