Everyone’s A Critic



The mad art director was at it again today
White paint balloons plop splat on
The blue canvas

Turn on the wind machine to steak the sky
Hit with a pink from sun positioned
In its track light circuit

So much for scenery
It’s beautiful, but is it art,
And is reality in this year?

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Dona Nobis Holding-Hands

Dona Nobis Pacem.  In 2006, Mimi Lenox remembered her Papa’s Marbles and came up with the idea that one day a year could be dedicated to three simple powerful words.  She then called on all her blogging friends to join her on one day every November .  At first it was a few people who loved her, her writing, and the project.  This annual event has now spread to hundreds of countries with contributors from every continent on earth now that we have finally added Antarctica.  We hope that you will join us.

This year for Dona Nobis Pacem the theme is “Words in the hands of love.” I started thinking about how hands can be used.  There has been so much violence in the news and in all cases it was the result of clenched fists or hands raising guns or using knives and other weapons, with injuries and death due to prejudice, hatred, and greed.  It really doesn’t have to be this way.  We can bring these powerful words into the world by acting together as one.

With a love of music, I thought of all the songs that feature hands and how often, hands are used for comfort, love and peace.  One of my favorites has always been Heart to Heart by Emmy Lou Harris.  While it is a love song about a couple, it could easily apply to all of us if we just stand together holding hands and heart to heart to make a promise and utter the simple words:



Heart to heart we’ll hold together
Hand in hand we’ll find a way
Oh, the storms of life may blind us
But with the loving vows that bind us
Heart to heart hand in hand we’ll stay

Side by side forever and always
Day by day till our lives are done
This sweet love is ours to treasure
Far beyond all time and measure
Side by side day by day as one

The years cannot take what’s between you and me
We’ll stand her together for the whole world to see

Heart to heart there’ll be no other
Hand in hand for our love is true
Oh, the words that we have spoken
Will be a promise never broken
Heart to heart hand in hand with you

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