Coming Round Again

Jack Vettriano
“Cocktails and Broken Hearts”

  • The painting above is my favorite by Scottish artist, Jack Vettriano.  His paintings are evocative, sensual, and emotional.  To see more or order prints, just click to the link.

  • October is simply my favorite month in the year. This is the harvest season when the world winds down for its winter nap.  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all well and good, but they are family events and won’t happen for another thirty days. October is when you snuggle under the blankets and do a sort of individual inventory or take long walks on damp streets.  The days are still warm, but the nights cool and moist with fog.  Snow hasn’t arrived, but the leaves are going to their death in a blaze of glory. So here is my annual tribute to October:

    Last Chances

    Fall, even the name says down
    Crushed into the earth.
    The leaves of autumn become
    No more than mulch, sacrificing what has been
    To a future spring.

    Foot falls, damp, the lamps of
    Twilight wash sidewalks
    Already wet with fog
    Old songs filter through
    The air thick with might have been.

    Low moaning of horns and whining of clarinets
    Speak of places at the end of a bar,
    Old movies, and mysterious women in black
    A time when gravity finally wins
    To take hold of a year almost done.

  • Then just to close out, my favorite Barry Manilow song from my favorite of all of his albums:  2:00 AM Paradise Cafe

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    One Response to Coming Round Again

    1. Travis says:

      This is my favorite time also. Somehow I always feel uplifted as September gives way to October and autumn really begins to take hold.


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