Bats In The Belfry

I have a confession to make. It’s about my neck. For some women it is the wrist, elbow, back of leg, ears or a long lingering kiss. Well I’ve been known to swoon with just the stroke of a finger across the back of my neck. We are talking about legs buckling, stomach tightening, and much, much faster breathing.

Needless to say the sudden popularity of vampires has found an ardent fan. The vampires have come out of the coffin and they are sexier than ever…. normal men burn with jealousy as women breath a little faster over the undead and definitely cool, overheated guys with the long teeth, and there has been quite an improvement in their looks.

Nosferatu first appeared in the silent movies in 1922. Based on the novel Dracula, changes were made in the looks and story to avoid copyright problems. Here the horror of the vampire had full rein.

In the late 20s on stage and then in the 30s on film, Bela Lugosi captured the physical attraction on the vampire along with the mystery, fear and danger.

In 1979 George Hamilton brought a vampire to the screen that made you die laughing with Love At First Bite.

For a while there was a lull in the popularity of vampires, then you got the teenage versions with Lost Boys in 1987. Set on the boardwalk of Santa Cruz, CA, this cult classic still holds its undead appeal.

It was a long dry spell of great vampires for those of us with sensitive necks, but when Mick St John hit the TV screen, the temperature broke the top of the thermometer. Moonlight follows Alex O’Laughlin as Mick St. John, an immortal vampire and private investigator and his struggle to exist after he was bitten 60 years ago by his vampire bride, Coraline, on their wedding night. It also follows his internal torment as he falls in love with one he should not, a mortal named Beth, a news reporter, as well as his dealings with the woman who made him a vampire.  While Mick and Beth can only be seen on DVD or reruns now, Alex is more than interesting even without the neck biting on Hawaii Five O

Now we have two more ways to enjoy the simmering and sultry dangerous to know when you don’t have a stake in your hand as they both court and kill.

Can Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight vampire novels do for moviegoers 
what they’ve done for readers? Not since Harry Potter has a book-to-film journey inspired so much enthusiasm — Pretty but awkward 17-year-old Bella (Kristen Stewart) moves to a small town in the Pacific Northwest and falls in love with Edward (Robert Pattinson), a heartbreaking beautiful vampire. Edward also falls for Bella, but his desire for her barely controls his instinct to devour her. It’s this combination of passion and danger, of course, that surrounds this teen romance with a halo of epic, doomed love.

Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton and Alexander Skarsgard as Eric in HBO’s very very sexy drama True Blood based on the books of Charlaine Harris. Vampires are integrating into society and the sparks are flying, and both love and hate clash in the mystery of the characters of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Hard R rated for the squeamish adults and children so fair warning. (Note to HBO, trim a few scenes so there is a version teenagers can watch for a good story and mystery).

Bill, Alex and Sookie (Anna Paquin) are as hot a team as has ever been imagined and they are surrounded by unusual and fascinating characters brought to life by a great author and now translated to the screen.  The theme song for True Blood is “I Want To Do Bad Things With You” and they most certainly do very bad things.   All I have to say about that is, “Honey do I have a neck for you”.


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One Response to Bats In The Belfry

  1. Travis says:

    There was a series I really enjoyed about an 800 year old vampire trying to live as a police detective in modern day New York. It was called Forever Knight, and it starred Geraint Wyn Davies as Nicholas Knight.


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