5 On Friday – Paint the Town Blue

5 On Friday is the delightful meme invented by our friend Travis. To join in simply visit his site Trav’s Thoughts, sign in and then share your musical choices for the week.

This time of year, I like to spend my time with sadder melodies. It’s sort of an antibody to get ready for all of the goo and glitter of the upcoming holidays. Here are some of the best of the “after the end” songs.

Separate Lives

Once Upon A Time

Good Morning Heartache

One Less Bell To Answer

It Never Entered My Mind


About Jamie

Retired Writer Editor - Loves Books, Musical Theater, politics for a good argument, genealogy, Scotland and owls
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2 Responses to 5 On Friday – Paint the Town Blue

  1. mjgolch says:

    great set,this weeks pick is One Less Bell To Answer.Big Time Hug.


  2. Travis says:

    Nothing wrong with a little melancholy. As soon as the afterglow fades, political junkies may feel it a bit until the next big crisis comes along. I suspect this political melancholy is a contributing factor to how early some of these campaigns begin these days.


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