Happy Chanukah

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Tis The Season

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The Ugliest Presidency

Many years ago I wrote a blog article about a time when elephants could be bought and sold for zoos for live exposition. It was a story of one very well loved elephant. Buying The Elephant. Times change, and this practice has become much rarer and tightly controlled, but at least now directed towards efforts to save this wonderful animal from extinction in their native areas.

I’ve never made any secret of my intense dislike of Donald Trump or that I considered him totally unworthy of the Presidency. Whatever your political leanings, I can’t think of anyone with an ounce of empathy who could defend his latest action.

In his desire to wipe out anything of value done by his predecessor, Trump has used his jealousy, lack of intelligence, and self hatred to attack one of the most valuable animals on earth by reversing the policy that forbid the importation of trophies from endangered species. This makes the US one of the few allowing for trade in ivory while encouraging poaching and big game hunting. Elephant losses are now approaching 100 per day. Allowing for trophies only encourages this poaching and destruction.

Trump to Allow Imports of African Elephant Trophies

We know the Trump sons are big game hunters, proud of their slaughter as can be seen above with Don Jr and his elephant tail. This is no excuse for the elimination of an intelligent, beautiful, family oriented animal already endangered. Donald Trump hasn’t just failed as a President. He has failed as anything resembling a human being.

I apologize for the death at the top of this article. Here is how elephants should always be on this earth.

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Greatest Showman – Here I Come

The second trailer (or two #2 Trailers for variety) for The Greatest Showman has dropped and all I can say is I want More!!! Hugh Jackman is in fine voice. The dance numbers look great, and the circus acts are exciting. It is way too long until December 20 to wait for this much color, life, and joy.

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Remembrance Day/Veterans Day

Whether it is called Veterans Day or Remembrance Day, the sentiment is always the same: To honor the few who face the horrors of war so that the majority can live in peace. May there be a day when no one is ever called to kill their fellow man.

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